Cheap golf at top courses in Myrtle Beach during peak season

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Heading to Myrtle Beach, or just thinking about it? It might be a good idea to plan to be there for the week of April 12-19. There are half-price specials at some of the better courses, like Pine Lakes, Grand Dunes, Tidewater, Farmstead, Palmetto and Pin… more »

Pine Lakes in Myrtle Beach due for changes

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The "grandaddy" may be getting a makeover. Big changes are in store for Pine Lakes Country Club, the oldest course on the Grand Strand. Burroughs and Chapin Co., owners of the course, are proposing to add about 400 housing units, as well as re-designing… more »

Get in and away from Orlando and Disney World at Mission Inn Resort in Howey-in-the-Hills, Florida

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I don't know about you, but whenever I'm in Orlando, I try to get out of Orlando. All those tourists whizzing down I-4 and International Drive make me nervous. A good place to stay, and still play the area's golf courses, with maybe a side trip to Disney… more »

Nissan Open, Daytona 500 both duds

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Sunday was a double dose of disappointment if you happened to be switching channels between the Nissan Open and the Daytona 500. Both had tremendous potential to be dramatic, but both closed with duds, Veteran Fred Couples wilted down the stretch, all… more »

Oh, Canada! Canucks invade Myrtle Beach

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Myrtle Beach is such a popular destination for Canadians this time of year that Myrtle Beach started a festival for our mostly-friendly neighbors to the North. The festival includes events like the National Shag Dance Championship, International Kitefest… more »

Memories of Daytona 500: PGA Tour pros don't know what pressure is

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The first time I stood in the infield at Daytona International Speedway, leaning into the chain-link fence, and watched the start of the Daytona 500, I understood viscerally this was nothing like the sport I had seen on television. I've covered every… more »

Tim Finchem, PGA Tour pros selfish and arrogant?

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You may already know that almost everyone else in the world thinks American pro golfers are a bunch of spoiled, rich brats who hate to bother with the inconvenience of traveling outside the U.S. Why not just stay home and play where the money is, the hel… more »

PGA honors golf writers, but is it really journalism?

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I like awards, especially when I win one. Awards have their place, a way of honoring good work. But, some are more dubious than others. Ron Green, 76, just won one called the 2006 PGA Lifetime Achievement Award in Journalism. He will be presented with… more »

Dick Cheney needs to replace hunting with golf

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Vice-President Dick Cheney has always promised he'd shoot straight with the American people. He just didn't tell us it would be one at a time. Cheney needs to replace his hunting hobby with golf. Golf clubs aren't loaded, and it's more humane to bring… more »

Arron Oberholser at Pebble Beach: no sympathy for the underdog

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This is what happens when no-names win tournaments. A lopsided amount of media coverage of Sunday’s Pebble Beach Nationals Pro-Am centered on Mike Weir’s collapse rather than Arron Oberholser’s win. Oberholser knows how Weir feels. He had a chance… more »

Rose Hill Golf Club at Hilton Head closes

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I hope Hilton Head doesn't start suffering course losses like Myrtle Beach. Rose Hill Golf Club closed abruptly two weeks ago, and calls to its owners in Dallas were not returned. The future of the club, located in Bluffton, is still up in the air. It's… more »

Will no one step up to challenge Tiger Woods?

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At this rate, Tiger Woods will easily surpass Jack Nicklaus. Woods won his fourth Buick Invitational Sunday by backing into yet another win. Jose Maria Olazabal misses a four-footer in the sudden death playof. Rookie Nathan Green looks like a deer in… more »

2006 PGA Merchandise Show: no more "buddy trips?"

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Here’s some semi-depressing news for all of us traveling golfers: we’re getting old. Or, maybe we’re just feeling guilty. In any event, “buddy trips” are down and family golf vacations are up. That’s the latest news from the 2006 PGA Merchand… more »

Let it fly: Tiger Woods and Bubba Watson at Buick Invitational

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The PGA Tour is finally getting started this week. Yeah, I know, it’s been in Hawaii, but that was just the warmup, the preseason if you will. Now the big guns are coming out. Tiger Woods’ season debut at the Buick Invitational is enough to get every… more »

Slow play in golf: Should Tiger Woods speak out?

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It normally irritates me when Europeans lecture us Americans about anything. But, a Scot named W. Eric Laing has some good things to say about the ridiculously slow pace of play in the U.S. "Slow play has become a universal curse in American golf and… more »
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