City Club of Marietta, Georgia represents all that's wrong with golf

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If you got all the world's golfers together and asked them what their pet peeves were, probably 90 percent of them would include a tirade about horrendous green conditions and golf club officials who neither give discounts nor warn golfers. I played t… more »

Turkey and Dubai next two big golf destinations? Not likely, for Americans

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A couple of new surveys say South Africa, Turkey and Dubai are the three biggest, emerging golf destinations, and may overtake Spain and Portugal as the world's leading golf destinations some day. South Africa I can understand. I've been there. It's s… more »

Golf marketing: More abominations visited upon us

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You've probably heard me rant and rave enough about intrusive advertising and marketing, but I have to pass along the latest abomination that might further sicken you. In the near future, you won't be firing at flags, you'll be aiming at Wendy's old-f… more »

Goodbye Natalie Gulbis, Pinup-Babe, we hardly knew ye

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This is what I loathe about the modern-day athlete. They're not so much people as they are "brands." They're mostly just symbols working hand in hand with business trying to get us to buy more cereal, toilet paper and hamburgers. Natalie Gulbis, now t… more »

PGA Tour players helping to re-build Biloxi

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Twenty PGA Tour players are helping to re-build the Katrina-ravaged Mississippi Gulf Coast again. Jerry Kelly was the impetus last year, when he and tour official Mickey Bradley, from Biloxi, organized a pro-am event in just 30 days. Nineteen other P… more »

Asian invasion! Bush not involved!

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It's odd to think an invasion could be going on and George Bush didn't provoke it. It's those European colonialists again. The European Tour is holding a couple of tournaments in Asia next year, the Indian Masters and the Korea Open. The problem is… more »

Fall Series madness!

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I'm kind of enjoying the Fall Series, I'm a little bit embarrassed to admit, but I can see why a lot of people are dissing it. What other sport has this sort of anti-climactic denouement? It's like the handful of NFL teams who didn't make it to the pl… more »

Great new golf course: Old Corkscrew near Ft. Myers, Florida

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Got a great new golf course for you. If this one doesn't make it onto all those "best new" lists, then I'm going to put the system on trial!Old Corkscrew Golf Club is in Estero, Florida, near Ft. Myers. It's so brand new you can almost smell the wrap… more »

LPGA players: "Beautiful, well-dressed and weak"

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The Bangkok Post certainly doesn't consider itself politically correct. Here's what an article in the paper says about the Honda LPGA Thailand in Pattaya at the Siam Country Club, an event that attracted Annika Sorenstam, Suzann Petterson, Morgan Pres… more »

Similarities between John Daly and Michelle Wie? You bet

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Yes, it's true there are similarities between Big John Daly, the chain-smoking big guy with the liquor and gambling problem and Michelle Wie, the presumptuous, would-be superstar. Both are fan favorites, partly because they hit it a mile. Both get far… more »

Florida resorts - save the turtles and clear our conscience

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I'm always struck by the hypocrisy of big, oceanfront resorts that beg you to save the turtles.I'm driving around a fancy, Florida resort island. I used to come down here years ago, fishing the Ten Thousand Islands. It was an unbelievable paradise.… more »

Dining in Naples - the ultimate chocolate cake's at Tony's Off Third

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I never order chocolate or carrot cake any more when I'm on the road. Restaurants, no matter how good their reputation, somehow manage to turn two of the world's best desserts into a bland semblance of what they're supposed to be.Wait! Tony's Off Thi… more »

The favorite food of Scotland after some Florida golf

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So, you're in the Bradenton-Sarasota area, you've played your little game of golf, now you're hungry as a lumberjack. What kind of restaurant are you looking for? Haggis! Who'd have thought you could get Scotland's favorite food down here? But, you… more »

Island course at Innisbrook Golf Resort wants to be compared with famous Copperhead

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The Island golf course has sat for years at the Innisbrook Resort and Golf Club near Tampa and stewed, like the lesser known brother of a Hollywood star. Say, one of the Sheen or Baldwin brothers. The Island course was actually the first built at thi… more »

Michelle Wie: No comment

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I'm not going to comment on Michelle Wie's terrible day at the Samsung. I'm not going to say anything about the 79 she shot, leaving her in last place, three shots behind the next-to-last competitor after the first round. The blind worshippers of Wie… more »
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