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Comment from: Stacy Solomon [Member]
It would help the LPGA's ratings to have its top players "fear" a superstar. After all, that was supposed to be Michelle Wie's position.
02/19/08 @ 18:43
Comment from: Oliver Sudden [Visitor] Email
The 2 shot penalty the LPGA gave Angela Park on the 10th hole when she was either leading or 1 back was significant and one would think the media and bloggers would be all over it, but no. This shows the level of apathy the media has when it comes to the LPGA. Truth is most fans could care less about the LPGA no matter how many times they are told how great it is and how the players are "more manly than the PGA".
02/19/08 @ 21:59
Comment from: Ron Mon [Member] Email
I disagree with Stacy...How is it that Tiger Woods' domination is bringing non-believers into the game? The attitude of "who cares, Tiger's going to win, let's watch dominoes" will ultimately result. Why was Park assessed a penalty, slow play? Didn't see that one at all, kind of like Belichick being buried and all. If Phil and Tiger tangled like Stewart and Busch do in NASCAR, that might bring some rougher elements into the viewing of the game.
02/20/08 @ 06:56
Comment from: Jennifer Mario [Member] Email
With Annika back in business, the players will have someone to fear again.
02/20/08 @ 10:18
Comment from: BV [Visitor]
Holy macaroni....I've agreed with Jennifer Mario TWICE in the past week! What's the world coming to??!?!

BTW, "Oliver" - once again you're missing the point (hmmm, what's new). Tim's post is about "anticipation" of an increase in viewership due to a "real" set of competitors...unlike the PGA (his words, not mine *s*).

So....what is the *whack job* up to so far this season? Any rumblings from Camp Wie yet?? Predicting a win at the MEN'S Open this year??? Boy, wouldn't THAT be something....Jen's book might even sell a few copies! ;)
02/20/08 @ 13:28

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