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Comment from: Patrick Nemeth [Visitor] Email
I listened recently to Jack speak and I did not hear him ever say that they need to make golf courses harder. In fact what he did say was that he sees a need to create a standard in the equipment so that about 12,000 of the 19,000 courses that do not qualify for PGA status anymore would come back on line thru standardization of professional equipment. He noted that we have a bang the ball mentality in this country and that finesse playing as they do in other countries has hurt us in the cup challenges. Also his complaint was that when investors or developments create a course by the time he is done building it, it is already being outdated do to equipment improvements? Jack makes some very good points and the fact as how we perform in the cups is proof. This is the only sport where the equipment and the playing field are always changing. I think you need to get the entire facts straight and next time listen to what he says.
03/06/07 @ 09:49
Comment from: tim [Visitor] Email
My facts are straight. Review your notes or wrack your memory.
03/06/07 @ 10:41
Comment from: Chuck Collet [Visitor] Email
I spent the last ten years of my working
life as a greenskeeper and greens super-
visor on a large, Japanese owned and
Canadian designed (les Furber), golf
course in British Columbia. The golf
course is 7041 yards long and is a semi-
private club with a medium sized member-
ship. I have set pin positions and tee
marker positions many times over those
years and never ONCE, not ONCE, has a
member or guest ever complained that they
were "too easy. (I always set both things
on the very easy side to speed up play.
When someone else set them there might be
so feedback that the pins were too tough
but I would always answer with the same
words. "listen to me folks, the pin may
move, but the center of the green is in
the same spot every day..I have never met
a single digit, or even a scratch golfer
who complained about a center back pin
placement. I may be the same age as Mr. Nicklaus, but I think he has lost site of
the fact that recreational golfers make
up 99% of all golfers and most of them
don't care how they get a better score,
as long as they do... The space between
the pro golfer and the recreational golf-
er is something akin to the width of the
Grand Canyon..So, give us clubs that will
hit farther, stop quicker, roll farther,
putt truer, and courses with landing
areas as wide as the length of a football
field, Greens 12,000 to 15,000 sq. feet,
so we can make the green in regulation,
and we will all leave every course with
a smile on our face and an ego looking
forward to the next time we can bring
ANY course to it's knees, even if that is
an 89 for us... Golf for Fun, Golf for
fun, Golf for fun.. Chuck Collet, Pitt
meadows, British Columbia, Canada
03/06/07 @ 15:49
Comment from: tim [Visitor] Email
Well said, Chuck, and very true.
03/07/07 @ 06:52

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