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Top-10 golf courses in Myrtle Beach

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Not long ago, I did a story on what I believed to be the top-10 courses in Myrtle Beach. It was based on personal observation after many trips there, and input from golfers and pros. The story got a lot of responses, and I'm wondering what you readers th… more »

Tiger Woods at Bridgestone Invitational: Is he getting bored?

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Tiger Woods is taking this “aura of invincibility” thing to a new high. It's like the guy has a force field around him. Rivals bounce off it like bugs off a windshield. Woods should have lost yesterday to Stewart Cink at the Bridgestone Invitation… more »

Legacy Golf Links in Pinehurst -- they're building so you must come now

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I have a theory about golfers. I'm talking about your everyday, average hacker. They may talk a good game about loving to play the great, difficult courses, but I believe what they're really looking for is an easy course in great surroundings. I found… more »

Tiger Woods better than Jack Nicklaus ever was

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Look, let’s get this out of the way. Tiger Woods is better, right now, than Jack Nicklaus ever was. Let’s stop tip-toeing around the subject. We all know about the majors chase, but people seldom bring up the fact of how long it took Nicklaus to win… more »

Is Tiger Woods bad for golf?

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Before I’m run out of town, or out of the backwoods, let me explain. Anybody who’s a baseball fan has to be enjoying the pennant races right now. Anybody who’s a college or NFL fan is foaming at the mouth right now, wondering who’s going to come… more »

PGA Championship at Medinah not acting like a major

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The PGA Championship at Medinah doesn't really seem like a major, everybody and his brother putting up all those birdies and eagles. Majors are supposed to stand out, they're supposed to be a break from the routine PGA Tour, with Joe Blow Pro winning… more »

Black bears in Myrtle Beach!

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For anyone who's ever been to Myrtle Beach, with its condos, golf courses, fast-food restaurants and girlie shows, fending off bears may be the last thing on your mind. Yet that's what a North Myrtle Beach family found itself doing this week, accordin… more »

Time to test for steroids on the PGA Tour

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If people still think of golf as the gentlemanly, lily-white sport it once was, and that its professionals couldn't possibly stain the sport by using steroids, as other sports have done, they may be profoundly wrong. As the sport increasingly favors p… more »

Julie Inkster blasts Michelle Wie family

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Greg Johnston, the caddie unceremoniously dumped without so much as a phone call from Michelle Wie or her family, isn't the only one unhappy with the shoddy way The Wie Corporation treats people. Julie Inkster told's EM Swift that Wie basicall… more »

Myrtle Beach golf for women workshop coming up

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If you're a female golfer, you may want to check out the "Girls love to golf" workshop in Myrtle Beach in October. It's the third annual event, hosted by the Myrtle Beach National company and the Direct Approach Golf School at the Willbrook Plantation… more »

Michelle Wie is a spoiled, little diva, fires her caddie, through "her people" of course

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Michelle Wie is certainly learning how to be a true professional. She has her worst finish in two years and fires her caddie. Well, not exactly. She had her agent do the dirty work. After Wie blew up at the Women's British Open, her agent, Ross Ber… more »

Michelle Wie -- girl, go do your homework right now!

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I KNOW Michelle Wie is only 16 years old, but somebody – her parents, maybe –should give her some golf homework. Namely, reading the rule book. Wie was penalized two strokes for what the British call “bunker infringement” in Friday’s round a… more »

Long-awaited column on LPGA Commissioner Carolyn Bivens now available!

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For those of you who have been dying to read my full column on LPGA Commissioner Carolyn Bivens, here it is. Basically, my point is that she is quite possibly the worst sports commissioner in history. Anyone who alienates that many people is a terribl… more »

Rolex world rankings are more realistic when it comes to Michelle Wie

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I’m glad to see Rolex and women’s golf listened to me and others about the world rankings. When they first came out in February, they were heavily criticized for ranking Michelle Wie third. When she moved up to second, most people other than Wie f… more »

Myrtle Beach golf courses re-open with new greens

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Summer is the time when Myrtle Beach is crowded with families going to the beach, and golfers generally stay away because of the heat. Perfect time to put in those new greens you’ve been planning. At least three courses will be opening this month wi… more »
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