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Comment from: Ron Mon [Member] Email
I would think that world-class athletes (like Phil) would tend to see the world through Phil-colored glasses, and start to expect things that the rest of us realize are at the whim of fate.

However, and it's a big however, no one in golf currently deserves to be compared with Michelle Wie. She is on her own ring of Saturn, going round and round, with no guidance on how to get off. I imagine that Phil wanted to perform more in this event than any other, and his words leak the inner turmoil of frustration that he is currently experiencing. As in, "look what I did with one wrist...imagine how well I'd have played with two."
06/16/07 @ 10:21
Comment from: One-Putt [Visitor] Email
This is not a fair comparison.

Phil has a larger entourage and he whines more.

From all reports (to his credit) he didn't nail any cars in the parking lot or many greens for that matter.
06/16/07 @ 11:16
Comment from: Jan [Visitor] Email
Just look at the list of your latest posts.....if it was not for Michelle it appears you would have nothing to write about......at least four wrists were hurt by the rough this week, including David Howell's , Richard Lee's and Mickelson.....
06/16/07 @ 11:32
Comment from: Stanley [Visitor] Email
The Phil and Michelle situations were very similar.
They were both injured players with injured wrists.
They both played major tournament, the US Open and lpga championship, but would probably have skipped those events, had they not been majors.

Phil and Michelle knew they weren't at their physical best going into those majors, but great competitors like them don't like to skip majors.
06/16/07 @ 11:51
Comment from: dave [Visitor] Email
This has never been clearer than last year when he fell apart at Winged Foot and said "I still am in shock that I did that. I just can't believe I did that. I'm such an idiot."

oh wait...
06/16/07 @ 12:16
Comment from: birdiegirl [Visitor] Email
Tim, puhleeze - Phil at no time blamed anyone for his play or the fact that he missed the cut. Have you nothing better to write about? I can't believe this, but I'm almost ready to say that I would rather read Chris Baldwin's blogs than your own.
06/16/07 @ 23:30
Comment from: Joltin Joe [Visitor] Email
"The Phil and Michelle situations were very similar.
They were both injured players with injured wrists"

Exactly correct, except for one small point. Mickelson's injury was real, and Michelle Wie's was made up, fake, phony, whatever you want to call it.
06/18/07 @ 12:17
Comment from: Jon [Visitor] Email
Glad that you don't have a double standard Tim.
06/18/07 @ 15:35
Comment from: Logic 101 Analysis [Visitor] Email
Sounds like a logic class 101 ... Here is some logic 101 for you ... I read a blog that was written by a gay guy, Tim is a blogger, therfore he is gay.

06/18/07 @ 21:46
Comment from: Nick [Visitor] Email
Completely wrong. Phil gutted out a major championship with one wrist and never blamed his poor play on his injured wrist (which must have been temptine). Michelle Wie made up a wrist injury so that it would appear that it was the reason for her poor play. Tim is a moron get a life loser
06/19/07 @ 13:54
Comment from: BV [Visitor]
More "Logic 101" - I read a blog comment by a jerk...Logic 101 Analysis made a blog comment....Logic 101 Analysis is a jerk! Gee, you can do simple things like this ad nauseum....what did you PROVE???
09/26/07 @ 13:56

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