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Comment from: Hamish [Visitor] Email
If it's a list of the biggest jerks in golf, why's your name not included. You're number one as far as I'm concerned.
04/22/07 @ 03:09
Comment from: Josh [Visitor] Email
Someone said I look like Paul Casey, so
Oi Tim - shut it. Paul is ace - ha!!!
04/27/07 @ 06:21
Comment from: Ron Mon [Member] Email
I give you credit for putting out your top three jerks in golf...I'm sure that Hamish and Josh rank as the top three jerks in some category, as do I!

I don't mind Casey, I don't mind what he said, I like his passion. Monty has always been a spoiled punk to me...thought the cheating wife and divorce might have humbled him, but doesn't seem that way. Singh above the others has earned the right to be a jerk, so let it be so.
04/28/07 @ 11:53
Comment from: Mark [Visitor] Email
Spot on with vijay Singh, he thinks he's the best golfer in the world and we all know he couldnt lace Tiger's boots for talent! monty, i also agree, always blaming others buthimself, Paul Casey, i dont agree with the 'american' comment, was just a physce up word for the Ryder week.
05/09/07 @ 11:28

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