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Comment from: Mike [Visitor]
Bored huh? I think not. He is on a mission and is it his fault that Mickleson has lost his game since the US open fiasco, or that VJ is playing below his standards, or that Ernie has never really come back since his knee surgery?

As far as Steve Williams taking his bib off at the 18th, he always does that and has for some time now, which IM surprised as a golf blogger you didn't know.
08/28/06 @ 10:03
Comment from: Merrin [Visitor]
LOl, Tim it cant be both ways. First there are complaints that Tiger is winning without drama, that instead of trouncing apponents handily, it would be much more suspenseful to watch Tiger duel in a playoff.

NOW that we get the playoff, thats not good enough because Cink lost? Cink did NOT look cowed to me, he was aggressive, he was on his game while Tiger seemed to be clinging for dear life. Cink finally made a costly mistake & Tiger finally hit a good shot, that was it.
08/28/06 @ 15:31
Comment from: Tim McDonald [Member] Email
That's my point. Tiger WAS clinging for dear life. He was not having a good say and he still beat an excellent field.

The tournament itself had drama. The result -- another Woods win -- is the same old, same old.
08/28/06 @ 15:37
Comment from: Lee [Visitor]

I am not sure that the guy looked bored. Clearly, given his record he is not bored by winning. I think the subtext of what you are writing, "same old, same old," is that it bores you. Truth be told it bores a lot of us.

That however does not make Tiger's latest streak any less fantastic. The Tiger D- game on Saturday and Sunday was bizarre in that it followed what in my mind has been his most impressive streak yet. This week is the first one of the recent four consecutive wins that I would charecterize the opponents as having capitulated without much resistance. Of course, Stewart Cink and Jim Furyk earn a gold star for effort (and large checks).
08/28/06 @ 16:47
Comment from: Tim McDonald [Member] Email
Lee, exceedingly well put. You indeed characterized my subtext accurately.
08/28/06 @ 17:06
Comment from: Merrin [Visitor]
ok I get it, YOU are just bored by Tiger winning all the time.

One man's trash is anothers treasure I suppose, because if he starts losing THEN it gets boring for me. I want to watch greatness, I'm not particularly interested in seeing 6 different players win 6 different events. At least when I could have the alternative of witnessing real life history.
08/28/06 @ 23:38
Comment from: Scott Walker [Visitor]
I am still trying to figure out who would get bored watching Michelangelo painting the Sistine Chapel. You just have to know what you are watching.

As for the Ryder Cup...I think this year will change quite a bit. His dinner with the Ryder Cup rookies on Friday night in Akron showed his passion for making the Ryder Cup his event.

Does his aura beat his competitors? Only they can answer that. But, he still doesn't get enough credit for the quality of player he faces. Els, Mickelson, and Singh all have multiple majors. They aren't scrubs.
08/29/06 @ 02:43
Comment from: Tim McDonald [Member] Email
No, I don't get bored watching Woods play, or even win all the time.

I get a little frustrated because nobody else seems to have the guts to challenge him.

I'd like to see somebody try to rattle his cage, pull some business on him. Everybody seems scared of him, like they'll make him mad. Well, how much worse can they get beaten?
08/29/06 @ 09:46
Comment from: Amber [Visitor]
Well, a bored tiger is never good, but I do not think or even believe for a second Tiger is bored. Every time you step on a golf course something differnt happens, something exciting. I believe Tiger is also on mission he has a family and maybe he is playing in the memory of his father who pushed him so hard to play with all his heart. These things never come to mind when someone keeps winning. They win for a reason and sometimes it not just the money.
08/29/06 @ 12:13
Comment from: Lee [Visitor]
"I am still trying to figure out who would get bored watching Michelangelo painting the Sistine Chapel.."

Those longing for Phil to dominate a couple years, then have Chris Dimarco win a couple majors, then get to the Wetterich era. All the while chuckling about the overhyped Tiger Woods.

Almost no one ever justifies the hype anymore, from Wie to LeBRon(in a small sense), from Kanye West to BJ Upton. However, we are lucky enough to have someone DESERVING of the hype, and he's faulted for...winning.

Ah, but if it was Mickleson, Casey, Toms, Furyk, or ANY of them, their dominance would be unchallenged. Lefty wins in a playoff against Cink? aww, that Lefty trying to be suspenseful. Furyk wins 2 of 4 majors? gotta love the era we're in.

Tiger Woods? nah, Im bored. PLEASE someone else beat him so I can have someone I'm more comfortable rooting for.
08/29/06 @ 16:47
Comment from: Tim McDonald [Member] Email
Why is it you can't say anything negative, however minor, about Woods' domination over his rivals, without someone carping about ...you know.
08/29/06 @ 16:52
Comment from: Lee [Visitor]
It's just my take. If it doesnt apply to you then so be it, but it's what I get from quite a few. He's too hyped, eh, i wish someone would beat him already. He only wins because everyone else is lays down whne they play him. That last one, to me, is quite unbelievable. NO ONE has a bigger target on their back. You think Sergio doesnt dream of beating him handily on a Sunday he entered with the lead? I do.

note-Im not the original Lee that saw your subtext. someone left the computer on this page & I poured in my 2.
09/01/06 @ 00:11

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