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Comment from: Greg [Visitor]
Its too bad that Tim McDonald has to try to be edgy and give us the "Tiger is finished story" to generate readers to his blog. Pathetic. Try writing. Its a lost art done by most of the media. How about a wager that Woods wins a major in 2009?
10/03/08 @ 11:41
Comment from: Michael [Visitor] Email
This writer is in need of a drug test. Tiger is supremely confident and his mental approach is beyond anything we have witnessed in decades. FYI, Tiger is only 32. Conservative numbers when all said and done. 120 pga wins 22 majors
10/03/08 @ 11:50
Comment from: Tim McDonald [Member] Email
Greg: "Its a lost art done by most of the media" is one of the most awkward sentences I've read in a long while.

You happen to be Sarah Palin's speechwriter?

Go to school, then get back to me.

Michael: Most of my writing is drug-fueled.
10/03/08 @ 12:13
Comment from: Tim Anderson [Visitor] Email
They really will let anyone write on the internet these days. Makes me miss hardcopy.

I had total knee reconstruction in 1999, played back to my 2 handicap in 1 year. Medical school teaches you that your quads and hamstring act as a knee stabilizer. Tiger is a workout nut with huge quads and hammies. Furthermore, if he could win without an ACL, who's to say he can't with a repaired one. (Some say he played for two years with no ACL).

I love golf. However, some part of me hopes Tiger retires. It would be great for the game. Watching average golfers duke it out weekly has been more fun than watching the greatest ever. Plus, Tiger retires and golf returns to what it really is: a hobby.
10/03/08 @ 12:50
Comment from: Stacy [Visitor] Email
Poor Tiger! I wonder if action at the betting parlors has increased with the knowledge that Woods may be sidelined for another year?

I wonder if Phil Mickelson and the rest of the bunch are silently cheering?
10/03/08 @ 12:59
Comment from: Tim McDonald [Member] Email
Did you ever play basketball for Englewood High School in Jacksonville, Florida?
10/03/08 @ 12:59
Comment from: Ron Mon [Member] Email
Wow. I simply don't agree.
10/03/08 @ 13:04
Comment from: Judge Smails [Visitor] Email
Yes, Tim, it's hard to believe that you really believe that.

One things for certain is that confidence will NOT be a factor. Woods is one of the most mentally tough players to wield a club; thus, psychological frailty just isn't that kind of a factor. It's like when Nicklaus contended for the Masters at age 58 with a bad hip. Such players apply themselves no matter what.

What is possible is that Woods will have to alter his swing to take stress off that left knee. This would entail not "popping" the knee, as Woods puts it, so violently. This would result in a loss of some power and distance, but not enough to really dampen his chances in my estimation.
10/03/08 @ 13:04
Comment from: Tim Anderson [Visitor] Email
Sorry, basketball is for athletes. I played golf.
10/03/08 @ 13:10
Comment from: Tim McDonald [Member] Email
I have a nearly flawless record in predicting these kind of things. Four years of medical school helps.

All you fellas have man-crushes on Tiger and can't bear the thought of him being just another golfer.

10/03/08 @ 14:12
Comment from: brandon Tucker [Visitor] Email
While I admit some seeds of doubt have been planted...I still think Tiger finds a way to win at least one major in the next five years.
10/03/08 @ 14:22
Comment from: brandon Tucker [Visitor] Email
While I admit some seeds of doubt have been planted...I still think Tiger finds a way to win at least one major in the next five years.
10/03/08 @ 14:22
Comment from: Shanks [Member] Email
Woods' short game is so good that he could cut off the old leg, strap on a pegleg, develop a new 3/4 Moe Norman-esque swing and still win those last few majors.
10/03/08 @ 15:04
Comment from: Chris Baldwin [Member] Email
Your anti-Tiger ramblings are growing increasing desperate and lacking, Old Mac. How many have turned out true in the past?

Oh, that's right ... none of them.

At least when BTuck writes something crazy about Sergio, you know he truly believes it.

Woods wins at least one major next year guaranteed. And passes Jack in 2011.

10/03/08 @ 17:44
Comment from: Tim McDonald [Member] Email
Chris, you're young and impetuous, like Audra Barkley on "The Big Valley," and as such are to be forgiven certain of your trangressions.

You may have the biggest man-crush of all on Tiger.

It's understandable. Tiger can have any woman he wants. I've seen too many women to count reject your awkward overtures.

Woods will be extrarodinarly lucky to win one more major, but I doubt even that happens.

10/03/08 @ 18:16
Comment from: Judge Smails [Visitor] Email

Actually, I dislike Woods fairly intensely. This is because he is spoiled and somewhat petulant, a real prima donna. Thus, I would like nothing more than to see him fade like a Bruce Leitzke drive. Having said this, believing he will is a flight of fancy.

Will he be every bit as good as he was at his best? Perhaps not, but he'll probably still be pretty darn close. Like him or not, the man is a singular talent.
10/03/08 @ 19:14
Comment from: Tim McDonald [Member] Email
Further ammunition for my position:

Let's not forget how fast the game, and its players, can progress.

Two years is an eternity in sports. Anthony Kim, for example. Sergio Garcia is bound to grow up one day.

All these up-and-coming players will have a huge head start on a weakened Tiger.

The Tiger Woods era is over.

10/04/08 @ 09:26
Comment from: Judge Smails [Visitor] Email

There is something you overlook. Woods' main asset isn't his distance; some guys hit it just as long and a few longer. His main asset isn't his talent; some guys certainly can compare in that regard. His main asset isn't his work ethic; some guys work at least as hard. His main asset, Tim, is mental toughness of a kind we haven't witnessed since Nicklaus.

No matter what these other very talented, ambitious, powerful, hard-working players do, they will never possess that quality to the extent to which Woods does. And, without it, you cannot surpass him over the long haul.

In other words, Villegas will always miss a few too many short putts and Mickelson will always hit some errant drives when it counts. And you can say the same about virtually all of his competitors.

Again, this isn't to say that he may -- and I say "may" -- not be some small percentage less effective, but it won't be enough to place the pinnacle of the game beyond his grasp.

I will also reiterate that I'll be extremely surprised if he doesn't alter his swing so as to take pressure off his left knee.

Lastly, having said this, I agree that he may not break Nicklaus' records. This, however -- and I know this is far afield -- is because I expect calamities and social upheaval in the not-too-distant future that will be so great, that golf tournaments may not even be contested. And that, my liberal friend, you can just about book.
10/04/08 @ 12:03
Comment from: Booger [Visitor] Email
I despise Woods, but I have to give him his due.Best ever? No.One of the best? Yes.Do I hope he comes back and does nothing?Of course! Still, he plays against the mentally weak who have allowed the media to convince them that he is Christ. With the recent emergence of Kim and Villegas things could rapidly change, but only if they don't drink the Kool-Aid that the rest of the tour is drinking. If they can't step up, Woods will certainly pass Jack.
10/04/08 @ 13:37
Comment from: Tim McDonald [Member] Email
True enough, I'm not taking into account geo-politics.

Still, your argument is lacking in several areas.

You're wrong when it comes to Woods' talent level. It IS far superior to everyone else's, when you consider the totality of his game.

There are people out there with his mental toughness -- they just don't have the Woods-type talent to go with it.

Mental toughness is a direct consequence of confidence, and when you don't have one, you have neither.

When your body, heretofore invincible, breaks down, it's inevitable that confidence goes with it. For an athlete,
that's everything. It creates doubt, even if it's a seed.

I've seen it many times.

Woods has said it will probably be two years before he's truly back and during that time, as you say, he will probably be tinkering with his swing to take pressure off the left knee.

We've seen what happens when he changes his swing.

In the meantime, there are a dozen or maybe more pros who will be winning more and more, gaining confidence and surpassing him in virtually every respect, as he struggles.

He's flawed now, and he will never again be the Tiger Woods we've seen in the past.

10/04/08 @ 13:51
Comment from: Ron Mon [Member] Email
1. Name one player on tour that has Woods' mental toughness.

2. If 2002, he wasn't the Tiger Woods we had seen in 2000; he was better.

3. Even if something is denied him, he will search his soul for a new angle, a new way, a new method to get "it" done.

4. That said, congratulations on writing a great blog entry. This got everyone talking again.
10/04/08 @ 18:04
Comment from: Tim McDonald [Member] Email
4. Thank you.

3. "Searching your soul" is overrated.

2. Don't have comment.

1. Plenty. We just haven't had opportunity to see it.

10/04/08 @ 20:50
Comment from: Bobby [Visitor] Email
Tiger's not gonna win another major?? Yeah right....and Obama's not gonna raise taxes on the middle class. See...we can say anything and some people will believe it.
10/06/08 @ 15:54
Comment from: Montana Golf Nut [Visitor] Email
WOW, I thought it was illegal to predict that the Messiah would
not destroy Nicklaus' major
record. I hope they don't throw you in jail Tim, because it is always a pleasure to read a nonconformist's point of view. And Booger, I can't believe you actually used the words despise and Woods in the same sentence (you are my new hero!).
I've always enjoyed reading the tidbits of wisdom from Judge Smails, but your last post has me really scared (and I'm a Montana survivalist!). Your doomsday prediction was so succinct, I'm going to trade all of my ProV1's for canned goods. The only hope for this world is for Bubbles to come to the rescue - she is truely capable of fixing global calamities and social upheaval.
Hey, this posting of comments is fun!
10/06/08 @ 18:48
Comment from: Tim McDonald [Member] Email
Yeah it is, you should do more of it.

10/06/08 @ 19:53
Comment from: Judge Smails [Visitor] Email
Montana Golf Nut,

Bubbles is a walking, talking, golfing calamity.
10/06/08 @ 19:54
Comment from: Judge Smails [Visitor] Email
Yes, Obama also tells us that 95 percent of Americans will get a tax cut. Except, 40 percent of the people don't pay federal income taxes in the first place. I guess it's the new math.
10/07/08 @ 01:51
Comment from: Tim McDonald [Member] Email
What Obama actually said is that he'll cut taxes for the middle class. The wealthy and the corporations will see their taxes raised.

Judge, this must be why you don't like Obama. I see you as a wealthy, loophole-loving tax-dodger.

10/07/08 @ 05:02
Comment from: Judge Smails [Visitor] Email

I only wish that were true (that I was wealthy). The problem with soci*lism -- which is what modern liberalism has degenerated into -- is that the rich stay rich but the middle class can never live the American dream and join them. Consider that great soci*list George Soros, for instance. He'll have his billions regardless and always be able to work the system, but the ol' McDonalds will have to stay on the farm. Thus, what you could say is that after playing the game and making it to the top, he wants the ball taken away and a chain put on the schoolyard gate. Reprehensible.

As for Obama, I had heard it explained when he or one of his acolytes was pressed that 95 percent of those who PAY TAXES will get a cut. That, of course, makes more sense. However, if he can use the blanket 95-percent rhetoric -- which he still does -- I can counter with new-math mockery.

Oh, by the way, if I could, I wouldn't pay one lousy cent to this unconstitutional, robber-baron government. And, no, I'm not shallow enough to say that simply because Bush is in office, but because I know the Constitution has been a dead letter for perhaps one-hundred years of more (probably started with Lincoln).

It's nice to wax self-righteous about constitutional principles, though. It makes us feel erudite and important.
10/07/08 @ 09:41
Comment from: Judge Smails [Visitor] Email
Oh, Kudos to your system -- it identifies "soci*lism" as a dirty word.
10/07/08 @ 09:43
Comment from: BV [Visitor]
I've kinda got to agree with the ol' Judge here. It's looking more and more like there's going to be social issues of a significant magnitude that will make golf tournaments (and indeed most all 'organized sports') practically irrelevant. AND, we'll have the mindless eejits who vote B. Hussein Obama into office for it.

As far as 'taxes' go - wake the heck up! The Democratic Party is on record with planning to return tax rates for ALL to the levels they were when Clinton was in office...and reinstate the inheritance tax....and raise capital gains tax....and raise the tax you pay when you make a profit selling your home. And what do they want to DO with this money? WHY, give us the same 'socialized medicine' programs that DON'T WORK in Canada or England! ;)
10/07/08 @ 15:38
Comment from: BV [Visitor]
That sentence SHOULD have read:

"AND, we'll have the mindless eejits who vote B. Hussein Obama into office TO THANK for it."

10/07/08 @ 15:39
Comment from: Booger [Visitor] Email
Judge - you're right! There probably won't be enough majors actually played for Tigger to break Jack's record. I never even thought of that obvious real world future ahead of us.
10/07/08 @ 21:23
Comment from: Alex [Visitor] Email
Judge Smails et all,

Since this blog has somehow morphed into politics, I'll throw in my few cents worth.

Judge, your prediction of impending calamities and social upheaval is not as far-fetched as many of our liberal friends would like to believe.

Consider these facts: The USA is the only nation with the capability and the will to confront the worldwide threat of militant Islam. If either our capability or our will is compromised, the Islamic radicals will be emboldened, and the attacks on the USA and the rest of the West will like increase exponentially.

Withdrawing unilaterally from Iraq and Afghanistan, which is exactly what the liberals in this country want,would accomplish the demoralization of our Armed Forces and leave our nation a sitting duck for Islamist attacks.

Another catastrophic course of action is the clamor for bailing out of the financial markets, relieving deadbeats from the obligations of honoring contractual obligations with regard to mortgages, etc.

Printing more "funny money", which is precisely what this would mean, will only exacerbate the situation.

But these things seemed destined to come about, if the candidates are serious in their pronouncements.

As far as Woods beating Jack's majors record, wasn't it just a few months ago that several posters here were confidently predicting that Tiger--and also Lorena--would win the grand slam in 2008? Didn't happen, did it.

My advice is that when Woods gets to the winners' circle after 18 majors, and he needs one more for the record,that then would be the time to get excited about the record.

Alex USMC 1969-73
10/08/08 @ 18:33
Comment from: Judge Smails [Visitor] Email

Yes, many people would consider it nutty to entertain such a possibility, but they have been lulled into a false sense of security. The truth is that we're at a precipice and may in the not-too-distant future see a confluence of a number of very negative factors.

As to this, you mentioned one that is understood by relatively few: the cutting of our money. The world's financial system is based on fiat currency, and that is a chicken that will really come home to roost.

As for bailing everyone out, as Herbert Spencer once said, "The result of shielding men from the effects of folly is to create a nation of fools."
10/09/08 @ 04:52
Comment from: BV [Visitor]
Anyone who DOESN'T think the upcoming election, and its "predicted" results, won't cause a major upheaval in the social systems of this country is willfully ignoring the facts (oh, that's right, they're call Democrats).
10/10/08 @ 13:35
Comment from: M. Taylor [Visitor] Email
I find some of your analysis amusing. Why? Because even though Tiger has not played since the US Open, he still is second on the US PGA Tour money list playing six tournaments only. Some golfers did step up to the plate (i.e. most notably VJ Singh, Kenny Perry, AK, Camilio V. and Padraig -although aside from the two majors, he is struggling a bit) but none consistently. So they have almost given Tiger time to regroup and be back to challenge them in mid-February 2009 possibly. At least Tiger seems to be following his surgeons' orders because he wants to play competitively for at least another FIVE years so his kids (Sam and the soon-to-be little Tiger/Tigress) can witness him winning a few more tournaments. If that is not enough MOTIVATION for Tiger, nothing else will. I might be one of the few that will not be counting Tiger out - don't forget that until he is 65 he can still play in the British Open and the Masters. I do believe he should be able to win a few more of those if he focuses intently on those two tournaments. God willing, he will return to competitive golf at least 50 to 75% healed.
10/21/08 @ 10:20
Comment from: M. Taylor [Visitor] Email
BV [Visitor] - please note that I am over 60 years old and quite happy with the Medical Insurance system in Canada. Have also had a child who had leukemia when he was 11 years old and is thankfully still alive now in his 20s due to excellent medical care received, and I did not have to sell my house (now paid for without interest rate being tax deductible) to get him excellent medical care. Do not believe all the nonsense you hear about the medical care in Canada. A few of the very rich do travel to the US to pay out of their pockets, but all Canadians have at least basic coverage for a minimal deduction. Again, do not believe all you are told about the medical system in Canada. You are being sold down the drain by companies who want to make money off your illnesses.
10/21/08 @ 10:27
Comment from: Ivory Rubin [Visitor] Email
Well ACL, Tim McDonald, it seems you may have finally gotten it right in your denouncements of Tiger Woods. A less than perfect left knee + a loss of confidence= no more majors for Mr. Woods!! Oh, but wait Tim...isn't Tiger Woods the same supremely confident young man who, on a left knee with a torn ACL and a double stress fracture endured 91 holes of pain to win the 2008 U.S. Open? Wow!! That took a lot os confidence, patience, and skill...didn't it? But, as usual, you're always right!!
10/21/08 @ 15:17
Comment from: Bedlam [Visitor] Email
If you want to read some other comparisons of Tiger and Jack, check this out:

02/17/10 @ 09:01

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