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Myrtle Beach golf: My suggestions for the down-low

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A reader writes in to ask advice on what golf courses to play in Myrtle Beach. He and his buddies, who shoot in the 90s, will be in the area May 6-10 and are looking for courses that are "reasonable but nice." He says he wants to spend around 50 bucks a… more »

Reynolds Plantation to get yet another golf course

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The Reynolds Plantation, one of the biggest and best golf resorts in Georgia already, is getting a fifth course. The new course will give the plantation 99 holes. Note to marketers: why not throw in an extra practice hole and call it an even 100? T… more »

PGA Tour Superstores are BIG

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Have you been to one of the PGA Tour’s Superstores yet? It’s like walking into a Home Depot, except with golf clubs instead of plywood. No surprise there, since the stores are owned by the same people who brought us Home Depot. Their motto is "… more »

Tiger "Mr. Layup" Woods backs into Doral win

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Maybe Tiger Woods is indeed the greatest golfer ever to breathe air on earth, but he doesn't exactly take your breath away with stirring, dramatic finishes, does he? Unless he's trying to let someone else in the back door because of his own fear. I me… more »

Tired, run-down, fatigued? Five-Hour Energy drink really, really works!

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When I was a teenager and worked construction, I used to take speed. For three straight weeks, on the job of a major building project, I took speed and was the best worker the foreman had ever seen.Then I ran out. The next day was like trying to work… more »

I miss Michelle Wie; We're all tired of picking on Phil Mickelson

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I miss Michelle Wie. She was so easy to pick on,. Now that she's gone, who do we have to mock? It gets old picking on Phil Mickelson. Of course, Wie isn't exactly gone, she's just injured. She's now ranked 18th in the official world rankings,… more »

Pinehurst No. 2 at Pinehurst Resort celebrating its centennial

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Pinehurst No. 2 is celebrating its 100th birthday this year with a nine-month party, starting in April. Everybody who plays No. 2 this year will sign the archival registry – so people 100 years from now will know you shot 102 – and received a "com… more »

Tiger Woods will not dominate at Doral

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Everybody's predicting Tiger Woods will mop up the field in this weekend's CA Championships at Doral. I don't think so. I think he'll struggle. Golf is a game of feel, even at Tiger's level, and he ain't feeling it right now. Woods blew up at Ar… more »

Charleston restaurants: there are duds among the gems

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I like to tell you about good restaurants in my global travels. Now let me tell you about a bad one, or at least one to be careful with. Vickerys in Mt. Pleasant has a lot going for it. A great view of the marsh through floor to ceiling glass windows.… more »

Hoppin John and Hog-head stew! Charleston restaurants make a blind man see and a lame man walk!

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If you’re planning a visit to Charleston, and especially if you’re a fan of lowcountry cuisine, make sure you stop in at Jestine’s Kitchen. I got lucky: it’s right across the street from the King Charles Inn, where I’m staying, and I more or le… more »

Charleston full of history, but there’s plenty room for golf

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Most people think of history tourism when they think of Charleston, S.C. If you walk around downtown and the historic district on this peninsula city, it’s easy to see why. There are beautiful buildings dating back to the 1600s here. You can spend… more »

Tired of watching K.J. Choi and Daniel Chopra? Want more Tiger Woods? Here's how

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I used to think the best job in pro sports was being a mediocre, starting pitcher in the Major Leagues. Let's say you're one of those guys who goes 15-12 in any given year. Not a superstar, obviously, just a solid starter. You're highly valued by owne… more »

Golf in Tallahassee hillier than you might expect

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By now, you've probably heard a ton about "atypical" elevation on Florida golf courses. Those Florida courses lucky enough to have a little high ground underneath them love to market themselves as unlike all those "other" Florida courses. Tallahassee… more »

Golf, sex, whiskey and guns: Dude, it's opening day in Idaho

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Coeur d'Alene Golf and Spa Resort in Idaho is offering a "Scotch Open Golf Package," which "allows golfers the opportunity to sample fine Scotch whiskey on the Resort Course and play as many golf holes as they wish from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m." Select disti… more »

Only in Las Vegas: forget caddies, think sexy "T-Mates" at Rio Secco Golf Club

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Rio Secco Golf Club has introduced what it calls "one of the most compelling and unique golfer-friendly programs if all of golf." They're called "T-Mates" and they're "part caddie, part model, part host and all fun and professional." Question: How… more »
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