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Comment from: TR [Visitor] Email
Wow, you're a genius. Remind me not to
ever ask your opinion on anything!
03/24/07 @ 13:16
Comment from: TR [Visitor] Email
In fact, the headline at PGATour.com is
"Dominant - Right from the Start". Man,
you need to write about something you
understand. This ain't your gig.
03/24/07 @ 18:37
Comment from: Tim [Visitor] Email
T.R. -- what you got to say now, moron? My prediction was right on the money, as usual.

I have a sixth sense for these things, and you'd do well to heed my words, instead of making a public fool out of yourself.

03/25/07 @ 17:58
Comment from: TR [Visitor] Email
Get a new gig man. You said Tiger would
struggle. What a joke. He won by two and
should have won by five or six. He had
a bad day putting the ball, not a bad
day with his swing (which is what you
said would happen). Besides, your blog
indicated that Tiger was "off" and would
not have a good week at Doral. The guy
won you idiot. Your prediction was nothing
but drivel, just like the rest of your
03/26/07 @ 07:57
Comment from: Jack [Visitor] Email
I hope you give your opinions on a volunteer basis.

I really can't see anyone paying for them. Whatever
made you write this blog? What was your motivation?
You remind me of a weather forcaster, just throw it
on the wall and see if it sticks.
03/26/07 @ 13:43
Comment from: Tim [Visitor] Email
TR, get back to me when you learn to read, Dilbert.

The guy almost blew it on the last hole.

"Should have won..." doesn't count.

Would you say he "mopped up the field?"

He won by TWO strokes.

And stop putting words in my mouth. You're doing a good enough job putting your feet in there, nincompoop.

03/26/07 @ 15:16
Comment from: TR [Visitor] Email
I wouldn't say he mopped up the field.
But hey, I didn't say he would "struggle".
You did. I guess he struggled all the
way to first place, lol. Must be tough
to shoot 10 under on a tough track
"struggling" like he was. Let's hope he
doesn't "struggle" at Augusta, he might
win by 10 or 12 shots on a course with
no rough. And your comment about him
laying up is just hilarious. He probably
did it to get a rise out of people like
you. He's had some of the most dramatic
finishes in the history of the game.
Remember the putt on 17 at the TPC you
numbskull? Or the shot at 16 in the
Masters? Yeah, he's boring to watch
finish. Clown.
03/26/07 @ 18:56

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