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Comment from: smudge [Visitor]
Tim I do agree with you, but if I was Annika at this point (after Wie shooting a predictable 82 in her first round at the Open) I wouldn't give a rats ass about an apology. She obviously will not be extended another exemption by Annika or by anyone Annika influences in other tournaments (which must be many), so enough is enough. Let her be a spoiled brat. Her career has already dried up. Yes she fooled everyone to get the millions, and we should all be mad at ourselves for allowing it to happen. But if I was Annika, I'd tell the media I don't care what she does anymore.
06/28/07 @ 19:11
Comment from: putt4par [Visitor] Email
Smudge, Annika said as much in her interview. Pretty effectivly said she no longer cared if MW apologized or not.
06/28/07 @ 20:08
Comment from: A [Visitor]
WHO CARES? The LPGA is an embarrassment and all of its players - the ones who can speak English, at least - have shown to be no better than bickering, backstabbing, petty sorority girls taking swipes at each other. No, it's not ALL on Wie - I don't care who "started" it, the continuing comments on it - anything other than "no comment" - and coverage makes them all look bad. If they want to do that, fine, but do it in private. No wonder the LPGA doesn't get respect or attention compared to its male counterpart - the players, and not just the teenagers, all act like little girls.
06/28/07 @ 21:21
Comment from: A [Visitor]
Oh, and this comment: "Wie and her entourage continue to be the most self-centered, self-serving, arrogant, overbearing figures in women's golf, maybe in all of sports."

Oh, GIVE ME A BREAK. A little perspective please in your Wie-bashing. Take a look at any men's sport and you will find figures who are actually CRIMINAL. Look at men's golf and John freaking Daly - the media handles him with kid gloves compared to the beating that people like you give Michelle Wie. John Daly is just a disgrace as a golfer and a human being and should apologize to every single tour organizer who's still handing him an invite - but you're demanding Michelle's apologize? Talk about double standards!

And if you look at any other sport, you can find many a athlete whose skill far exceeds the quality of their character. Look at football. Look at baseball. Look at the dopers and the cheaters and the ones who get arrested and the ones who cheat on their wives. You know, it's not that Michelle doesn't deserve to be criticized - sure she does. But I find it so maddening and so hypocritical that sports writers, who are used to troubled male athletes and write resignedly about each one of them, that they rip Michelle over infractions which in the scheme of things aren't major. I don't know, maybe it's my skewed perspective, but compared to the terrible things that male athletes do, I really don't think she deserves to be burned at the stake, particularly when there are not as many female athletes for young girls to look up to in the first place.

Oh yeah, and look at the LPGA, where the professional golfers are getting younger and younger and not even bothering to get a college education. Say what you will about Michelle, at least she's going to attend college in the fall. At the end of the day, Paula, Morgan, Brittany can count up their victories but the number of college degrees that they have among themselves? Zero. How can you be a role model without a college education? I find it sad and pitiful that the LPGA is filling up with players who think college degrees aren't worth their time - professional football players have more college education than they do.
06/28/07 @ 21:37
Comment from: Judge Smails [Visitor] Email

I must point out that Bubbles didn't fool everyone. I and others were onto the confidence game from the very beginning.
06/29/07 @ 00:34
Comment from: JohnKF [Visitor] Email
Boycott Nike. MW probably has to continue competing just to fulfill her contract. She should take a break and she could be a good golfer if the money machine didn't step in. Do you honestly want your kids wearing that materialistic stuff?
06/29/07 @ 01:19
Comment from: John [Visitor]
I agree.. boycott Nike
06/29/07 @ 07:14
Comment from: Stanley [Visitor] Email
When Michelle meets Annika again she should bow down before Annika, kneel and beg for the kind forgiveness of the great one NOT.

Annika has cheapened the lpga tour with her comments. She is the one who showed a lack of class in making those comments. If she wanted an apology or an explanation from Michelle why didn't she just contact Michelle instead of berating her in the media.

Annika has made the lpga tour women look like a bunch of schoolgirls.
Annika needs to cop herself on.
06/29/07 @ 08:32
Comment from: Alex [Visitor] Email

Well said by a true Wie-wee.

Annika may have won 70+ tournaments on the LPGA circuit. So she had the privilege of hosting an event for Ginn. So she graciously offered a personal invitation to Bubbles.

Who cares? Who in hell does Annika think she is? Doesn't this old biddie know she's dissing the mighty Bubbles? What a lowlife that frumpy Swede has turned out to be.

Bubbles is a celebrity, an icon, a once-in-a-lifetime megastar. She has no time for such mundane pursuits as common courtesy. As far as Bubbles is concerned, common courtesy is for commoners. And the sooner dowdy old broads like Annika get the message, the better it will be for them.
06/29/07 @ 08:48
Comment from: Joe R [Visitor] Email
Smudge good comments.

A and Stanley, between the two of you I doubt there is a complete brain. There certainly is no knowledge of golf and respect.

Well done by Annika and more people should speak the truth and end the Wie charade. Of course the play of MW should speak for itself. What a great con job.......
06/29/07 @ 09:04
Comment from: Alex [Visitor] Email
Joe R,

I see that you are not familiar with my brand of sarcasm.

In case you don't know as much, I am one of the premier Wie Skeptics now extant.

I was merely busting Stanley's chops with my sarcastic piece.

Annika did the right thing, of course, in chastizing Bubbles.
06/29/07 @ 09:22
Comment from: Joe R [Visitor] Email

I thought so but could not recall other posts so felt it best to not include you in my comment. There was an A above who I was commenting on. I trust A is different than yourself.

Keep your sense of humor, I look forward to more posts.
06/29/07 @ 11:30
Comment from: A [Visitor]
Joe R, I have a lot of respect for the game of golf. But not not necessarily for the LPGA.

While it's Annika's right to call out Michelle Wie if she wanted to, to do so in public distracts from larger and more important issues - like, hmm, the actual golf tournament. The fact that this has gotten so much attention and continues to do so is a discredit to all those involved. In the scheme of things it is a really minor and petty issue.
06/29/07 @ 15:38
Comment from: Joe R [Visitor] Email

Annika's comments were made after her tournament was over and some period of time had passed. When she is asked a question about something I think she has earned the privilege to speak openly on matters like that. The disgraceful lack of respect the Wie gang has shown toward the LPGA and the Rules of Golf is appalling.

I think the time was long past for this to happen and I think calling her out on the way MW pulled out was appropriate. I think it helps protect the integrity of golf whether it it the LPGA or the PGA. There are actually more issues with the PGA that they let slide.

I agree it is a petty and minor issue and should not get the attention it has but this is the fault of lazy sportswriters who go for the easy headline by bringing up something related to the Wie gang. I sense this madness may be slowing down and maybe the writers will work a little harder to find some of the great stories on the LPGA. The LPGA does have more work to do to earn greater respect from you and others but it is going in the right direction in my opinion.
06/29/07 @ 16:59
Comment from: Eagle [Visitor] Email
Yes, Sarcasm is Ali's middle name. The big huncho, Kahuna, whatever you call him of the Anti-Wie basher clan. It is one thing to dislike Wie, but to bash her in sarcasm and exaggeration... yick! And he's damn proud of himself and his comments! Sick!
06/29/07 @ 17:42
Comment from: Alex [Visitor] Email

I don't dislike Bubbles anymore than I would dislike a wounded animal.

Bubbles is obviously out of her league and it about time that Wie brown nosers like you begin to realize as much.

What I do have a dislike for are Pc Wie sycophants like you who come to the defense of a snot-nosed brat like Bubbles.

Now THAT is sick!
06/29/07 @ 18:06
Comment from: Eagle [Visitor] Email
Hey, just being realistic. I'm not brown nosing. I know her flaws. Right now, pretty big ones.
At least I don't have to lie, exaggerate, be sarcastic, or whatever you call it to make someone look bad. You've been that to people for a long time.
Of course, you didn't take the challenge that was mentioned in Chris' blog. Either you missed the point of the challenge or just can't control yourself. Just need your daily dose of Wie bashing, huh? The fact that you take pride and joy in this is defintely a sign that your sick.
06/29/07 @ 18:30
Comment from: LR [Visitor] Email
I suppose, the only thing that matters, is how one feels about him or herself. Whatever helps one sleep and get through the "loneliness" of everyday. Ignorance is bliss.
Of course, I know the person this is intended for won't get it, as always. Whoosh!
06/29/07 @ 18:47
Comment from: Alex [Visitor] Email

In English, the contraction for the expression "you are" is you're not your.

Eagle, you probably aren't a bad person, but of this I am sure.

If brains were dynamite, you wouldn't be able to blow your nose
06/29/07 @ 20:20
Comment from: Eagle [Visitor] Email
I knew that. Is that all you have to pick on me about?
If brains were dynamite, your head would explode!
You are defintely not as smart as you think.
06/29/07 @ 21:14
Comment from: Bill [Visitor] Email
Michelle should apologize the minute Annika apologizes for skipping the 2006 Tournament of Champions to play in the Merril Lynch Pro-Am last November. The LPGA has a rule requiring players to play a tournament once every four years. Annika hadn't played the TOC since 2002. She knew what she was doing, and brushed off those who criticized her.


So Annika is being a big hypocrite, Michelle WD and then went and practiced in MD. Annika skipped the TOC to play in a pro-am. What's the difference between the two? Better yet, why don't the press stop swallowing St. Annika's BS and call her on it? Two wrongs don't make a right and Annika is just as wrong.
06/30/07 @ 07:42
Comment from: Alex [Visitor] Email

Let me see if your logic is sustainable.

Annika played in the Merrill Lynch pro-am, and you think that was an unforgiveable snub to the LPGA. Let's assume that you are correct in your assessment.

Now, seven months later, Bubbles treated her playing partners at the Ginn Tribute and the LPGA championship with scorn, and unceremoniously walked out on the Ginn to which she had been personally invited by a great champion. But for the sake of brevity, let's count those as one wrong.

In your final sentence of your post, you repeated the tired, old adage that "two wrongs don't make a right.". I agree.

That being the case, what is your reason for mounting such a vigorous defense of Bubbles' boorish and indefensible behavior?
06/30/07 @ 09:47
Comment from: Alex [Visitor] Email
Attention all Wie-wee's!

Bubbles was six over par for her first nine holes today and 17 over par for the US Women's Open, Guess what?

She withdrew!

Yes, the gutless "phenom" once againg couldn't stand the gaff and bailed out.

06/30/07 @ 11:55
Comment from: Joe R [Visitor] Email
After being so surprised that her score was so high in the first round, because she said she played better than the score. She said it was a fine line between shooting 69 and 82. Now I wonder if she will be surprised she withdrew. After all it is a fine line between making the turn and finishing or simply WD. She is headed to the Head Case Hall of Fame. Move over Todd Marinovich another phenom is on the way. I can't wait to hear this interview.
06/30/07 @ 12:03
Comment from: Joe R [Visitor] Email
Oh no it was the wrist again after hitting her tee shot on 10. Michelle says, "It hurt so much it brought tears to my eyes......." She laughed as she said this. What hurt was hitting ZERO fairways on the front and then missing another on 10. The wrist has a mind of it's own. She actually said, "I don't know what the wrist is thinking each day....some days are good others are bad and today was bad." She makes all her own decisions but says, "We don't know I will play again."

No guts no glory!!!

Good bye girl!!!
06/30/07 @ 12:13
Comment from: Craig Moore [Visitor] Email
Her MOTHER needs to smack her one???

Wie's parents are the main reason she is a spoiled arrogant brat who has no manners and is out of touch with reality.
Her parents need the smack to the head.
They better have invested the millions as Wie will not have a long career in Golf.
06/30/07 @ 13:49
Comment from: Joe R [Visitor] Email
the end of a story wrtitten by Ron Sirak...

While Michelle may be a special talent, the best thing B.J. and Bo can do at this point is something millions of parents do at the end of every summer. They need to send Michelle off to college, tell her to study hard and let her have the fun that is the byproduct of the university experience. It's time to put away the clubs, crack the books and laugh with friends. Enough of the golf, for now. It's time to let Michelle Wie have a life.

Ron Sirak is the executive editor of Golf World magazine.
06/30/07 @ 15:41
Comment from: Mtgolfer [Visitor] Email
Craig, you have it right.

A kid Wie's age reflects the manners she was brought up with........quite clearly terrible ones in her case.

The "We're the Wies we don't care" attitude was apparent in: showing how flimsy her wrist excuse was by practicing 36 hours after her WD just coincidentally at the next tournament site (in itself a violation of the spirit if not the letter of LPGA rules); her boorish attitude toward her pro-am partners; the heated discussion necessary to get the Wies to adhere to LPGA range rules.

Her charater has been formed by years of exemptions rather than qualifying, hype with no confirming results, and her underrating of her competition without ever consistently beating them.

The only wonder is that it took so long to come to the crisis she faces now. That's a measure of her physical talent, which is great. Sadly, her mental and character level aren't in the same league.
06/30/07 @ 20:29
Comment from: Dave S [Visitor] Email
Wie for now - and maybe forever - is old news. She will not be back in the short run and it is not because of any trumped up wrist injury. Her character is weak, her mental toughness is weak and her golf game will follow those traits, Until those change - if ever - say goodbye to the once great "potential".
06/30/07 @ 23:01
Comment from: Leo [Visitor] Email
Two years ago, in 2005, Wie shot 82 at the US Open. At that time, Morgan Pressel chided the media for not focusing more attention on Michelle's high score. Michelle again shot 82 at this year's US Open and subsequently withdrew. Pressel recently complained that too much attention was focused on golfers that score lousy like Michelle. Too many of the younger American LPGA players are like Pressel, motivated by jealousy, envy, and a big ego. What happened to Michelle with her wrist injuries could happen to any athlete. They should just be thankful that "there but for the grace of God go I." No one, especially another golfer, should demean or attack the integrity of a fellow golfer when they are struggling playing injured.
07/02/07 @ 20:04
Comment from: Alan [Visitor]
Apology or no apology, I just want to see
her publicly bare-bottom spanked on the
practice putting green at Pebble Beach!
07/03/07 @ 18:25
Comment from: Joe Cool [Visitor] Email
I understand that Wie's parents have been doing some serious house hunting in Palo Alto. The umbilical cord is still fasten securely! When Michelle was ask what were her plans with college and golf...she said "I haven't really thought about yet." Girl, you are to attend Stanford next month!
08/20/07 @ 14:08

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