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Comment from: Shanks [Member] Email
Hey Timbo, if you ever get into the Washington DC area, I can give you the skinny on the best non-franchise BBQ joints around here. We've even got one little hole in the wall here in Chinatown that serves the real deal Texas-style smoked meats. Just excellent.
02/14/07 @ 09:05
Comment from: tim [Visitor] Email
You're on. Chris Baldwin was just ranting and raving about Texas barbecue, but he rants and raves about everything, so it's hard to tell.
02/15/07 @ 07:44
Comment from: alaskahack [Visitor] Email
Tim, does anyone edit you? First, there's the sexist remark about waitresses in short skirts. Then there's the glaring redundancy in the first sentence: "long-time, rabid Tim McDonald fans.'' As if you have any NON-rabid fans? I've always heard you attract people who foam at the mouth...
02/21/07 @ 17:14
Comment from: alaskahack [Visitor] Email
And the next time you call and leave a message, include your phone number!!!!
02/21/07 @ 17:15
Comment from: tim [Visitor] Email
I was too drunk. And don't you have caller I.D. in Alaska?
02/22/07 @ 06:55
Comment from: tim [Visitor] Email
...and I confess it is true I attract people who foam at the mouth. Similarly, I am known to be attracted to those who do so. Witness the long line of women I left behind in Alaska.
02/22/07 @ 06:58
Comment from: Jerry [Visitor] Email
Great BBQ. Great Italian. You wouldn't know great anything if you saw it. Texas has the best BBQ. Everything else is wannabe. Kind of like you are a wannabe writer. Great. Give me some more "Greats" ...
02/27/07 @ 16:20
Comment from: tim [Visitor] Email
I guess you'd rather have me tell you about all the "terrible" places to eat, huh?

Sounds like you're from Texas, all right.

02/28/07 @ 06:42

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