Fernandina Beach, FL a good golf destination: except for smell

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Fernandina Beach, Fla. is a great place to go to get away from the urban blues of Jacksonville, and get in some good golf to boot. I used to go there for the annual Shrimp Festival until it got too commercial. Still, it’s a beautiful, little town, clos… more »

First Coast golf beats golf in Myrtle Beach

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I said it once and I'll say it again -- the Jacksonville, Florida area matches and maybe even surpasses Myrtle Beach as a golf destination. The only reason Myrtle Beach is more popular is because of its superior marketing. The best courses along Jacksonv… more »

Michelle Wie's 68 at Sony Open: so what?

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There is a segment of Michelle Wie fans, the more deluded, sometimes refereed to as Wie-wannabes, that are crowing about the 68 she shot at the Sony Open Friday, as if that somehow makes up for the embarrassing 79 she ballooed to on the first day of comp… more »

Michelle Wie at the Sony Open: time to bail out

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I have all the sympathy in the world for Michelle Wie, as well as big hopes. But, I’m starting to think she should put off this goal of trying to make a cut on the PGA Tour. She came apart Thursday at the Sony, making three double bogeys on the fron… more »

PGA Tour interest waning? Where's Michelle Wie?

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Sorry to disappoint you,but this blog is NOT about Michelle Wie. Hey, I'll wait til she misses the cut at Sony and then I'll speak up. Meanwhile, anyone notice the TV deal with the PGA Tour? There are little signs the game isn't as healthy as Tim Finc… more »

PGA Tour starts off with whimper at Mercedes Championship

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So, the PGA Tour starts off not with a bang, but with a whimper. Actually, it doesn’t seem that much time has passed before the end of the 2005 season. Maybe Tim Finchem’s new schedule will help that. In any case, the watered-down Mercedes Champio… more »

Golf smarter than college football when it comes to new fans

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What's the biggest difference between college football and golf? Well, quite a few actually, but for our purposes here I think it's all about the kids. Golf at least makes an effort at trying to keep the game attractive to youth, with all its various you… more »

Gulf Coast golf -- and golfers -- getting screwed

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The golf industry in the Gulf Coast is starting to react publicly to being left high and dry by lawmakers who snubbed them --along with massage parlors, liquor stores and gambling establishments -- in its bill giving tax breaks and other relief measures… more »

Tiger Woods and Annika Sorenstam: Days of King and Queen numbered?

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I know, I know, - predictions are like assholes and elbows: Everyone has them. But, I can't help myself. Tiger Woods and Annika Sorenstam will not be as dominant on their respective tours in 2006. They will both emerge as "players of the year," but th… more »

Beach Road Chicken - best restaurant in Jacksonville, FL

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Take a break from all those fancy, high-priced restaurants when you're visiting Jacksonville, and go visit Beach Road Chicken Dinners. Best restaurant in town if you're looking for a hearty, Southern meal. It's a Jacksonville establishment. It's so ol… more »

Tiger Woods celebrates 30: give him a break

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So Tiger Woods gets to celebrate his birth-month. The rest of us usually get only a day to celebrate, or mourn, our birthdays. Woods is taking almost the whole month of January to ease the pain of turning 30, probably on some secluded Caribbean island w… more »

TPC Sawgrass: Which do you Ponte Vedra, FL golfers prefer? Stadium or Valley course?

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It's amazing the number of people who say they prefer the Valley course over the much more famous Stadium course at the Tournament Players Club in Ponte Vedra, a little south of Jacksonville. On a recent tour of the Jacksonville area -- the First Coa… more »

Bent Creek one of better bargains in Jacksonville golf

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I'm a fan of municipal golf courses. Always have been, always will be. I like the working man atmosphere, playing with the great unwashed. Of course, the down side are courses left un-attended, weeds sprouting in the fairways, pock-marked greens and bore… more »

Golf in Jacksonville, Florida very under-rated

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Jacksonville, Florida is a very under-rated golf destination. For the life of me, I can't understand why it hasn't achieved the status of a Myrtle Beach. It has nearly as many golf courses, is much easier to get to by car, and there's more to do off the… more »

Closures of golf courses on Grand Strand getting scary

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The loss of golf courses along the Grand Strand is starting to get scary. It's one thing when lesser courses are sold for re-development, because that could be seen as simply market forces at work. Oversaturation and booming real estate value can explain… more »
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