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Bermuda: faux flora and fauna

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Bermuda is a cool place now, but it must have been really cool in the early 1940s. That's when cars were banned. That's right: no cars allowed. They eventually bowed to pressure, of course, in 1946 and allowed cars, but they still restrict them to one… more »

Golf and walking: a new fitness routine?

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I always thought those people who proclaimed walking was the only real way to play golf were tiresome. Actually, I still do. I don't take seriously those people who are always teling you the way things ought to be done. That hasn't changed. If I want… more »

Golf and Italian food in Bermuda

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Bermuda, as most people know, is ridiculously expensive. If you want to go to a decent restaurant, you will pay for it. But, here's one that is worth it, especially if you like Italian food: Portofino's. It's in downtown Hamilton, and it has great, Itali… more »

Good golf deals in Myrtle Beach

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The best deal in Myrtle Beach these days may be the $175 package that gets you on Indigo Creek, Prestwick and Wicked Stick in Myrtle Beach and River's Edge, Carolina National and the Pearl at the North end. Prestwick is one of my personal favorites, a… more »

LPGA correct not to issue media credentials to bloggers

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At the risk of alienating my fellow TG bloggers, in particular, Barry and Stacy Solomon, I have to say I agree with the LPGA's stance not to issue credentials to tournaments for bloggers. Now, this is nothing personal against Barry and Stacy. Their bl… more »

Grand Strand's Crow Creek Golf Club to close because of sabotage

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Crow Creek Golf Club in Calabash closed last Thursday, and will be closed til mid-June because of a disgruntled employee. According to sources, the employee dumped chemicals on the greens, ruining them and forcing the closure. Sources also said the cl… more »

Alligators in Florida attacking joggers, golfers, running amuck? Don't think so.

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I've seen media hysteria before, and here's another perfect example of it. All these alligator attacks -- three fatal attacks in six days -- in Florida are weird, but I hardly think we should go out and kill them and rip their bellies open to see who's i… more »

Unless Michelle Wie wins Masters, don't expect girls in Augusta National

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A moment of silence, please. With the retirement of Hootie Johnson at Augusta National, the only Hootie left in major sports is University of Alabama athletic director, Hootie Ingram. You didn't really think the departure of Augusta's Hootie would cha… more »

Hey, Cheap Bastard: tell us the whole story on Barbados

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Has the Cheap Bastard been seduced by the Society of American Travel Writers (SATW) and its fawning members? The Cheap Bastard, in his latest blog, points out these great deals in Barbados, but never mentions the down side of visiting. True, in relati… more »

New golf course opens in Myrtle Beach -- sort of

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There is good news and bad news for Myrtle Beach golfers. After all the recent closures, they will get to finally play a new course -- sort of. The Reserve Club at the St. James Plantation, just over the border, is opening July 1. However, the public… more »

Wie makes the cut! Wie makes the cut!

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Did you hear that huge, collective sigh of relief early this morning? It seemed to be coming in the general direction of South Korea. Michelle Wie made her first cut at at a men's tournament, after eight tries. Granted, it wasn't exactly the Masters,… more »

Tiger Woods' father Earl dies, leaving quite a legacy

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All those pushy parents living vicariously through their athletically gifted offspring could take a lesson from Tiger Woods' father, Earl, who died Wednesday morning. Earl Woods never pushed his son. He just showed him the direction, gave him some fat… more »

Dublin, Ireland pubs: cute as all get-out but expensive

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I always pictured the pubs in Dublin, the heart of all things Irish, to be like the ones in the movie "The Quiet Man" with John Wayne. They aren't. I was originally disappointed with Irish pubs. To me, they looked like American versions of what an Iri… more »

Golf in Scotland and Ireland: Likes and dislikes

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Here's more in a continuing series on the differences between golf -- and life -- in the U.S. and Ireland and Scotland. My likes and dislikes: LIKE: Driving on the left is safer. You can see cars in the opposite lane better. It's tougher for parallel… more »
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