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U.S. Open will be mercifully free of Michelle Wie circus

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At least we won't have the spectacle of Michelle Wie trying once again to quality for the U.S. Open. Remember the circus last year, when she tried and failed? "I think Michelle demonstrated that it's possible for a woman to play in a men's major,"… more »

Friendliest people in the world? Look to the Bahama out-islands

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In my earthly travels, I've found that the people in the Bahamian out-islands are the friendliest I've ever encountered. Not Nassau or Freeport, god forbid. Stay away from those places, but in places like Eleuthera, Andros, the Exumas, the people are ope… more »

Who's fooling themselve more: CBS Sports or John Daly?

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CBS's refusal to run the John Daly ad for Maxfli is about as hypocritical as Daly being treated for alcohol abuse but still drinking beer. The network says, officially: "Any implication that participants are drinking in excess or performing an activit… more »

Want to play in the U.S. Open? You're a day late

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First, a U.S. Open qualifying quiz: Who is exempt from the 2007 U.S. Open A. Corey Pavin B. Ryuji Imada Answer below. The USGA sends out some pretty dull press releases, but its latest was chock full of interesting stuff. It involves entr… more »

Women in golf: give us equal service and, more importantly, clean restrooms

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When I review a golf course, I will more often than not think about whether or not women would like it. If I'm paired with a female, I'll always ask her what she thinks of the course, and why she likes or dislikes it. I'll usually include it in the revie… more »

The three biggest jerks in golf

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So I’m watching the Asian Open on TV the other day and the camera shows Colin Montgomerie getting ready to hit. Instinctively, I hit the mute button and don’t move a muscle. I don’t even breathe. Then I realized Monty can’t hear me or see me.… more »

The pride and glory of America: interstate convenience store coffee shrines

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If you’ve ever lived in one of those crazy countries that isn’t the US of A, you find yourself missing the oddest things. When I was wandering around in the Caribbean all those years, for example, I missed the simple luxury of pulling off the road… more »

Great Florida cities and place names: Okahumpka, Two-Egg and Spuds

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I hate made-up, marketer names, and I see a load of them in my travels. I hate developers who stick up cheap condos and give them phony place names like Vista del Mar, The Preserve, or Anything-By-the-Bay. Or anything vaguely lordly or British. The C… more »

PGA and LPGA Pros offering free golf lessons in May

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The golf industry has been designating May as free lesson month for the last few years, and the LPGA is getting involved in it for the first time. Good time for you ladies to get free lessons. Just go to the LPGA Web site, or, the PGA of Amer… more »

The Masters confirms the one chink in Tiger Wood's armor

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This year's Masters wasn't exactly the most exciting in history, and it may be known for one important thing it confirmed: Tiger Woods is not a charger. He may never be. He can hold a lead better than anyone in history, but he's simply one of those guys… more »

The Masters: An exclusive club in more ways than one

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I don't know what it is with these people who want to see nothing but birdies. They're the equivalent of baseball fans who want to see nothing but home runs, unable to appreciate the subtler beauties of the game. For my money, and viewing pleasure, I… more »

Ignore all the other predictions. The winner of The Masters will be...

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Chris DiMarco. Florida's winning everything, why the hell not the Masters? DiMarco's a Gator, but not one of the unbearable ones. Gators are like Republicans – there are a microscopic handful of decent ones. DiMarco should have been a Seminole, but… more »

Gary Player at the Masters: Give it up, old-timer

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The Black Knight should go gentle into that good night. Gary Player is making his 50th appearance at the Masters this week, and swears he'll be back next year, just to break Arnold Palmer's record. I've always liked the way the Masters lets the old… more » blogger Kiel Christianson is a liar!

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Actually, he's probably telling the truth when he says he hit his Nike SUMO 2 driver 300 yards into the wind. I've met Kiel up close and personal. He's a pretty big guy, don't let that intellectual air fool you. Still, 300 yards into a 30-50 mph wind?… more »

Paddy Harrington says don't single out Tiger Woods to win The Masters

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Oddsmakers are saying Tiger Woods is the overwhelming favorite to win the Masters this week, but Irishman Paddy Harrington says it's ridiculous to single one person out. He certainly doesn't, or so he says. He points to Phil Mickelson's Augusta win la… more »
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