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Bold prediction: Fred Funk shall dominate the seniors

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All hail the Funk. Fred Funk turned 50 last week and is eligible for the Senior Tour, to be purposely confused with the Champions Tour. It would be easy to predict Funk will be the new Dominator on the old guys tour, and so I will make that prediction.… more »

U.S. Open notebook: Let's get back to hating Colin Montgomerie

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Well, I guess we should go back to hating Colin Montgomerie again. In one of those weird transformations that happen occasionally in sports and politics, American golf galleries have lately been embracing Montgomerie, Scotland's greatest golfer. Whether… more »

Thank God PGA Tour doesn't have a Mark Cuban

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I'm sure glad the PGA Tour doesn't have a Mark Cuban. Professional golf may be a sellout to the increasing corporate influence that is gulping down all of our society, but at least it doesn't have loud-mouthed owners trying to turn the attention on thems… more »

Phil Mickelson implosion at U.S. Open wins at least one new convert

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Here I was all set to blast Phil Mickelson for his monumental collapse at the U.S. Open. He's a big target, and an easy one. But, I can't bring myself to do it. It isn't sympathy, although god knows he is certainly deserving of that. I was surprise… more »

The Big Mystery at U.S. Open and Winged Foot

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Here's what I don't understand about Winged Foot and the U.S. Open. Everyone knows about the rough. Everyone knows to avoid it. If you don't, you're screwed. Simple. Easy to understand. By now, everyone knows the greens are much slower than anyone… more »

Golf in the Bahamas: Malaria outbreak should concern golfers

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If you're headed to the Bahamas, especially Exuma, to play golf, make sure you get your malaria shots or pills. Health officials have reportedly confirmed 16 cases of malaria on the island. There isn't an outright panic yet but the issue is being trea… more »

Oh Canada! Oh what fun to golf in Canada!

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I agree completely with Bill Wolfrum's blog about Canada. Canada is like that big, lumbering oaf you can't help but like, and I mean that in a good way. I just got back from playing 10 days of golf in Canada, and the best part was the company. Almost eve… more »

Shanks' "prediction" on Michelle Wie and LPGA Championship was lame, wimpy and boring

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Whatever happened to bold predictions? I was all set to take Shanks to task for predicting Michelle Wie to win the LPGA Championship – having vaguely remembered he had made some sort of prediction of same. But, when I went back and really read his b… more »

He's not Michelle Wie, but he IS in the U.S. Open

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Since I’m currently in Canada, I feel compelled to bring you this news: He's not Michelle Wie, but he IS in the U.S. Open. Canadian Brad Fritsch won a dramatic, sectional qualifier to earn a spot in the U.S. Open. Fritsch is a good example of how so… more »

Is Annika Sorenstam's slump, like Tiger Woods, because of distractions?

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Is Annika Sorenstam going through a Tiger Woods-like season of distraction? Remember when Woods got married and went through a slump (well, it was a slump for him)? People were predicting it was the end of the Woods era. Now, look at him. Sorenstam, t… more »

Kinderlou Golf Club, Wildcat Golf Club, The River Club -- and now Fire Rock in Ontario, Canada

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I don’t know why, but I’m attracted to golf courses built on old, city dumps. True, I like the environmental reasons – turning formerly rancid land into land for public use. But, it’s more than that. City dumps, old railroad yards, etc. can be… more »

Michelle Wie fails again: let the excuses rain!

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I haven’t heard so many excuses since Bush tried to explain away the lack of weapons of mass destruction. The sectional qualifier for the U.S. – MEN’S – Open that Michelle Wie predictably failed inevitably turned into an Olympics of excuses. more »

Golf travel gets bad news with temporary closing of Gear-To-Go

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Traveling golfers sick of lugging their golf clubs through airports got a bit of bad news recently. A golf club rental/demo company called Gear to Go, that I thought had a great deal of potential, has closed, it says temporarily. "We're in the proc… more »

Jack Nicklaus should stop trying to re-make golf in his own image and just go fishing

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Jack Nicklaus is supposed to be retired, but his continued insistence on trying to change the game of golf to suit his personal ideas is still causing controversy. Nicklaus, well-known for his criticisms of Augusta National for trying to keep up with th… more »

Blue Monster at Doral to be closed most of summer

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I hope you weren't planning to play the Blue Monster at Doral this summer. The course will be closed May, June and July for renovations. It is scheduled for re-opening Sept. 1. Officials are re-grassing of all 18 greens, as well as the practice puttin… more »
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