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Golfers without borders: Explosions are following me from Missouri to Sweden

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I'm not sure if I'm a lightning rod for violence or if a divine force is trying to tell me something. Last month I was lying in a hotel bed in Branson, Missouri, when I was jostled awake in the middle of the night. The entire hotel was vibrating. I re… more »

Golf in Denmark: Where deer roam on ancient hunting grounds

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The crown prince and princess of Denmark are members of the Royal Copenhagen Golf Club, but the Danes – never ones to put on airs, or heirs for that matter – call it simply the Copenhagen Golf Club. If an American golf club had royalty for members… more »

When did women start dressing like Ma Joad on American airlines?

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The woman in the black dress standing by the airport gate waiting for her plane to board wasn't beautiful. The best you could say was that she was merely attractive. Nor was the dress she wore that revealing. It ended somewhere below the knee and there w… more »

Why I'm pulling for Greg Norman to choke in Asian Open

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Greg Norman has it too good these days. Jets off in his private jet to Shanghai with his fiancé, a still gorgeous Chris Evert. Says he's going to do a little business over there. His "business" includes golf course design, real estate, a clothing… more »

Celtic-loving Trevor Immelman is now my new, favorite golfer

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Before the Masters, Trevor Immelman was just sort of a name, a good, solid pro, but essentially just an also-ran with a mildly-amusing name. Now, he's leapt to the front of my leaderboard! After his Masters win, Immelman did the whirlwind-celebrity… more »

What's in a name? A lot, if you're a marketer who wants to use John Daly's name

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You'd expect a golf course with the name: "John Daly's Murder Rock Golf and Country Club" to be a handful, wouldn't you? It isn't. It's a good course, definitely, but it's no John Daly-sized back-breaker. Daly had nothing to do with the design,… more »

Great mountain golf in Branson, Missouri

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Branson Creek, just outside Branson, Missouri, is one of those must-plays if you love mountain golf and are anywhere in the area. It plays up and down the hills of the high plateau that takes up most of southern Missouri. Those holes that play along t… more »

Best act in Branson, Missouri is Roy Rogers Jr.

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Branson, Missouri has a lot of slick performers, both country and otherwise. Beatles impersonators, formerly famous rock bands, wild comedians. They have elaborate stage acts, fancy hairdressers and all sorts of pyrotechnics. It's all entertaining, if… more »

Ledgestone Golf Course in Branson, Missouri a wild, mountain golf course

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Being from a very flat state, I love mountain golf courses. I found a gem just outside of Branson, Missouri, called Ledgestone Golf Course. It's set in a ritzy neighborhood called Bridgestone, and it has some serious elevation changes – I defy an… more »

Branson, Missouri makes a run at becoming a golf destination

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You may have heard of Branson, Missouri, most likely from your parents, grandparents or great-uncle. They probably had a great time and told you all abut it. What you might not know, and which might prompt you to pull the Trigger (get it? Roy Roger… more »

Tiger Woods certainly no Arnold Palmer at most boring Masters in memory

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Tiger Woods has shown time and time again he is no charger. He may be the most dominant player of all time, but he doesn't set hearts aflutter like Arnold Palmer used to do during one of his famous charges. Give Woods the lead and he's a pit bull. Pu… more »

Gary Player at the Masters: Fade away, Black Knight

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One of the semi-cool things about the Masters is the way it lets in the old-timers, past champions well past their primes who don't stand a chance in hell of contending. It's a link to the past, a historical showcase that's fun to watch. Most of the t… more »

Tiger Woods toughest athlete? No friggin way!

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Sports Illustrated was probably thinking shock and awe when it recently named Tiger Woods the toughest athlete, followed by Alaska dog musher Lance Mackey. We've all done it in the media, come up with something just to create controversy. Not me, of c… more »

The Masters at Augusta National is the weakest of the majors

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Hey, it's true. Don't blame me. The field is the weakest. Just ask Stephen Ames. "When you compare it to the other major events, it is the weakest field technically," Ames told the Calgary Herald. "There are only 90 players (at the Masters); the to… more »

Redneck Riviera goes to Augusta National for the Masters

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A few of the fellas from my neck of the woods are taking on Augusta National, Boo Weekley, Heath Slocum and Bubba Watson. They're all from the Florida Panhandle. Slocum doesn't actually live there any more, but you never really leave Milton. I'd… more »
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