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I can only imagine the howls of protest from you venemous, tormented liberals if the President continued to go on being photographed playing golf from time to time over the past five years. You would have criticized him for that, too. Stick with subjects you can comprehend, like sand bunker tips. You obviously have no concept of the dangers that face our world and no respect for the leadership of United States in these dangerous places.
05/15/08 @ 14:49
Comment from: Tim McDonald [Member] Email
You want dangerous, look in the mirror.

You'll find psychotic there, too.

05/15/08 @ 14:57
Comment from: Destonio [Visitor] Email
In addition, Bush is a liar. He did golf after he swore he gave it up:

Not only is it a hollow, trivial sacrifice at best, Bush's story doesn't hold water. While he dates his decision to abjure golf to Aug. 19, 2003 -- the day a truck bomb in Baghdad killed U.N. special representative Sergio Vieira de Mello and more than a dozen others -- the Associated Press reported on Oct. 13, 2003, that he'd spent a "cool, breezy Columbus Day" playing "a round of golf with three long-time buddies.

"Bush played at Andrews Air Force Base with Clay Johnson, Office of Management and Budget deputy director, Richard Hauser, Department of Housing and Urban Development general counsel and another friend, Mike Wood."

Let's bring the troops home so the coward-in-chief can stop sneaking around courses.
05/15/08 @ 20:44
Comment from: Alex [Visitor] Email
You know, you lefties are going to have to dream up something else to bitch about after 20JAN2009.

Then again, maybe you won't.

Just for my own information, how much carping did you liberals do when Slick Willie was caught lying about his befouling of that little room off the Oval Office?

Alex USMC 1969-73
05/16/08 @ 14:04
Comment from: ken [Visitor] Email
If I recall it was slick Willy who was known for cheating on the golf course...and on his wife. I think your column is normally pretty funny, but this is just ridiculous. If I was called a liar or worse for every time I swore off the game....I mean C'mon now. I just hope that if Obama gets in he's not negotiating with terrorists believing for a moment that they aren't lying to his face. Didn't we have enough of that under Carter? Remember the hostages were freed after almost a year the day after Reagan took office. And how about North Korea? That was big news when the U.S. wouldn't negotiate with them and now they're disclosing all their nuc-kler (Bush-ism!) documents. It's easy to point fingers but I don't see anyone with any better solutions. We'll see if Obama gets in what he can do.
05/16/08 @ 15:43
Comment from: Judge Smails [Visitor] Email

Your commentary reflects badly on your own intelligence. Or, at least (to avoid the hyperbole), your knowledge. Even Madeleine Albright said, about the supposedly faulty intelligence, "We all thought they had them."
This was in a TV interview a few years back.

Are you capable of assimilating new information?
05/16/08 @ 18:19
Comment from: Kiel Christianson [Visitor] Email
Don't fix the VA.
Don't ensure psychological treatment for soldiers with PTSS.
Don't end punative "stop-loss" programs.
Don't provide decent body armor or armored vehicles.
Don't attend even one soldier's funeral.
Give up golf. Maybe put one of those hollow yellow ribbon magnets on the presidential limo, too, for all the good either one does.
05/17/08 @ 08:51
Comment from: Alex [Visitor] Email
Judge Smails,

All of these comments by liberal bloggers emphasize how important Karl Rove was to the administration of President Bush.

The Rove was successful in stealing two Presidential elections while intimidating the thousands who were aware of these blatant thefts from ever saying a word to the press or to law enforcement.

And despite the fact that the Bush cabal either knew full well of the plot of 9-11, or even more likely, was fully complicit in that conspiracy and atrocity which resulted in the deaths of nearly 3,000 American citizens, King Karl once again came through and quashed any proof from being revealed.

Then we have one of the Rove's most nefarious capers, that of turning on his top secret hurricane machine, followed by his sending in the underwater demolition tems to dynamite the levees on Lake Pontchartrain. All this was accomplished in order to dislocate the Black residents of New Orleans and pave the way for fat cat developers to gentrify those neighborhoods. Brilliant!

Of course, equally well known are his masterful coverups of the airborne chemtrails with which the Bush gang is spewing mind-altering substances all over this country and the rest of the world.

How about his secretly building hundreds of concentration camps all over the USA with the express purpose of incarcerating liberals on false pretenses and without trial?

I tell you, that Lord Rove is nothing but pure genius!

But now that he has moved on to bigger and better things, the scurrilous actions of President Bush and his cohorts have been laid bare.

Just ask yourself this: If the Rove was still pulling the strings, would an obvious dim bulb like Destonio even have the slightest knowledge of that notorious round of golf that President Bush played in October 2003? Not on your life!

Would Kiel know all about the plans to get more American troops killed by deliberately refusing to supply them with adequate equipment? No again!

Lord Rove, please come back before it's too late!

Alex USMC 1969-73
05/17/08 @ 09:33
Comment from: Tim McDonald [Member] Email
You Republicans come up with the most arcane, illogical arguments ever to lead the path away from the truth.

Which is, Bush is the worst U.S. president in history, bar none.

He was a good cheerleader in school, but the worst leader in American history.

Who the hell cares if Rove pulled ALL the strongs?

He pulled some, no doubt, because of his mental midget boss. Rove is just another fat-cat fat-boy trying to protect his interest and those of his fat-cat fat-boy buds, the hell with the people, and the troops.

05/17/08 @ 10:06
Comment from: Alex [Visitor] Email
Timmy, me boy,

Have your blind rage and Bush hatred stolen your ability to comprehend remarks intended to elicit some comment, just as yours have?

I thought I might interjet a little humorous sarcasm into this thread. No such luck with you lefties.

Next you'll be saying that Bush is bringing back the draft, declaring war on Iran, declaring "marshall" law, and canceling the November elections. I'll wager that Destonio believes all those things already.

Alex USMC 1969-73
05/17/08 @ 11:03
Comment from: Judge Smails [Visitor] Email

Yes, and not only that, when you see Rove on the Fox News Channel, he seems so decent and good-natured. It almost seems as if he is, well, just a normal man.

Remember, liberalism isn't an ideology -- it's a disease.
05/18/08 @ 12:19
Comment from: Alex [Visitor] Email
Judge Smails,

It's difficult for me to take seriously the "concern" these lefties now have for the well-being of our troops.

The radical left has nothing but contempt for our military and all its members. They are actively seeking the abrupt withdrawal of our military from Iraq, which would be extremely demoralizing. They actually want the ultimate defeat of our military. None of them have ever served a day, yet now they envision themselves as experts in weapons and tactics.

They are not afraid to accuse our senior officers of being mouthpieces for the Bush administration, as witness their vicious attacks on the credibility of a sterling officer like Gen. Petraeus. To the libs, our junior officers are mere lackeys of their superiors. but they save their most scurrilous vitriol for the enlisted men, and especially the newest recruits.

Many libs, notably Stephen King, have referred disdainfully of our enlisted men as not having the education to get a decent civilian job, as stupid country rubes and ghetto rats who have followed the clarion call of the recruiters, and have now or will soon become sadistic murderers, rapists and child killers.

It must really gall these radical libs that President Bush is so wildly popular with every segment of our excellent military.

Alex USMC 1969-73
05/18/08 @ 14:59
Comment from: Judge Smails [Visitor] Email
Yes, Alex, and that last person who should criticize anyone is Stephen King, a second-rate writer who specializes in shallow fiction.
05/19/08 @ 07:09
Comment from: Wendy (UK) [Visitor]

Given that I'm outta here (at least until Ryder Cup fever starts) I shall throw in my twopenneth and be damned.

Given that both major UK political parties agreed on the invasion of Iraq, opinion over this decision was never simply "right" versus "left" and even in this household of the same political persuasion, there was and is no agreement.

What I do find "interesting" is the well-known ploy (Alex, of course, since you are happy to elicit comment) of accusing others of outrageous claims (natural disasters) in order to disguise the veracity of other claims (concentration camps) in the vain hope that all such will be tarred with the same brush. Anyone offering the slightest criticism of their government's actions therefore risks being ridiculed as a conspiracy theorist or worse.

Well, phooey.


No, Judge, we did not ALL believe they existed at that point - couldn't you have used your own judgement?


Bagram, Camp Cropper, Abu Ghraib, etc.

Yes, I do know UK's complicity, but I don't have to like it or keep my mouth shut because of it.

Finally, as an ex-pat. living in Kuwait, I didn't ask my American saviour heroes which way they voted, and they didn't ask me either.

(Damn, come to think of it, I didn't even ask if they played golf).

I hope you all have a great summer and most enjoyable rounds of golf.

05/20/08 @ 11:26
Comment from: Alex [Visitor] Email

Your convoluted "reasoning" and lack of clarity of expression are two reasons why no woman should ever be considered as a world leader. (Margaret Thatcher is the lone possible exception.)

Are you trying to be the next female Neville Chamberlain?

Tata, Wendy dearest!

Alex USMC 1969-73
05/20/08 @ 11:51
Comment from: Tim McDonald [Member] Email
Wendy, I always enjoy reading your comments, so let me give you a little piece of advice.

You can read comments by Alex and the Judge for amusement, but under no circumstances should you take them seriously.

In the U.S., they are part of what is known as the "lunatic fringe," and should be treated accordingly.

That said, they sometimes make some relatively good points. The Judge's point about Stephen King, for example.

Still, 90 percent of what they say is drivel.
05/20/08 @ 12:34
Comment from: Alex [Visitor] Email

Did your mother have any children that lived?

Alex USMC 1969-73
05/20/08 @ 13:05
Comment from: BV [Visitor]
I'm trying mightily not to laugh at Tim's last post. 'Drivel'? Indeed Timmy Mac - your blog entry surely qualified.

I had to look at the top of the page to see who WROTE the initial blog - I thought surely it was one of our resident reds (Wolf, Kiel, Mon)...only to discover it was a fellow Floridian. Most disappointing indeed. Tim, I'm afraid you've lost what few shreds of respect I still maintained for you...and I'll be reading your posts as I read the 3 amigos...for sad and sorry laughs.
05/20/08 @ 13:13
Comment from: Tim McDonald [Member] Email
Thank god I lost those last few shreds. I'd be worried if I had the respect of a clown like you.

Please leave the state immediately.

Signed: Yours for an idiot-free Florida.
05/20/08 @ 14:23
Comment from: Alex [Visitor] Email
Little Tim,

If you truly want an idiot free Florida, you should initiate a movement to have Palm Beach, Broward, Miami-Dade, and possibly Volusia counties secede from the state of Florida.

Those counties have very little in common with the sensible areas of the state.

You could refer to this movement as a "bowel movement."

Alex USMC 1969-73
05/21/08 @ 09:13
Comment from: tim [Visitor] Email
By the way, BV: "resident reds?"

What is this, the 1950s?

05/21/08 @ 14:41
Comment from: Alex [Visitor] Email
Little Tim,

No, these are not the 1950s.


You won't get these lefties to admit to being "reds".

They won't even admit to being liberals. They prefer the more innocuous term "progressives."

Remember, even Fidel Castro denied being a Communist until he had solidified his hold on Cuba.

Alex USMC 1969-73
05/21/08 @ 19:28
Comment from: Wendy (UK) [Visitor]
Thanks, Tim. I usually take their comments with a pinch of salt, but they can be exasperating.

TTFN Alex! Enjoy the respite - "I shall return" - with a bigger handbag. Wx
05/22/08 @ 12:21
Comment from: Judge Smails [Visitor] Email

Although I suppose you won't be seeing this, when Madeleine Albright's said that "We all thought they had them [WMDs]," she was referring to people in the know -- such as those in the Clinton Administration (who, for all their obvious faults, at least had access to secret intelligence information) -- not British ex-pats. who get their information from the Huffington ComPost. Alex is right; while, like many women, you're literate enough, you too often prove that those ample writing skills are wasted, as you have little worth expressing.

05/22/08 @ 14:11
Comment from: Judge Smails [Visitor] Email

You forgot one thing: If Tim really wants an idiot-free Florida, he shall have to plan on relocating.
05/22/08 @ 14:13
Comment from: Tim McDonald [Member] Email
You know, both you guys ceased to be even mildly amusing some time ago.

Why don't you take your childish nonsense to one of those Nazi sites you worship so much.

It's obvious you're both VERY fond of each other. Maybe one of the gay sites might be more appropriate for you.

Gays and conservatives go hand-in-hand, pardon the pun, right?

They just never admit it.
05/22/08 @ 15:41
Comment from: Judge Smails [Visitor] Email
LOL, Timmie, is that the best you've got? That was vapid and unoriginal, even for you.
05/22/08 @ 17:05
Comment from: Tim McDonald [Member] Email
I'm afraid that response betrayed just how nervous my previous post makes you.

Jugde, just come "out." People will understand. We live in a "progressive" society.
05/22/08 @ 17:16
Comment from: Alex [Visitor] Email
It appears that Little Timmie has lost his grip. he used to be mildly amusing at times, and he even made some sense on occasions.

But now, he seems to have followed in the footsteps of all the other radical liberals.

He has become bitter, insulting and vicious to his correspondents because some of us don't agree that President Bush is reponsible for everything wrong in this world up to and including uneven tire wear. His spelling and syntax have also gone to hell.

Alex USMC 1969-73
05/22/08 @ 17:35
Comment from: Alex [Visitor] Email

I think this political raving has gone on long enough so this will be my final comment on this thread.

Perhaps you will give me an explanation of some of your comments. I am serious.

You are by your own admission a liberal Democrat. You are of the party of tolerance and inclusion. I and a few others on this board are conservatives and Republicans, although not always and not necessarily.
We are supposedly exclusionary.

However, oftentimes an these threads, when you see fit to insult some of your correspondents, you scathingly refer to them as "gays" i.e., homosexuals. You do this without any reason or provocation.

Now, I don't see anything wrong with the sexual preference of anybody, as long as that preference is kept private. But you obviously do. I'd like to know why you have broken ranks with the rest of the radical liberals who have been unequivocal in their support of the gay agenda, including even same-sex marriage. Why so condescending in your remarks about homosexuals? Don't you remember that the gay vote is solidly in the Democrats' pocket?

What would liberal Democrat gay icons Gary Studds, Barney Frank and Jim McGreevy think of your treachery?

Please reply if you find the time. Thank you. Alex

Alex USMC 1969-73
05/23/08 @ 08:51
Comment from: BV [Visitor]
Alex, you should add Pinellas County to your list - a bigger nest of sad sack liberals I've never seen.

Tim, gosh...that was a bit harsh, don't you think? Anyway, no plans to leave here, can't see any reason to abandon this lovely state to people with no 'vision' other than 'take take take'! ;)

And what IS up with throwing the 'gay card' all the time Tim? One would think it's YOU that has the need to 'come out'....*sigh*...
05/23/08 @ 12:49

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