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Memo to Carolyn Bivens: Make Koreans on LPGA Tour wear bikinis while they learn English

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Remember Jan Stephenson, the original poster girl for the LPGA? She's the one who said years ago the LPGA Tour should restrict foreigners, especially the Koreans, who even then were dominating on U.S. soil. LPGA Commissioner Carolyn Bivens hasn't… more »

U.S. Ryder Cup team wild card picks

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'Zinger called me up on the telephone the other day and said, "Tim, if you were picking the Ryder Cup team today, who would you choose?" "Zinger, you've got to quit bothering me, I'm trying to write." "Have you seen what I have to choose from? I've… more »

Ian Poulter sells out his country, opts for money in the FedEx Cup over patriotism in the Ryder Cup

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Ian Poulter withdrew Monday from the Johnnie Walker Championship in Scotland, pretty much thumbing his nose at any chances for making the European Ryder Cup team. Instead, Poulter chose to stay in the PGA Tour playoffs and its giant payoff. "It has… more »

LPGA Commissioner Carolyn Bivens is a hero for taking a stance against encroaching foreigners

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Finally, someone in authority has said "enough is enough." Mexicans arriving from the South by the hordes. I agree with that Mexican writer who said Mexico may have lost the Mexican-American War in the 1940s, but was winning this one by the sheer forc… more »

At least Sergio Garcia doesn't whine or blame someone else about losing the Barclay's, leaving that for Kenny Perry.

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I was waiting for Sergio Garcia to blame the gopher. But, since the gopher or mole or whatever it was got him a free drop, I thought he would go looking elsewhere after his latest choke. To his credit, Garcia did not, after another choke, losing the B… more »

Weak TV ratings without Tiger Woods show huge disconnect between casual and hard-core golf fans

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How are you reacting to the absence of Tiger Woods as the PGA Tour enters its playoffs today? If you're one of those who say golf is more interesting now, you're almost certainly a hard-core fan. If you're not even bothering to read this, you're pr… more »

Is Carl Petterson a traitor? If so, to whom?

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Carl Petterson, fresh off his win at a PGA Tour win, is a possible wild card choice for the Ryder Cup team, if he doesn't make it outright? Which side, you ask? It's a legitimate question if you didn't know Petterson was born in Sweden, where he li… more »

Fed Ex Cup playoffs suffer mightily without Tiger Woods

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I know the PGA Tour suits hate hearing this kind of stuff, but the FedEx Cup playoffs, which start this week at the Barclays, are sort of like the Subway series without the Yankees. With Tiger Woods out, interest is like the American economy, as in f… more »

Michael Phelps and Tiger Woods - No friggin way

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People who are all gaga over Michael Phelps' eight gold medals in the Olympics are comparing what he's done to what Tiger Woods did for golf. Phelps himself has said he hopes his performance will put swimming in the mainstream of sports. Look, I'm… more »

Luke Donald out of Ryder Cup, good news for U.S.

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Luke Donald, who my wife loves for some reason, is out of the Ryder Cup because of his wrist problems. This is worse news for the Europeans than the fact Tiger Woods won't play for the U.S. because of his knee injury. Why? Donald has a 5-1-1 Ryder… more »

Ben Curtis a good man to have on U.S. Ryder Cup team

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Ben Curtis takes some shots as being a one-hit wonder, since he won the 2003 British Open but little else. He did win twice in 2006, but hasn't come close in a major until the great showing at the PGA Championship last week, which puts him on the Ryde… more »

St. Johns Golf and Country Club a great play for the price

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I love good golf courses that could charge high green fees but don't, and always try to highlight them.Such is the case with the St. Johns Golf and Country Club.It's a sprawling, near-pristine golf course in a ritzy neighborhood in upscale St. Jo… more »

Here's hoping Sergio Garcia never wins a major

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Sergio Garcia doesn't deserve to win a major, which he never will if he keeps this up. He has the talent, he just doesn't have the class. Not only does he choke when the tough gets going, he blames everything but the one thing responsible for his c… more »

Has Hunter Mahan talked his way out of the Ryder Cup?

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You've got to like Hunter Mahan's honest comments on the Ryder Cup, though he's already backtracking. Mahan, who is in line to make the U.S. Ryder Cup team heading into this week's PGA Championship, had some harsh things to say to Golf Magazine about… more »

Phil Mickelson gung-ho over golf in the Olympics

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The cultural difference between American and foreign golfers is all too evident in the way Phil Mickelson, Trevor Immelman and Ian Poulter view the possibility of golf being added to the Olympic games. Mickelson, being an American, thinks it would "gr… more »
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