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Golf is pricing itself out of the game: Tiger Woods' turn to help out

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Bad news for my home state. Golf courses are getting more expensive in Florida, as they are elsewhere. I thought the golf gods had started to address this issue, one of the main reasons golfers drop out of the game and why non-golfers often never start.… more »

Sorry, I won't get all misty-eyed over Gerald Ford's death

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One of my favorite short stories was by, I believe, a writer named Harlan Ellison. I read it many years ago, so the details may be off a bit. Basically, a group of people were sitting around after having attended a friend's funeral. "What a great guy," t… more »

Ocean Course picked to host PGA Championship in 2012: How many of us will be alive?

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The Ocean course at Kiawah Island was recently picked to hold the 94th PGA Championship in 2012. Observation: Many of us, hopefully not including me, won't be around in 2012. Why do they have to pick these things so far ahead of time? Any number of th… more »

Tiger Woods already rich as a golf architect: Only in America -- or Dubai

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It is a triumph of modern-day marketing suckers that Tiger Woods is demanding fees of $25 million to design golf courses. It's all about "branding." Those suckers in Dubai couldn't care less that Woods has never designed a golf course, never served an… more »

Michelle Wie will never be a junior at Stanford

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I hereby offer any odds, for any amount of money, from any bettor, golfer, housewife or bricklayer, that Michelle Wie will not last longer than two years at Stanford. That's about how long Tiger Woods made it at Stanford before turning pro. Don't g… more »

You must like Nike: heart and soul, birth to grave

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I understand we're living in the age of global terrorism, and we must all be hyper-vigilant. I myself am constantly scanning the danger zone for Al-Quaeda, from the Piggly-Wiggly down the street where I buy my Skoal, to the Red Dog Saloon where I occasio… more »

Biltmore Hotel golf course in Coral Gables excavating Donald Ross

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I’m not one of those golfers who bows to the east and says hosannahs every time the name Donald Ross’ name is invoked, but I’ve always enjoyed playing his courses. I like his small greens, false fronts and the fact you have to be high and extremely… more »

Blue Monster at Doral all spruced up and ready for new PGA tournament

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The Blue Monster at Doral just re-opened after closing for three summer months and a $1.5 million renovation. This Miami classic looks great, though if you haven't played it for a few years, it will look quite different. First of all, it's lost about… more »

Golf in Lakeland, Florida is sweet, like its citrus

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As a native Floridian, one of the good things about this job is re-visiting areas of the state I haven’t seen for 20 years. Despite the fact I should have learned by now, I’m always a little surprised at the changes. I used to come to Lakeland as… more »

Florida public golf: Try Cleveland Heights in Lakeland

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Found another good muni for you, though anyone who lives or visits Lakeland, Florida regularly knows about Cleveland Heights. Those of you who read this blog regularly, and they extend to the farthest reaches of the globe, know I'm always on the hunt… more »

What's happening to Ernie Els?

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Ernie Els was supposed to be on the comeback trail. He won the Alfred Dunhill last December after a five-month layoff due to a knee injury. It was the second tourney after his comeback. Then he finished second in the South Africa Open. Since then –… more »

Ocean course at Kiawah Island does favor for walkers

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The Ocean Course at Kiawah Island Golf Resort is soon to become a walking-only facility in the mornings, beginning January 1, 2007. "Walking has been a fundamental part of the game of golf since the first ball was struck on the seaside links of Scotla… more »

Michelle Wie: reverse, reverse discrimination?

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Some years ago, when I played on the sixth grade football team, the fifth-grade football team was short a man. The fifth-grade coach asked me if I would play, even though he knew it was illegal. I was still in my pads from practice, and I said sure – i… more »

Hampton Club in Golden Isles is the best marsh golf I've seen

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Myrtle Beach likes to rave about its great marsh courses, with good reason – the Grand Strand has some excellent marsh courses. So do, obviously, many other parts of the East Coast. But, for pure views, I'll take the Hampton Club on Georgia’s St.… more »
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