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High fuel prices cost Myrtle Beach golfers

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It's always been kind of amazing to me that Myrtle Beach can be the golf epicenter of the East Coast while being so difficult to get to.It's an hour or more from Interstate-95, depending on traffic, and the area is very dependent on air travel.Th… more »

Great family restaurant in Myrtle Beach: The Spring House

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I'm always on the lookout for good barbecue joints and down home cookin,' since I'm essentially a hillbilly, and I found some good eats today in Myrtle Beach. There are more than a few restaurants along the Grand Strand that advertise themselves as "f… more »

Leopard's Chase a great addition to Ocean Ridge Plantation on Grand Strand

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Most average golfers will tell you they want a "challenge," but when asked to name their favorite courses, they usually end up naming layouts wider than Oprah. Such is the case with the newest course at the Ocean Ridge Plantation, Leopard's Chase. Leo… more »

Carnivores and rum-heads: Try Cheesburger in Paradise in Myrtle Beach

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Sometimes after a round, by god, a man wants a shot of rum and a big, fat cheeseburger, to hell with calories, cholesterol or good sense. Cheeseburger in Paradise in Myrtle Beach is where that man should go. Yes, it's a little cheesy – sorry –… more »

Jack Nicklaus plans course in Nicaragua; maybe Donald Trump should consider Latin America

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Jack Nicklaus, who's taking his design business outside the U.S. more and more these days, is designing a course in Nicaragua. The course is supposed to be the centerpiece of the Seaside Marina Spa and Golf Resort, located on 923 acres along a pristin… more »

Big hitters a dying breed in golf?

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I agree with monster driver J.B. Holmes, who says the PGA Tour may be taking some of the fun out of the game by setting up golf courses that favor the dinkers of the world. "A lot of fans go out there to watch somebody hit it a long way," Holmes told… more »

Kids, but still no women at Augusta National

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Just kidding. Augusta National Golf Club Chairman Billy Payne said Thursday they'd let kids between the ages of 8-16 attend The Masters free when accompanied by am accredited patron. "We want to inspire the next generation of golfers now," Payne said… more »

Scotland's rejection of Donald Trump not over

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You didn't really think Donald Trump would accept any ruling against him, even if it were correct, did you? Trump has undoubtedly pulled some strings since his mega-golf development in Balmedie, north of Aberdeenshire was rejected by the local council… more »
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