Myrtle Beach politicians need to look out more for golfers and homeowners

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The time has come to start protecting homeowners from golf course owners. Nowhere is that more apparent than Myrtle Beach, where course owners are bailing out, selling their land for development and infuriating homeowners, many of whom bought their homes… more »

Who will protect us from Tiger Woods course designs?

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You've heard of "Tiger-proofing" golf courses. Who's going to do that if Tiger is designing them? Tiger Woods announced Monday he has formed Tiger Woods Design and intends to get into the course design business. "My goal is to provide a unique coll… more »

New Ryder Cup points system better than old system

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The new Ryder Cup points system for the U.S. makes more sense than the old one. At least it will give the captain, Paul Azinger, a chance to pick the hotter players. First of all, Azinger will get four captains picks, not two. And the new system will… more »

The best driving range in the world is in Valdosta, Georgia

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Now, I ain't bragging or nothing, but I've stayed in some pretty fancy golf resorts in places all over the world and played on some of the best golf courses in the world. But, my favorite driving range of all time is a little place just outside of Val… more »

Break out the champagne and noise-makers, the World Golf Hall of Fame inducted five new members this week, including Vijay Singh.

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What, you aren't frothing over with excitement? Vijay Singh, the first golfer to win $10 million in a season, and a three-time major winner, is the biggest name, though old-timers will certainly remember Larry Nelson, who also won three majors and 29… more »

Paul Azinger a good choice for U.S. Ryder Cup captain

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I like the choice of Paul Azinger as the next U.S. Ryder Cup captain. Azinger has two important qualities: he's a competitor and he's a cut-up. The U.S. needs both. Azinger only has a 5-7-3 Ryder Cup record, but he's never lost a singles match in the… more »

Florida golf: Club de Bonmont re-opens

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The Club de Bonmont golf course has re-opened after a total reconstruction. The course, one of three at Plantation Bay, near Daytona Beach, was strengthened by noted Florida architect Steve Smyers, who was asked to add a little challenge to the 20-year-o… more »

Viet Nam: is it anti-American to go there for golf?

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Viet Nam has some excellent golf courses, I was surprised to learn. Not a lot of them. In fact, only a handful. But the ones that are there, scattered across the country, are definitely worth playing. Here is the larger question: Is it unpatriotic to… more »

Latest useless and expensive golf gadget: the Segway

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Back when I used to write for a high-tech magazine, a guy named Dean Kamen came up with a pre-release, promotional campaign that had the high-tech industry abuzz. He had invented something so huge, so momentous, it would change the world forever. The… more »

Golf in Viet Nam: Hanoi street scene

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I’m sitting on a bench by the big lake in downtown Hanoi, near where the old quarter starts, taking occasional, slow pulls from a bottle of Johnny Walker Black. The lake is green, but that’s probably because of all the trees around its edges; most la… more »

Viet Nam golf: Buddha and the 4-stroke engine

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Imagine, if you will, if all the swarms of bees in the universe were released at the same time, in the same country, in the form of 50 cc motor scooters. Traffic in Viet Nam, especially in the cities, is as insane as you might expect. This is the King… more »

Vietnam golf: cute caddies, but the real deal

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If the caddies in Vietnam were any cuter, they'd burst into flames. Most of them are women, because they work harder than men, or at least that's what golf officials say. They rarely pair the two sexes, because the male caddies tend to boss the women… more »

Viet Nam golf: leave the bomb craters

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My first experience playing golf in Viet Nam was as the Viet Nam Golf and Country Club, where years ago they covered up the bomb craters left from the war. In some ways, that’s typical of the way the Vietnamese look at the war, and in some ways atyp… more »

Nick Faldo will elevate CBS golf coverage

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CBS' boast about having the best golf team in broadcasting is baloney, but adding Nick Faldo will definitely help, especially when you consider it already has David Feherty. NBC is the best simply by having Johnny Miller. Faldo will give CBS some colo… more »

Key West Golf Club re-opens after hurricane damage

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The Key West Golf Club finally re-opened its front nine, a year after Hurricane Wilma came roaring through, producing an eight-foot storm surge that flooded the island and the course. The course had four feet of water on it and filled the irrigation pond… more »
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