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Comment from: Will [Visitor] Email
Agreed, the play was a layup all the way. By the way, Johnson birdied to win, not a par.
05/20/07 @ 20:36
Comment from: Oliver Sudden [Visitor] Email
I wouldn't call it dumb. Zach was perfect off the tee so birdie was very likely and eagle was possible. So it was a close call, not an automatic layup like the Monday morning quarterbacks will say. Having said that I think layup was a better play because it would have put pressure on Johnson as he would then know he couldn't afford to hit it in the water.
05/20/07 @ 21:58
Comment from: Jim C [Visitor] Email
It sounds to me like Ryuki gave it his best shot. If he did lay up, wouldn't Zach have gone for it after a much better drive, and in all likelyhood been on the green in two for a good shot at birdie.
05/20/07 @ 22:13
Comment from: ronmon [Visitor] Email
Ryuki? Nice accuracy, JiK C. and TiK. Five letters, that's all. Anyway, pro hitting 3 wood from 250 is like you or I hitting 3 or 4 iron or hybrid...not an abnormal shot. Was it a downhill lie for the 3 wood? If so, bad call. If not, good call. Remember what Sean O said last week...got lots of money, want titles. Ryuji has lots of money, wants a title.
05/20/07 @ 22:34
Comment from: Jay [Visitor] Email
Lay-up is good . Sure you figure Zack Birdies or even an Eagle. Eagle is Unlikely with pin placement. Riuji can tie hole with a birdie. Easier to get to hole on third shot and putt for a 15 foot birdie than going for 2 over the water at 250 yards. Another Tin Cup??
05/21/07 @ 04:58
Comment from: EG [Visitor] Email
I am not sure you watched the event. Or then any of you at TravelGolf/WorldGolf, including Brandon Tucker.

I saw Zach hit the green in 2 with a 3 iron. That's right...in 2. He then missed an eagle and tapped in for birdie...hardly was that laying up and conservative. In fact, Zach manhandled the hole and Imada was unable to compete. Your article suggests that the meek are smart but wannabees...

The article would be better to focus on the fact that Zach may be a MUSCLE MAN...since he took a Par 5 and was on in 2 in Round 4-regulation and in the Play-off. Zach would have been idiotic to lay up from 3-iron distance, downhill to a large enough green , with bail-out areas to back and right...

The Sugarloaf 18th is a par 5. check out the stats. (From PGA Tour website: 18th hole :18 5 576 Don't be leading by just one coming into this dramatic finishing hole. The choice will be yours with a well placed drive into the lower half of the two-level fairway. A drive landing in lower area will have a 3 wood to 2 iron over water to have a chance for an eagle. )


BTW: Who writes your articles? Can't be you people, since I would be embarrassed to admit to it!
05/23/07 @ 14:11
Comment from: tim [Visitor] Email
EG, is it possible you're as stupid as you appear?

Who said anything about Johnson being conservative?

The question, nimrod, was about whether or not Imada should or should not have laid up.

Do you have a reading disorder, or are you simply cognitively impaired?
05/23/07 @ 14:26
Comment from: Will [Visitor] Email

I like your stuff, and I agree with your point, but you did make a small error here.

"Who said anything about Johnson being conservative?"

You did.

"Johnson, who hit a much better drive, made a routine par to win."

Zach did anything but make a routine par, he hit the green in 2, over water. Twice. Both times, birdies.

Ok, small error, but you could at least admit it.
05/23/07 @ 18:56
Comment from: Tim McDonald [Member] Email
You're right. It was a factual error. He made birdie. This is he first mistake I have ever made.
05/23/07 @ 19:09
Comment from: EG [Visitor] Email
Dear Visitor (tim): I am disappointed you have to resort to NAME CALLING...I guess I'm a 'nimrod' since I thought the writer had an obligation to get the facts right.

A ‘nimrod’, such as me thinks that McDonald’s point is weakened when the facts don’t match his premise that Imada was playing boldly and implying that Johnson was not. McDonald makes sure to remind us that Johnson is the ‘master of the layup’. This may be true, but not in this specific case.

However, I think that McDonald brings up a good point about bold vs. timid play. It’s an age old debate that we all enjoy discussing. But, when you look at the situation Imada was in, I think the real story is that Johnson is a better golfer and he didn’t choke.

Imada missed the drive to the left rough, Johnson nutted it deep into the center of the fairway. The truth is, despite what McDonald or Baker-Finch think, that Imada HAD to GO FOR IT! Johnson had plenty of room for error, since he had the distance and lie in his favor. Imada knew Johnson’s next shot was on the green and the pressure was on to keep up.

The reality is that Imada choked, Johnson executed.

Maybe Johnson is a MUCH better golfer right now than many give him credit for. He was solid at the Masters, the Heritage, and won here at the AT&T Classic. Is he peaking, or is he just plain good? I’m sure the Tour doesn’t really want Zach to emerge as the premier player this year, and maybe even win the Fed-Ex Cup, but what if Zach doesn’t care what they think.

Oh yeah, that crack about me being a ‘nimrod’, stupid, and cognitively impaired…well it makes me think you’re the kind of guy who ‘molests collies’. And while I like Tim McDonald’s work, as you do,… I don’t like you (tim).
05/24/07 @ 10:19

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