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Comment from: Sarah [Visitor] Email
Hello Tim,

Is it possible to get a reprint from your March 15, 1007 article "Florida Courses: The Best Residential Golf in the Sunshine State?"

Are you going to be doing anymore Flordia rankings this year?
03/19/07 @ 14:27
Comment from: david cummings [Visitor] Email
Rock on! This is the second article I've read of your's and you are the master. I bow to you, oh keeper of the pork chop with the extremely long, dida dida, half-life. I felt I was there... lucky to be in a hotel in the historic Southern coastal town of Charleston (where I spent my honeymoon, by the way) on my employer's tab. (My wife can not be considered an employer, so don't go there.) Ah, yes, a free breakfast to boot! Can't get any better. But wait- in bed, in front of a free premium sport channel? I feel like Homer Simpson following a donut truck, backdoor open and one wheel missing. Ah,dohhhnuts!
But I digress.
Your writing has that touch, that special nuance, that made me feel that I was ripped off too! And they said it was juicy. My kingdom for a porkchop! And how in the world did "we" (remember I am there with you, but not in a family way) find the only place south of the Mason -Dixon Line that does not serve good pork?
Hell, it's gotta be in our genes by now! Write on, brother!
03/25/07 @ 20:38

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