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Best and worst of PGA Merchandise Show

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Worst customer service: Chiliwear. I saw a shirt there that I liked and asked the Chiliwear rep if he had one in a medium. "Probably," he growled. "But, I'm not going to waste my afternoon looking for it." Oh. I see. Thanks for your help." Runne… more »

A golf ball that won't hook or slice? Here's a hint: the idea is behind the 8-ball

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"Dimples are cute on women and kids, but not on golf balls." – Che Guavara Every once in a while, somebody in golf comes up with an idea so brilliant, so revolutionary, it changes the face of the game forever, and makes you wonder why nobody had tho… more »

Boom in rangefinders promises speedier pace of play

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When the USGA and Royal and Ancient Golf Club basically legalized distance-measuring devices last year, you could hear the gears grinding – or more accurately, the lasers buzzing, or whatever they do. Their ruling, which allowed local rules allowing… more »

Golf for women: where are the new women's clubs?

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Study after study shows that women are one of the fastest growing newcomers to golf, but you’d never know it here at the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando. I saw exactly three women hitting clubs at the demo day, which drew an estimated 6,000 people.… more »

Is there anything David Leadbetter, the brand, won't endorse?

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By my count - and I stopped counting after a while - golf teaching guru David Leadbetter has endorsed at least nine golf products ranging from training aids to wireless instructional systems. What, this guy doesn't make enough money from his lessons -… more »

Some most unattractive losers at the PGA Show

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Stink-A-Way is a super absorbent shoe pod. I need say nothing more. Bad Golf Pants, from Loud Mouth Golf. Golfers dress badly enough as it is. Don’t encourage them. "Divot," the world’s greatest golf clown. I thought that was Charles Barkley.… more »

Some little golf gizmo winners at the PGA Merchandise Show

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The PGA Show has a little corner with booths manned by those little companies you sometimes read about in the back pages of golf magazines. They always seem to have some patent pending gizmo. Some promise amazing results, others are more practical. Some… more »

Golf apparel at the 2007 PGA Show: They’re all missing the guaranteed, can’t-miss “Big Idea”

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For the past couple years, I’ve been on a personal quest to bring back the Ban-Lon, and wandering around the apparel section of the 2007 PGA Show has only made me more committed. Golf apparel is as boring as Vijay Singh. But, put Vijay Singh in a Ba… more »

Best gizmo so far at the PGA Merchandise Show: a hat full of GPS

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Best gizmo so far at the PGA Merchandise Show: a hat full of GPS The 2007 PGA Show is full of worthless stuff, old and new, and most of it is expensive. Here’s a little invention I think could catch on. GPS in a hat. You ask your hat a question more »

Sexiest women at the PGA Merchandise Show

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Sex sells, even in golf, with its conservative, button-down image. Especially in golf, with its conservative, button-down image. There are some buttons popping at the 2007 PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, on blouses and elsewhere. A quick review of th… more »

Another good bag for travel golf at PGA Merchandise Show

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Being a travel writer and golfer, I’m always on the lookout for a good travel bag. There are a lot of good ones out there. One that I find at the 2007 PGA Merchandise Show is the Cargo Golf Hybrid. One of the things I’ve always disliked about big,… more »

PGA Show has two good putting helpers

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The 2007 PGA Merchandise Show has dozens of putting booths, and I found two good ones, both designed to eliminate the hands and get you to use your shoulders. The P3 Perfect Pendulum is basically a training aid. It’s a two-handled gizmo, with the tw… more »

MacGregor Mac Tec best driver so far at 2007 PGA Show

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Demo Day at a PGA Merchandise Show is like a wet dream for anyone who likes to try out different clubs. Every major manufacturer and many of the wacky ones are here in Orlando, BEGGING you to try theirs. The entire practice range was surrounded by pre… more »

Want to be a head pro or director of golf? Click here

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Ever thought about getting a job in the golf industry? Like say, a head pro or director of golf? Why not? Hang out on the course, play golf every day, have a ball. Only, it ain't like that. The golf pros I talk to never have enough time to play.… more »

Who pays for course closures at Myrtle Beach? You do, especially if you're a local

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All the golf course closures in Myrtle Beach in recent times - 20 in the last seven years - have caused economic ripples through the Grand Strand golf scene. Rounds are down overall, but because there are fewer courses, rounds are up at individual cou… more »
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