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Comment from: Jen [Visitor]
Is this really what we can expect from these blogs now? Thinly disguised reasons to express personal negativity towards a popular figure?

Was there any research done for this post, or was it just your worthless two cents?

So Michelle Wie has no chance of being a decent human being? Well, you have no chance of being a decent journalist/writer/blogger, or whatever you call yourself. Seriously, based on the last few posts at travel golf blogs (i.e. the laughable one that misquoted Michelle's reaction to her penalty and called it the height of her immaturity), the standards are very different for Michelle Wie than for any other golfers.

Nobody condemns golfers with vices like Tim Daly. Nobody's blogging about the questionable Paul Azinger withdrawal. No, the most unforgivable sins that can be done in the world of golf right now is 1) for a female to compete against men 2) get penalized 3) fire your caddie. All done by Michelle Wie, of course. *gasp*

And whatever criticisms that you have of Michelle, it's not necessary to get so personal. You just wanted to be vicious. It shows.
08/09/06 @ 07:50
Tim: Here's the complete statement from her spokesman.
08/09/06 @ 08:28
Comment from: JRC [Visitor]
Declaimer: I am not making an argument meant to persuade or dissuade, or inform. I recognize opining on MW is not intended to change the hearts and minds of the golfing community...either ya love her – or hate her...simple as that.

Oh come on. Even if you give MW the benefit of the doubt, you have got to admit that this was very much a corporate decision/action and less a golfer’s difficult choice. As Johnston said the day after, he was "surprised", and thought they had had a pretty good run of it this year. Greg should have known the normal rules of success are grossly exaggerated in the MW corporate culture. She is at the same time an elemental force of nature, goddess-like while at the same time just being a typical 16 year old, just trying to learn the game from all the “bright” golf minds out there. For most golfers on the tour, I suppose it would be true, these results would be seen as very good, but not for the awesome Wie corporate model. Look, there's tons of $$$$ to be made so long as you can maintain the golf phenom’s super-being image here, and cracks in the marketing scheme just can't be tolerated. As I remember, going into the British Open the media, and I believe press releases from the Wie-machine, gave MW her best chance to put a "W" up on the board. It would have been a dramatic story...MW wins, as is her right! Sell much Nike stuff and Sony whichamagadgits...and tons of other overseas corporate endorsement deals we know little of...$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$! Well, it didn't happen, darn links course! OK, damage control time... away the alert spin machine: it couldn't be the golfer...she is other-worldly, above human frailty, just a 16 year old after all ---- must be the caddie... “Well Greg, hope you enjoyed the dinner last night and have a nice flight home...oh by the way, MW wanted me to pass on that, well like....YOUR FIRED DUDE!

You gotta love it. OK Wiesters, fire off those rebuttal comments like: not the first caddie to be fired by a golfer, and Ben Hogan never talked to his caddie either (yeah...right?), and the caddie should have seen the rules violation coming (right and what, Greg should’ve thrown a tackled on her as she started her backswing???), or just call me a JERK! Isn’t that why we love reading/posting to these blogs?

Let's see, what might the next Wie headline read? How about: Wie Don’t Want To Caddie for Her, Papa Wie Lugs Bag at Euro Masters ...Hmmmm? Or, Johnston Pens tell-all book: "Inside the Wieosphere; the Firing of Greg Johnston" (co-authored by Tim!); hope he didn’t sign a non-disclosure, or confidentiality agreement. Or maybe, Greg Johnston Finds New Bag and New Found Respect. Oh well, maybe not so good...Anyone else want to give it a go? OK Wie-boosters...go ahead and square me away, I can hack it.

08/09/06 @ 09:38
Comment from: Johnny N. [Visitor]
Comment from Tim:
She's a spoiled, little diva whose marketing appeal has fouled any chance of her being a decent human being.

Actually Tim, you could be describing yourself with that statement.
08/09/06 @ 10:01
Comment from: Anne [Visitor]
It reveals quite a bit about the Wie's values and decency when they choose not to communicate directly with Greg Johnston. He did help their daughter whenever he was permitted by Mr. Wie, up until being fired.
08/09/06 @ 10:05
Comment from: Alex [Visitor]
JRC, When you went through indoctrination at the Herb Krickstein Astroturf School of Conspiracy, you were specifically instructed to keep your criticism of Bubbles clandestine, suggestive and surrepticious. Your recent post, while accurate and to-the-point, was nevertheless far too revealing of your avowed intention. Bubbles must be discredited and eventually brought to ruin, but we must be covert and insidious in our approach. We at Operation Astroturf know that an icon like Bubbles can only be brought down with steady, unrelenting and secret tactics as planned an outlined by Lord Krickstein. One more gaff like this and you will be demoted to the mail room.
08/09/06 @ 10:20
Comment from: Evil Hater [Visitor]
The Wie family are nouveau riche scum.
08/09/06 @ 10:56
Comment from: smudge [Visitor]
I could not agree more. What is more concerning to me however is whether MW is, in fact, good for women's golf. Sure she can hit it a long way. Sure she has a lot of shots most 16 year old girls have. Oh should I not be comparing her to 16 year old girls? She does, and it is now her biggest defence to not knowing the rules of golf. As a professional you must take responsibility for all of the rules and regulations of your profession, no matter how silly they may be. Frankly I think the rule that resulted in her penalty at the British was silly. But that is not the point. I'm a practising lawyer and we have strict rules guiding our profession, many of which one might consider silly. But they are there and we must obey them or suffer the consequences.

Back to whether MW is good for women's golf. All anyone can say is that she is the next big thing. Bigger than even Annika will be. She will lap the field, leave everyone in the dust, no one will have a chance once she finally wins something (provided that day actually comes), we will all be tired of her winning. What does that say for the future of the women's game? Sure Tiger has boosted golf to heights no one though imaginable by dominating the men's tour. But it's not like there is no one else out there who can play the game well.

Instead of marketing the future of women's golf being MW MW MW MW, I would hope someone would sit back and say, there are a lot of others out there who can play well too. In fact, they are all showing that they are not afraid of MW, can beat here time in and time out. And it is not just Annika doing it, it is everyone out there. No one has that fear of Tiger from MW. Who would? Everyone now knows she'll either crumble down the stretch or break the rules and lose strokes or DQ that way.

It seems to me the media is doing a large disservice to the future of the LPGA, and MW herself. Her family and coroporate entourage have already robbed her of her youth, lets not let the media rob the public of a great women's tour. Let her prove herself before insulting those who have earned their spots on the tour and may also prove in the long run to be better golfers.

And please MW get the silver spoon out of your mouth and act like a professional. Learn the rules, accept you are not the best golfer in the world or even on the course in any given week, and take responsibility for your own actions.
08/09/06 @ 11:21
Comment from: Golf Goddess [Visitor]
Stupid public + brilliant marketers = Lots of $$$ for Brand Wie.

Take the money and run, Michelle. Please! Run far, far way. You bore my @#$ off.

08/09/06 @ 11:24
Comment from: Joe Cool [Visitor]
08/09/06 @ 11:29
Comment from: JoeR [Visitor]

Very well done for you. I cannot add a thing.
08/09/06 @ 11:29
Comment from: ToddCommish [Visitor]
Geez, Timmy, getting a little cranky?

Hey, she fired a caddie. She didn't dismember him. And I'm one of the people that believes that it's still BJ pulling the strings. 16-yr olds like to think they're in charge of their lives, but the parents are still the puppeteers. Vilify BJ for being unprofessional. After all, he's the one with the goal of making gazillions of dollars off his daughter.

He's trying to be Earl Woods, he's acting more like Marc O'Hair. And if you don't know who he is, google him. There are some scary stories about that guy.

"In mid-2002, a segment of CBS's ``60 Minutes II'' scrutinized the O'Hairs' decision to turn pro, and the impressions created regarding their relationship hardly were kind.

Said Marc O'Hair during the broadcast: "I was in business 20-plus years and I know how to make a profit. You've got the same old thing -- it's material, labor and overhead. He's pretty good labor."

08/09/06 @ 11:52
Comment from: ronn robinson [Visitor]
You are a complete idiot and fool. Michelle has no chance of being a "decent human being". Who the hell made you god. Someone should fire your ass. Now.
08/09/06 @ 12:23
Comment from: JRC [Visitor]
Hey, it's lunchtime here in VA, and getting a kick out of reading the latest posts.

You know, I bet this story could have been so much better IF: 1) Papa and Mama Wie applied a little throttling of their daughter’s precociousness and head-swelling self-image as golf’s greatest thing since dimpled golf balls (and don’t tell me she don’t think that way...no one buys the PR scripted “[giggling], I just want to have fun out here and learn how to win”, interview responses she’s got down pat.; 2) Nike and Sony (who’s bottom line is, welllll THE BOTTOM LINE!, ) were kept at arms distance for at least another year or two; 3) MW gave it her best and really dominated the amateur ranks beyond one title, building a reputation of respect for the game and it’s players (the girls’ game isn’t challenging enough, I want to beat the boys); 4) the media presented a bad situation in a better light (this is kind of weak though, we all know controversy, sex, and horrific scenes of death and destruction trump all), and; 4) people in a position of influence (like Tiger) canned the PC response, “I think what she’s doing is great,” for more sober advice to take it slow and build a winning record at each respective level the sport has provided for competitive golfers before declaring yourself a professional (that what would have been good for the game as opposed to good for the $$BOTTOM LINE$$.

P.S. I'd throught about including TOA/Directors in there for giving exemptions, and being blinded by huge ticket sales, but at least a fair amount of those dollars go toward charity, so I begged off. Cheers!
08/09/06 @ 12:23
Comment from: Ghet Rheel [Visitor]

Comment from Tim:
She's a spoiled, little diva whose marketing appeal has fouled any chance of her being a decent human being.

"Actually Tim, you could be describing yourself with that statement."
Johnny N.


Best line of the month - Thanks JN!
08/09/06 @ 12:50
Comment from: Alex [Visitor]
smudge, Everything that you've stated in your post is the embodiment of common sense, and for that exact reason, it will be scorned by the Wie Warriors. I've echoed those sentiments many times to no avail. If they get around to reading your lengthy post, you will be the object of their rage. Incidentally, I am also a member of the legal profession.
08/09/06 @ 13:26
Comment from: Ghet Rheel [Visitor]
Last year, Johnston first arranged to do some part-time looping for Wie without discussing the arrangement with Julie Inkster. So, Johnson demands the kind of courtesy from the Wie's that he wasn't willing to give to Julie Inkster.
08/09/06 @ 13:41
Comment from: putt4par [Visitor]
Alex is a member of the oldest profession in the world.

08/09/06 @ 13:46
Comment from: TW [Visitor]
Smudge & Alex

Finally an explanation of where you are coming from with your comments. LAWYER-GOLFERS, no futher explanation necessary.

PS, speaking of a profession that lives on bending the rules we as a society live by.
08/09/06 @ 13:54
Comment from: THE TRUTH!! [Visitor]
TIM you are one BIG A-HOLE!!
08/09/06 @ 14:09
Comment from: putt4par [Visitor]
Comment from: ToddCommish [Visitor] .
Referring to BJ
After all, he's the one with the goal of making gazillions of dollars off his daughter.

He's trying to be Earl Woods, he's acting more like Marc O'Hair. And if you don't know who he is, google him. There are some scary stories about that guy.

Todd, I gotta admit that the OHair story certainly has parrallels to the Wies. I saw that interview and some interviews since then. Sean had a very lucky escape, IMO.

While I can see Sean walking away from his overbearing father, I'm not so sure about Michelle. In lots of ways I feel sorry for her. She is caught between two worlds, the one her parents grew up in and the american way of life. Her upbringing is going to make it far more difficult to break away from BJ than it was for Sean to tell Marc where to go.
Question is, who is going to break in the end?
She is a kid and the pressure may just break her.
08/09/06 @ 14:20
Comment from: Tim McDonald [Member] Email
Johnny N, thank you -- I do indeed have enormous marketing appeal.

08/09/06 @ 14:21
Comment from: TW [Visitor]
Tim, Would you do me a favor and provide me with some links that I can read, that indicates Michelle, herself, says or is doing the things you indicate. I see a lot of action but I haven't seen her saying or doing things herself. Therefore I question the spoiled Diva comments. Do you really have any proof that she agrees with what the adults surrounding her thinks is best to be done or the best way to do it. I know that she is now a professional and therefore has to live by a different set of rules. Still being under the age of 18 and under her parents care she doesn't have the same freedoms that other professionals have.

I think all the golf media is using Michelle to their self-serving agendas, so what is the difference. You put her name in your headline and know you'll be read, I don't see you are any different than what you are criticizing.
08/09/06 @ 14:31
Comment from: TW [Visitor]
Tim, One other thing.
I quote "Michelle wie is certainly learning how to be a true professional. She has her worst finish in two years and fires her caddie.

Well, not exactly. She had her agent do the dirty work."

Have you ever fired anyone that worked for you? I have been in business for many years and I'd have to say that firing an employee has always been one of the hardest things I have to do, so I can fully understand why it was decided that one of the adults would do the firing. Maybe in this situation it should have been done by BJ, that is why agents get the big bucks, but I know it didn't need to be Michelle.
08/09/06 @ 14:51
Comment from: ToddCommish [Visitor]
Wow, me and p4p agree on something! Notify the media!
08/09/06 @ 14:52
Comment from: Jim COULTHARD [Visitor]

Why would you side with someone who thought Michelle Wie had a great year?Unlike Greg Johnson, perhaps the Wies don't consider a year at this stage with no LPGA wins or PGA cuts made to be a good year.
08/09/06 @ 15:06
Comment from: Alex [Visitor]
putt4par, You seem to know just about everything concerning Michelle's parents. Where were they born? What are their ages? When did they emigrate? Is BJ Wie a professor? Of which discipline? What is his educational background? One member of our club who is a first-generation American of Korean descent is skeptical of all the talk about Michelle's medieval upbringing. This man says that his upbringing by Korean-born immigrant parents wasn't all that different from that of his Caucasian friends.
08/09/06 @ 15:19
Comment from: Tim McDonald [Member] Email
TW, yes I have had to fire people. And when I did, I made sure I looked them in he eye and told them why.

Did I enjoy it? Kind of.

08/09/06 @ 15:36
Comment from: putt4par [Visitor]
Comment from: Alex [Visitor]
putt4par, You seem to know just about everything concerning Michelle's parents. Where were they born? What are their ages? When did they emigrate? Is BJ Wie a professor? Of which discipline? What is his educational background?

Well, that is your spin. When you have nothing to add to the discussion, disseminate garbage.

Normal obfuscation of any discussion and typical of Alex and friends.

Alex, I expect no less of you than your normal rants and BS. Go peddle your bullshit elsewhere.
08/09/06 @ 15:40
Comment from: Boola Boss [Visitor]
My take on the "Caddie-Sack":

I was shocked when I read the headline this afternoon........this couldn't be true, I thought.......then when I read the story by Ron Sirak, I knew it must be true..........he is a well-respected golf writer........I did think, however, that the firing could have been done in a more personal way..........by B.J. himself........But I am sure that we haven't heard the last on this subject.........after thinking about this for a while.......it dawned on me...........READING PUTTS.............NOW, we have go back to Michelle's putting problems........it has been well documented that her lack of low scores came about because her putter let her down......B.J. has said that he wanted Michelle to read all her own putts........so she could learn on the job......sort of like on-the-job training......

Now, getting back to Greg Johnston.........Dottie Pepper has mentioned on TV that you could count on one hand the number of times that Greg read any putts for Juli Inkster................during the 12 years he was her caddie......but she never said that he did not want to read greens........just that Julie wanted to read all her own.......and with Michelle, it was the same way........although to be honest.......I did notice him helping Michelle a few times in the last few tournaments she played........NOW my speculation..........what if Team Wie decided that...........because Michelle has not won yet.........that she needed putting help NOW?......would Greg be able to give her the help she needed?......OR would she have to find a caddie who was an excellent reader of greens..........and could possibloy be good enough to help Michelle WIN a tournament.........so they decided to fire Greg and find a caddie who was more suited to her needs..........of course this is JUST my opinion............and I could be
08/09/06 @ 15:45
Comment from: TW [Visitor]
Well Tim I know why you have the better than everybody attitude.
I'm sure you at the kind of boss has a lot of turnover or a bunch of non-thinking followers as employees. Never did like to fire someone even when there wasn't a choice.
08/09/06 @ 16:16
Comment from: Jim COULTHARD [Visitor]
It is quite possible that Michelle Wie was not consulted nor informed ahead of time of the decision to replace her caddy. Her people may have been concerned that Greg would turn into the old Morgan Pressel and start attcking once he was let go.

Why are people criticizing the Wies for the way they fired Greg Johnston? It sounds very kind and civilized compared to the way Juli Inkster fired him last year.

08/09/06 @ 16:59
Comment from: Ghet Rheel [Visitor]
LPGA Laura Neal reported in April that Greg QUIT the Inkster caddie job - wasn't fired by Inkster, "Immediately following the 2005 Solheim Cup, Juli's caddie, Greg Johnston, quit to work for Michelle Wie."

Inkster found out from other sources (not Johnston) that Greg would caddie for Wie without her permission. Now Johnston is miffed at the Wie's? At least the Wie team gave him a call. That's a lot more consideration than Johnston gave Inkster.
08/09/06 @ 17:18
Comment from: Alex [Visitor]
putt4par, The questions asked of you were legitimate and sincere. If you can't answer them, that's fair enough. Just say so, Richard Cranium.
08/09/06 @ 17:35
Comment from: K [Visitor]
Many people have the wrong information with Inkster's departure with Johnston. When Inkster took a tournament off, Johnston tried out with Wie. She found success. Wie's team then put the offer on the table for a take it NOW or leave it to join her team and did not allow Johnston to talk to Wie before responding. Considering Inkster's career is winding down and he is supporting a family, he took the offer and there is no hard feelings between Johnston and Inkster. In fact, Inkster was disappointed that it was an instant one-time offer and that she didn't get time to transition with Johnston.
08/09/06 @ 17:43
Comment from: putt4par [Visitor]
Comment from: Alex, aka Dick Cranium[Visitor]
putt4par, The questions asked of you were legitimate and sincere. If you can't answer them, that's fair enough. Just say so, Richard Cranium.
08/09/06 @ 17:35

Typical of your normal redundant obfuscation, the questions were throw away stupidity at which you excel.
Since you are so interested about BJ Wie, do a google search. I am sure you will be pleased with the results. Once you have completed that search, I am sure that you will be able to flood many blogs with more of your childish rants.
08/09/06 @ 17:44
Comment from: Ghet Rheel [Visitor]

The accounts I read said that Johnston took the tryout with Wie WITHOUT
asking Inkster's permission. The new info from Laura Neal is that Johnston
quit and was not fired as was widely reported. There may be a pretty good
story line here if someone can get Inkster to comment.

Didn't you know? Its all about AstroAlex and his imaginary friends.
08/09/06 @ 17:54
Comment from: Florida Mike [Visitor]
Tim Mcdonald is a tired, no-talent golf hack who has nothing better to write about than someone firing a caddie.
I have never seen so much inferred through so little said by "little" people with large agendas.
08/09/06 @ 17:56
Comment from: Ann [Visitor]
Paul Azinger pulled out of a tournament using his ailing father as an excuse, while actually seen playing in a poker tournament. This is wrong on so many levels. And here we are dissecting, overanalyzing, and complainging about the simpe firing of a caddie. WOW.
08/09/06 @ 17:56
Comment from: K [Visitor]
Trust me on this one. Johnston could not contact Inkster while the offer was on the table.
08/09/06 @ 17:58
Comment from: Ghet Rheel [Visitor]

If high-minded business ethics controlled Johnston (i.e. notifying his
very long-term player Inkster of the pending Wie offer), then Johnston could
have walked away from the deal on the table. He didn't. He threw Inkster
under the bus and took the deal with Wie. So he dumped an aging Inkster
for a low-mileage Wie. Doesn't make him a bad person. Just leaves Johnston
looking a little hypocritical for criticizing the way the Wie's dumped him.
08/09/06 @ 18:14
Comment from: TW [Visitor]
Anyone notice how much better Juli Inkster is playing this year since Johnston isn't on her bag. Looks like something that needed to happen anyway.
08/09/06 @ 18:21
Comment from: Jen [Visitor]
Geez. I can see how the firing was a little cold, but it was hardly a crime. The fact is, no one here has all the facts about their relationship and this situation, so no one here has the right to judge.

Neither Johnston nor the Wies deserve this much debate. The Wies have been generous to those who have helped them in the past, and if Johnston didn't deserve further leniancy, then that's their decision. Johnston made plenty of money this year without going to too many tournaments, and he'll find another player to caddy for without difficulty.
08/09/06 @ 19:24
Comment from: Booger [Visitor]
People treating each other like complete dogshit is the American way.
None of this is surprising.
08/09/06 @ 20:04
Comment from: Alex [Visitor]
putt4par, I guess you can't answer my questions then. Thanks anyway, I'll go to google.
08/09/06 @ 21:33
Comment from: Ghet Rheel [Visitor]
putt4parr and One-Putt

re: "Astroturf" Alex

We see you are learning to deal with the resident fool. Here are a few notes on the care and feeding of AstroAlex:

If you want to punish him, just ignore him - drives him into deep dispair. Don't ignore him for too long as he may go away. All Wie supporters agree that we could not invent a better poster boy for the anti-Wie faction than AstroAlex. So, to keep him around (for the greater good) he does need to be verbally bitch-slapped on every third or fourth day. He craves this treatment and and while it is distasteful to administer, we fear we'd lose him without it. Good luck. Others will help out when they can.
08/09/06 @ 23:29
Comment from: Jenny [Visitor]
Tim you jerk it's you who has no chance of being a decent human being attacking a 16 yr old girl and making outrageous statements without any proof or inside information.

Without MW you'd be out of a job. Nobody's gonna read the trash you write
08/10/06 @ 00:26
Comment from: Ann [Visitor]
Ghet Reel is correct. Alex is only the most attention-starved poster on these blogs. He craves it, sometimes doing nothing more than correct someone else's grammars. Do what I do to him and people like him: COMPLETELY IGNORE their posts and continue scrolling down. You know they bring up no relevant or valid points, so why bother waste the time reading and replying to their posts.

Did anyone watch Wednesday's Golf Central on The Golf Channel? Brian Hewitt had "insider" information as to the firing of Johnston. He said that Greg was told in person (not on the phone as he claims) by Ross Berlin. They did grab dinner the night before. But while at a corporate meeting in London, BJ told Berlin that they wanted Johnston off the bag. The reason for the suddenness? BJ didn't wanted to delay the news, and therefore had Berlin (who WAS with Johnston) break the news to him at the airport.

But that is besides the point. As I said earlier, this just a firing of a caddy. Why overthink these things?
08/10/06 @ 00:27
Comment from: tasha [Visitor]
I thought Michelle Wie is a professional golfer.

When did she become an opera star as in "diva". You mean this kid can play golf and sing opera too!! No wonder she's got so much endorsements.

Where did you get that information, Tim? A little investigative reporting, I see, with pj's and bunny slippers.

In some other languages, "diva" is also a "goddess". A goddess is allowed to do anything, including firing a caddie and they do it while singing an aria.

08/10/06 @ 01:01
Comment from: Jay [Visitor]
Comment from: Ann [Visitor]
Paul Azinger pulled out of a tournament using his ailing father as an excuse, while actually seen playing in a poker tournament. This is wrong on so many levels. And here we are dissecting, overanalyzing, and complainging about the simpe firing of a caddie. WOW.

That is because no one cares about Azinger. (BTW, who in the world is Azinger ?)

That simply reflects Wie status which is about as high profile as the US president. I don't think it would be even such big news if Bush fired his spokesperson today.

Even if BJ Wie personally talked to Johnston, there would be articles all over the web on how Wie blamed Johnston. It is a lesson to Wie that they should be extra extra careful in public relations as people find fault at almost anything. (remember Baldwin accusing Wie showing off her Omega watch?)
08/10/06 @ 01:18
Comment from: Jen [Visitor]
The Azinger withdrawal only matters in terms of comparison. If you're going to condemn Michelle Wie for firing a caddie as one of the most evil things that you can do in the world of golf, then what is withdrawing from a PGA tournament under false circumstances to go play poker? It shows quite clearly that people who are saying the Wies have no class have their priorities out of whack.

Thank you Ann for that information. I knew that no one on these blogs would bother and try to get the whole story. However the firing was done, people would find ways to criticize. (Imagine if they had put it off for a few days, and the plans had leaked to the media so Johnston found out by reading it online!)
08/10/06 @ 08:14
Comment from: Alex [Visitor]
Ann, Before you lend too much credence to the gospel according to Ghet SurRheel, perhaps you should make yourself aware of the pitfalls of such action. Ghet is a firm believer that a vast conspiracy is afoot to discredit and even destroy the career of MW. Its code name is Operation Astroturf. He is committed to exposing this cabal through inane internet bloggings. You may also develop this syndrome. He also is dedicated to aggrandizing Michelle Wie as no other could. Just yesterday he met a Chinese busboy who made Ghet's day by saying "Michelle velly good golfer!" Stay tuned for more of Grimm's--or rather Ghet's fairy tales.
08/10/06 @ 08:49
Comment from: John Crime [Visitor]
What is the history of golfers firing caddies? Do they normally do it themselves?
I am no fan of MW, her dissing of the rule book is an insult to her profession. From her refusal to read them I imagine she will continue to break them and then plead ignorance again. Good thing she didn't want to be a surgeon. Those medical books can be boring.
But my question remains. What is the history of pro golfers firing their caddies?
08/10/06 @ 13:24
Comment from: Paul [Visitor]
Well put Florida Mike.

Also, Comment from: Tim McDonald [Member]
TW, yes I have had to fire people. And when I did, I made sure I looked them in he eye and told them why.

I can't believe that you would be supervising anybody. I think you're just a bottom feeder.
08/10/06 @ 18:02
Comment from: Jen [Visitor]
Nice to see that Travel Golf's lies spread far and wide. Michelle Wie NEVER refused to read the rules. She was asked if she had a DESIRE to read them after her penalty, and she joked that they weren't the greatest reading material.

As for firing caddies, usually it doesn't make front-page news, so how can anyone here know?

I still find it incredible how much hatred people will spew without knowing many (or any) of the facts. Apparently, it's not okay for Michelle to plead ignorance of the rules, but it's seemingly okay to be ignorant of the situation when judging her.
08/10/06 @ 19:42
Comment from: Tim McDonald [Member] Email
Jen, check your facts before you pop off. I never said Michelle refused to read the rules. I can't be held accountable for what responders to blogs say. So stop being all high and mighty when you yourself ARE ignorant of the facts.
08/10/06 @ 19:48
Comment from: Jen [Visitor]
My comment was a direct response to John Crime, just two posts above. I addressed exactly what he says.

I never said you were responsible for what John Crime was saying. But you ARE responsible for your blog post, which still stands as irresponsible, vicious and ignorant. I still don't see where you provided the facts that prove Michelle Wie is 1) spoiled 2) little and 3) a diva. You can't because you don't know enough about the situation.
08/10/06 @ 20:12
Comment from: Jay [Visitor]
Comment from: Jen [Visitor]
My comment was a direct response to John Crime, just two posts above. I addressed exactly what he says.

I never said you were responsible for what John Crime was saying. But you ARE responsible for your blog post, which still stands as irresponsible, vicious and ignorant. I still don't see where you provided the facts that prove Michelle Wie is 1) spoiled 2) little and 3) a diva. You can't because you don't know enough about the situation.
In case you didn't know, Wie is
1)spoiled because she has makes more money a day than what Timmy makes a year.
2)little because Timmy considers any girl to be a 'little girl'.
3)a Diva because to Timmy, any beautiful girl with fame is considered a diva.
08/10/06 @ 20:30
Comment from: Jim C [Visitor]
Ir doesn't sound like Michelle Wie even knew that her caddy would be fired. The story is once the decision was made, BJ wanted Greg to be told as soon as possible so he was given the news by Ross Berlin who was with him at the time.

08/10/06 @ 21:09
Comment from: Jim C [Visitor]

Some people might think that your marketing of Travel Golf through this blog has fouled any chance of your being a decent human being. As Maxwell smart might have said, if only you had used your writing ability for niceness.
08/10/06 @ 21:16
Comment from: Ghet Rheel [Visitor]
Michelle Wie could cure AIDS and eliminate the National Debt, and she would get raked across the coals in the press for it. That is now Michelle's reality. It doesn't matter what she does, someone will hate it.

Michelle's concern cannot be pleasing everyone. It can't be done. All she really needs to do is feel reasonably good about herself when she looks in the mirror, and when she looks into the eyes of her close friends and family.

Just remember the old saying, Michelle, "Illegitimi Non Carborundum".

Judging by the dignity and generosity shown by her and by her family, she's in good hands, indeed.
08/10/06 @ 21:24
Comment from: Harrold [Visitor]
In the dictionary next to the word LOSER, you'll see a picture of Tim and next to the word PATHETIC you'll see a picture of Chris.
08/10/06 @ 23:19
Comment from: One-Putt [Visitor]
"Comment from: Paul [Visitor]
Well put Florida Mike.

Also, Comment from: Tim McDonald [Member]
TW, yes I have had to fire people. And when I did, I made sure I looked them in he eye and told them why.

I can't believe that you would be supervising anybody. I think you're just a bottom feeder."

That was back when Tim was a shift leader at Burger King for crying out loud.
08/11/06 @ 05:05
Comment from: Ford [Visitor]
There is nothing dignified about the Wie's.

Fighting with other players and their families, being called out numerous times by other players both male and female for rules ignorance and a lack of general knowledge of the game, stealing other people's caddies and then not having the decency to call them personally to fire them, this is a pattern people.

The excuse that she is young and that the whole world is just jealous doesn't fly anymore. It is time to look at Michelle and her family for what they really are. Business people, calculating and cold just like others in the world of big business. They are entitled to market Michelle however they please and to treat people however they see fit, but let's not sugar coat the issue here.
08/11/06 @ 11:44
Comment from: One-Putt [Visitor]
How do you steal a caddie Ford? By offering them a better deal? Or did they sneak out in the dead of night, toss a blanket over him and spirit him away? Do you think Greg was bound by formal contract to Julie? Get a grip.

If you call her drop at the Samsung or the incident with the moss cheating I would just call the incidents results of inexperience and a detached caddie.

Where is the evidence Michelle or BJ were fighting with players? Show me something other than a one-sided point of view. If you are talking about the bar hostess from Phoenix and her bar owner daddy consider the source and situation.

Michelle had been told by rules officials after the round the day before to speed up play. She had been waiting to move forward to her ball that was quite some distance ahead. Danielle Ammaccapane was quite miffed by the fact Michelle and BJ walked the 75 yards or so ahead to get even with her ball (at the Rules official's request). Danielle was only pissed because she was having a bad day and she showed her ass on both the course and in the scorer's tent. She was cussing at Michelle when she first entered the scorer's tent door and then her bartender dad went off on BJ outside.

Business is business in Professional Golf and when a player forgets that rule sponsors move away. Agents fire staff of people who support their client Ford, it happens everyday. Does a CEO go out and fire a mailroom clerk personally? No they have his/her HR people handle the small stuff. I might remind you that Michelle is not old enough to hire or fire anyone. William Morris hired Greg and William Morris fired Greg personally.

Some players prefer to fire their caddies personally like Annika Sorenstam when she fired her caddie mid-round and put her husband of the time on the bag for the rest of the tournament. Others don't so their people do the deed.
08/11/06 @ 14:19
Comment from: Seve [Visitor]
"The Wie family are nouveau riche scum."

I'm Asian and I've always thought that we never waste an opportunity to show the world they are superior. Asians like to flaunt wealth, especially nouveau riche who think money = class.

I think she doesn't respect the game and doesn't care to learn rules, ettiquette. Her father got into it with a competitor at 2003 US Amateur when that player had the nerve to yell at Wie's lack of etiquette! Shocking!

I think Michelle is a corporate whore just like Tiger. They put their name of all sorts of products for a $$$. Buick (General Motors) and Sony are not exactly wildly profitable companies, but they are paying Wie and Tiger millions of guaranteed money for endorsements that "supposedly" work. Sony and GM have also laid offs tens of thousands claiming they need to cut costs!

The West has an addiction with celebrity. It also stupidly thinks there are no social consequences to its addictions, i.e. addiction on oil!
08/11/06 @ 23:33
Comment from: One-Putt [Visitor]
"Comment from: Seve [Visitor]
The West has an addiction with celebrity. It also stupidly thinks there are no social consequences to its addictions, i.e. addiction on oil!"

Welcome to our Capitalistic World Comrade.
08/12/06 @ 01:52
Comment from: Jim C [Visitor]
Seve quote

I'm Asian and I've always thought that WE never waste an opportunity to show the world THEY are superior.

Did Seve forget in the middle of the sentence that he was claiming to be Asian, and shift away from referring to Asians as WE and begin referring to Asians as THEY?

08/12/06 @ 01:56
Comment from: Ghet Rheel [Visitor]

"So when a prissy rich 16 year old from HAWAII bails out of a GOLF tournament because of HEAT EXHAUSTION, sorry folks, but i gotta roll my eyes."

Why does that make you roll your eyes?

08/13/06 @ 19:57
Comment from: Jon Consen [Visitor]
are you saying all people that go to "expensive" schools are spoiled?
08/13/06 @ 21:36
Comment from: Brandon Tucker [Member] Email
Ok I've given the caddy thing some thought. Here's what I got:

I'd probably fire the guy too. He's supposed to know the rules. He should know she's under a microscope and know any little goof will be front page. He's gotta back her up better.

As for being pissed about not being told by Michelle he was fired, would you want some 16-year old firing you?

"I dunno, but, um, I think I'm gonna like, find a new caddie. I'm like, really sor-- hold on I got a text from Julie - Omigod Laguna Beach on MTV is on, gotta run."
08/15/06 @ 15:30
Comment from: G Squares [Visitor]
LOL Brandon
08/16/06 @ 04:22
Comment from: Florida Mike [Visitor]

Good post Brandon!

I find it amusing that Ms Ochoa has fired her caddy, did not do it herself, and not one headline, blog, criticism in print....etc.
08/16/06 @ 12:50
Comment from: Ghet Rheel [Visitor]
Florida Mike is there any background available on Ochoa not doing the firing herself?
08/16/06 @ 20:09
Comment from: Florida Mike [Visitor]

I googled -Ochoa fires her caddie- and guess what?
I got 2 hits on Ms. Ochoa and the rest(thousands) were about Michelle Wie firing her caddie.

Yes, from what I can see she did fire him herself. One interesting thing is that she had already hired her new caddie, before the tournament.
08/17/06 @ 18:10
Comment from: Ghet Rheel [Visitor]
Thanks for the clarification

Can you imagine one of the Bashers making such a correction? Interesting that she hired her new caddie first - big deal, but can you hear the uproar if the Wie's did that?
08/17/06 @ 19:25

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