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Comment from: Ron Mon [Member] Email
What's the difference between the monkey and Rudolph, Dasher and Dancer? Meat is meat. It provides sustenance. Have you ever had monkey tacos?
08/20/07 @ 07:21
Comment from: BV [Visitor]
Tim, speaking as someone who HAS eaten monkey and goat - I'd pick the one that was slow-cooked on a spit and basted with a good barbecue sauce. ;)
08/21/07 @ 15:49
Comment from: Kiel Christianson [Visitor] Email
As a rule, it's always a touch dodgey eating
mammals who eat other mammals (eg., some monkeys). Have to be more careful of the cooking temperature.

Trichinosis, and all.

Other than that, RM has a point. I've eaten a dozen or more atypical beasts. It's all in the cooking, as BV says.
08/21/07 @ 17:10
Comment from: Tim McDonald [Member] Email
BV -- which did you like better, monkey or goat?

In my experience, goat can be delicious.

The best sausage I've ever had was reindeer.

08/21/07 @ 17:52
Comment from: Judge Smails [Visitor] Email
Well, it's good to see that at least you libs aren't PETA types.
08/21/07 @ 21:02
Comment from: Tim McDonald [Member] Email
Actually, I AM a PETA type. But, I'm also a carnivore, as well as a sexual behemoth.

08/22/07 @ 07:11
Comment from: Kiel Christianson [Visitor] Email
I grew up on a farm, and we made our own goat summer sausage, and roasted 1/2-goats over open fire pits. Delicious. Reindeer jerky is excellent, too. Elk is perhaps better than all of them, though. And when I lived in Japan, the horse sashimi was my favorite.

BTW, I'm an animal protection proponent, too; treat them lovingly until you eat them, I say.
08/22/07 @ 08:21
Comment from: BV [Visitor]
Tim, the goat was/is far better. Monkey, no matter HOW it was prepared, seemed stringy and tough.

Kiel has a good point about making sure they're cooked fully, and regarding elk - they are delicious!

Judge, who pulled your chain? My politics fall somewhere to the right of Dick Cheney (and I'm a MUCH better shot) but I firmly believe all animals (especially meat providers) should be treated with the respect due them as part of our food chain.
09/18/07 @ 13:22

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