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Thanks for not nominating our SPECFIT Head Wear as gimmick of the show.
I think you walked by our booth. we had someone next to us trying to sell massage insoles. Please visit our website and see the newest cap on the market. Our head wear was really popular with the show. We had the lighted Christmas Palm tree display. Thanks Mark Risso Rissotta Inc.
01/30/07 @ 11:56
Comment from: CB MAXWELL [Member] Email
So, Tim, I gotta ask, were you gonna BUY the shirt, or were you expecting to be com pt?
01/30/07 @ 19:51
Comment from: RonMon [Visitor] Email
A) I have a bunch of the new Furyk chiliwear shirts...they wear nice. Problem is, with all the clothes I own, it takes all afternoon to find the damned things!!!

B) Did CB Maxwell get his blogging job here for his spelling abilities?

C) Mark Riso needs to bone up on his punctuation.
01/30/07 @ 20:21
Comment from: Nicholas [Visitor] Email
Your list is what those of us in the golf industry would consider the dead man walking list. Apart from Adams I would guess that the items you have chosen all together will account for less than .0000001 percent of the golf sales for the year 2007, and the companies that manufacture them will be around (under present ownership) for an average of about 18 months judging from their performance lately. Were they handing out free equipment, or did they pay you?
01/31/07 @ 11:48
Comment from: tim [Visitor] Email
Good question, CB. I was actually willing to pay for the damn thing.

As for you Nicholas, you pretty much sum up everything that's wrong with the golf industry you purport to be a part of.

I'll leave you to figure out the reasons why because I know you never will.

Think innovation. And why you'll never be a part of it.
01/31/07 @ 13:46
Comment from: tim [Visitor] Email
By the way, Nicholas, those are pretty strong words from someone working at "Discount Dan's."
01/31/07 @ 13:48
Comment from: Nicholas [Visitor] Email
Wow, Tim way to jump into the berating of others without any history or background. I will offer it up here since you started in with such a warming welcoming conversation. Nice journalism by the way.

As a PGA Professional who has been in golf for 24 years, I am personally responsable for over 1.2 million in golf club sales anually, that's right through Discountdansgolf.com.

Discount Dan has been a PGA Pro since the 50's, when MacGregor practically owned the entire golf equipment industry. After 40 plus years of mail order golf equipment sales, thru him I may have an industry trends resource unrivaled by all others.

I aplaud MacGregor's efforts to get into the golf industry, and I can say that no-one would benefit more than I, to have another golf club that actually works to sell to the country. I have just been here long enough to see many such companies ground into the dirt an bought up and put out to pasture by the corporate machine that resorts to SuperBowl Sunday add campaigns to launch new products.

I will be the first to add to MacGregor's success story should they get it off the ground, as it would be a welcome change from the fluffy marketing driven technology that we see on a daily basis.

My opinion, in case you don't recognize one when you see it, is fueled by what I see in my market, which includes all 50 states, and a few foreign countries to date. In my world for every 2000 Name Brand Titanium drivers that are sold, four people ask about a MacGregor.

When that changes Tim, I will count MacGregor as a survivor among many who have tried and failed.
02/03/07 @ 13:00
Comment from: tim [Visitor] Email
"Wow Tim, way to jump into the berating of others without any history or background."

Look to thine own self, and to thine own self be true.

02/05/07 @ 06:34
Comment from: BJ [Visitor] Email
Hey Nicholas. Do you sell Chiliwear? If not,
you should. You and the Chiliwear rep sound
like you would get along swimmingly.
02/08/07 @ 14:28

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