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Fun golf facts: Who hit the longest drive in the world?

4 feedbacks » has a list of some amusing golf facts. For instance, it says the busiest golf course in the world is Ala Wai municipal in Hawaii, which does 500 rounds a day. The most expensive is not a Donald Trump course. It's said to be Liberty… more »

Ways to spice up golf's "Silly Season"

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Johnny Miller writes in Golf Digest how he would spice up the Silly Season to make it more interesting to fans. As usual, his ideas are good. Pair John Daly with Laura Davies in a mixed team event. A senior-junior event with teams made up of Champions… more »

Don't sneer at par. Par would have won you the Masters and made you rich

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Are you one of those golfers who sneers at par? You don't excited about anything but birdies and eagles? Check this: The LPGA did a study in which it concluded that a player who finished at par at all official events would have won $600,000 and finish… more »

Golden Ocala is a great replica compromise

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I've always been ambivalent about replica, or "inspired by" golf courses.It can be fun playing copies of famous holes you've read about or seen on television or, if you're lucky, played yourself.The other school of thought is: I've paid my green… more »

Natalie Gulbis, you go, girl. Or not.

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Anybody see Natalie Gulbis lag her putt at No. 18 at the ADT Championship? Crazy. She mounts this terrific charge - combined with a near-collapse by Lorena Ochoa - to get to within a Sunday stroke. She knocks it to 15 feet on the last hole before O… more »

Diamond Back in Myrtle Beach undergoes name change

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Diamond Back Golf Club in North Myrtle Beach has changed its name to the Woodland Valley Country Club, though it is staying open to the public.The club made the name change in September, and is offering memberships to the burgeoning and nearby Woodla… more »

Slow play solution: Whack the offender with your putter

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Actually, in this case, it was the offender, or a friend of the offender, doing the whack job. South Korean golfer Youn Youn Hyeon, now based in the Philippines, yelled at a group of players ahead of him recently whom he considered slow, which include… more »

How does Zach Johnson the Christian reconcile gambling in the Skins Game?

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Zach Johnson, Masters champion, is a professed Christian, and I've always liked the way he's made it known in a forthright though low-key manner. Still, I wonder how he reconciles his religion with what is essentially a gambling game, the LG Skins Ga… more »

Real estate crunch? Not if you're either ultra-wealthy or own a golf course home

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The real estate downturn has everybody in a dither, but there's good news for golfers, or more specifically, those who own golf course homes. "Even when a market is really getting hammered people will find a golf course home more appealing than a non-… more »

The 10 best golf tips EVER now revealed!

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Golf Tips magazine is coming out with its 10 best swing tips ever. They're a "collaboration of the best instruction from Golf Tips magazine's top-notch professionals," according to a press release from the magazine. See the problem? Golf instructors d… more »

Reynolds Plantation in Greensboro, Georgia a sublime golf experience

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I had heard a lot about the Reynolds Plantation in Greensboro, Georgia before I traveled there this past week, and all of it was good, even glowing.After visiting, it even exceeded my expectations.The plantation is in hilly, rolling terrain, perf… more »

City Club of Marietta, Georgia represents all that's wrong with golf

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If you got all the world's golfers together and asked them what their pet peeves were, probably 90 percent of them would include a tirade about horrendous green conditions and golf club officials who neither give discounts nor warn golfers. I played t… more »

Turkey and Dubai next two big golf destinations? Not likely, for Americans

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A couple of new surveys say South Africa, Turkey and Dubai are the three biggest, emerging golf destinations, and may overtake Spain and Portugal as the world's leading golf destinations some day. South Africa I can understand. I've been there. It's s… more »

Golf marketing: More abominations visited upon us

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You've probably heard me rant and rave enough about intrusive advertising and marketing, but I have to pass along the latest abomination that might further sicken you. In the near future, you won't be firing at flags, you'll be aiming at Wendy's old-f… more »

Goodbye Natalie Gulbis, Pinup-Babe, we hardly knew ye

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This is what I loathe about the modern-day athlete. They're not so much people as they are "brands." They're mostly just symbols working hand in hand with business trying to get us to buy more cereal, toilet paper and hamburgers. Natalie Gulbis, now t… more »
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