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Comment from: Merrin [Visitor] Email
"but he isn't dominating like he should."
Sometimes he doesnt dominate like he should. I dont think he should shoulder all the blame for the US issues' this year tho. We just seem outmatched & outclassed. It's on theri turf, their galleries. they look comfortable, we look like we're working to gulp for air.
09/23/06 @ 22:52
Comment from: BB [Visitor] Email
Wouldn't you be distracted if your wife, or anybody that's important in your life were trashed in such a way, as was the case with this Irish magazine 'Dubliner' before your big day ? He is only a mere mortal just like you.
09/24/06 @ 10:29
Comment from: CB Maxwell [Visitor] Email
I think you hit the nail on the head...Tiger's focus is such that he totally wraps himself around "his" game. The team play nonsense is such that a player has to take the good and the bad of your partner. I agree also, that teaming Furyk with Tiger is overkill...put Tiger with the rookies...or a weaker player (not Lefty) and maybe his focus will be such that he can lift the other guy...
That being said...I am just wondering in our colleges and high schools as we look to the future...if we shouldn't training our AMERICAN players in this type format a few times each year...so they guys who make the big show...have some concept of "team" play.
09/24/06 @ 11:08
Comment from: Steph [Visitor] Email
I read some BBC blogs that Americans will
always be better individually and the
Europeans are better team players which
is why they win the Ryder Cup so often.
Look at Tiger Woods's and Phil
Mickelson's combined majors and records;
and the entire European team's individual

It seems that Tiger Woods has tried his
utmost best to be a team member. But, he
looked so uncomfortable that at one point,
some Irish radio broadcasters were
wondering if Tiger was feeling unwell
physically. Tim, you're right, he was
distracted though it was his disciplined
mind that helped him to get through this

We've lost, but I'm pretty happy that
Stuart Cink beat Garcia in the individual
match. That little guy is most irritating on and more so off the greens.

09/24/06 @ 12:44
Comment from: bill [Visitor] Email
First, no money, they don't care. Like pride in our country, just not there. Until someone blows up something and the pansies wake up, .
Next, the format, nobody plays alternate shot here anymore. The format is old and outdated. It should be changed to something more relevant...Imagine a good 18 hole scramble instead of alternate shot?
Also, you have 12 able bodied players, why let them all play every day? Why sit anyone. People pay good money to watch and see the best 12 play, but 4 sit daily. Without digging into the history, probably back in the dark ages, they got to the first tee and those able to play who were not hung over from the previous night got paired up to play. 8 was probably the average who were not snockered...
Bring on Michelle, we need her, she and she alone is the savior to the Ryder Cup, like everything else!!!
09/25/06 @ 09:43
Comment from: Play the draw [Visitor] Email
The solution:

Keep Tiger out of the 4 ball and just let him him play in the single matches.
09/25/06 @ 11:29
Comment from: Merrin [Visitor] Email
First, no money, they don't care. Like pride in our country, just not there. Until someone blows up something and the pansies wake up, .

I dont think anyone with a sane mind could doubt their desire to win. The Euros just had better players PLAIN & SIMPLE. They had a deeper squad & way too much hinged on "whats Tiger doing". We didnt have the breathing room to shoulder Phil's days or some of the no-shows.

"Keep Tiger out of the 4 ball and just let him him play in the single matches."
Tiger can play spectacular & the US lose. HE is not the problem here, getting a deeper team is. The Euros dont look to one player to carry them do they? Even when they have THE RC TIGER (obnoxious Sergio). So why should we?
09/30/06 @ 20:43
Comment from: greta [Visitor] Email
Hey, I think Sergio is cute and I like his team spirit!

The difference is the Euros are educated
in the "collective" whereas Americans, atleast most of us, are individualists.

Although I respect Tom Lehman, let's face it the guy looked and talked like he was part of the walking dead. I did'nt see any fun or enthusiasm from the guy. It's not a life or death competition, the USA should just lighten up, have fun, and then they will win!

I think the various outfits are a tad too much. The dress reminds me of cheerleaders at Homecoming!
10/10/06 @ 14:21

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