David Leadbetter has Michelle Wie's swing all screwed up

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I'm no swing doctor - if you ever saw me take a hack, that would surely be obvious - but it sure looks like legendary golf teacher David Leadbetter has Michelle Wie's swing all screwed up. It may be due to other factors - her injured wrist, her deflat… more »

Why is Jim Furyk so dis-respected?

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Jim Furyk is one of the top golfers in the world, and yet he is frequently dissed by so many golf writer, spectators and others. I don't understand it. Is it his weird swing? The fact he can't excite the crowds by routinely blasting 300-yard drives?… more »

Looking for a hard, Florida golf course? Get whacked by Panther Creek

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I don't know about you, but I like to try a really hard golf course every now and then. I get a little tired of easy, resort courses sometimes. To wit: Panther Creek in Jacksonville, Florida. Panther Creek is one of the newest courses in the area. It… more »

When, oh when, will Michelle Wie apologize to Annika Sorenstam?

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Forget her golf – she almost has – Michelle Wie needs to stop acting like a spoiled brat and tell Annika Sorenstam she's sorry for acting like a, well...spoiled brat. It's a familiar story by now. Wie, facing the "88" rule, pulls out of the Ginn T… more »

Great barbecue and alligator in Jacksonville, Florida

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Son!Look here, here's what you do when you're golfing in Jacksonville, Florida, on the west side of town.You stop in there at the Cross Creek Steakhouse and Barbecue, over there to Lane Avenue, past Denny's, up there on the right.Find yoursel… more »

Want to own a golf team in the National Golf League? Got $75,000?

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You, too, can join the league of arrogant sports franchise owners. All you have to do is pony up $75,000. Yes, it's the National Golf League, now in its third season. Wow, did time fly! I never heard anything about the first two. Anyway, NGL offici… more »

Phil Mickelson thinks U.S. Open rough was "dangerous?" At least he didn't start a fire, like this guy did

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A golfer hit into the rough at a golf course in Reno, Nevada. Like Phil Mickelson, he took a few hacks at it. The difference was, this guy hit something. According to officials, the golfer hit something hard that ignited a spark, and set a fire in the… more »

Bahamas going downhill as a tourist destination

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The Bahamas seems to be suffering from tourism hangover. You know, when one of those great Caribbean tourist destinations bites the hand that feeds it. In other words, they get sick of tourists.The Bahamas suffered one of the worst declines in touris… more »

Michelle Wie pulls out of John Deere, citing wrist "injury"

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Michele Wie has pulled out of the John Deere, citing the need to rehab her wrist injury. Reportedly, she made the announcement while on the practice range, hitting bombs with her driver. Just kidding, though it would not surprise me. It's natura… more »

Tiger Woods a boring, front-runner

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Because Tiger Woods is so dominant, we tend to look for chinks in his armor. Despite what his swooning fans say, there is a big one. The guy absolutely cannot come from behind. He's 0-for-everything when he starts Sunday behind in a major. He looke… more »

Phil Mickelson: male equivalent of Michelle Wie

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Phil Mickelson hurts his wrist practicing in the Oakmont rough, then misses the cut, then proclaims Oakmont "dangerous." What's he going to do next? Get himself a personal injury attorney and sue? I'm no particular fan of the USGA, but why should M… more »

Miami International Airport and American Airlines: Stuck in Hell

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People say the Atlanta airport is the worst, but for my money, you can't do worse than Miami International Airport, especially the American Airlines terminal. God forbid you should have to fly to somewhere in the Caribbean, you'll probably end up in t… more »

Sexiest women in the world

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The sexiest women in the world are Indian. I don't mean Native Americans, I mean real Indians, from India. If you don't believe me, watch Indian music videos, if you can get ahold of any. I used to live in Trinidad, where East Indians make up about ha… more »

Best golf deal in the Caribbean: Hint – it's free

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I've lived in and traveled all over the Caribbean, and the best golf deal I've found by far is in Cozumel, in the Mexican Caribbean. When I first heard they were offering free golf, I figured, like any reasonable traveling golfer, there was a catch.… more »

What Michelle Wie needs to do to make a comeback

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First of all, Michelle Wie needs to rid herself of these Nike clowns. No more corporate hacks traveling in her entourage. They give her bad advice and give the impression, correctly, that she isn't a golfer so much as a walking product placement. Her… more »
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