Now it's European media making excuses for why they can't win PGA Championship at Baltusrol

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European golfers have already offered their pre-excuses of why they can’t win U.S. majors and particularly the PGA Championship. Now, the fawning European golf media is getting into it. John Huggan is a columnist for Scotland on Sunday and a Europea… more »

Europeans already making excuses for PGA Championship at Baltusrol

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Well, the Europeans are already making excuses for the PGA Championship this week at 7,392-yard Baltusrol. "They've made the same old mistake, gone for length instead of subtlty," Irishman Paul McGinley told the Irish Examiner. "Length, length, length… more »

Prediction of the non-winner in PGA Championship at Baltusrol: any European

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I'm not quite ready to make a prediction about who will win the PGA Championship at Baltusrol this week. But, I am ready to make a prediction about who will NOT win. Any European. The last European to win a PGA Championship was Scot Tommy Armor 75… more »

Discover golf on the Space Coast

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So I'm playing golf at the Duran Golf Club in Melbourne, FL., and it's 10:39 a.m. My playing partner and I turn to the southeast and see a ball of fire ascending into the clear, blue sky, a plume of smoke billowing behind. Of course, it's the space shutt… more »

Slowly, very slowly, Ben Crane wins US Bank Championship

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If you're a golfer and haven't seen Ben Crane play yet, do yourself a favor -- don't. If you aren't a golfer, do yourself a favor and watch him, either in person at a tournament or on television. It will either amuse and delight you or horrify you and an… more »

LPGA, Michelle Wie, Annika Sorenstam, take a bow -- now sit down

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I agree that The Rebel often has his hat on too tight and his cigar too loose, but I agree with him on his LPGA rant. Now, I have nothing against the LPGA. I like watching women's golf, though I like women's tennis better because the skirts are shorter a… more »

Fort Lauderdale: where the girls and golf are

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Being a native Floridian, I've been to Fort Lauderdale dozens of times in the past, but not in the last 10-15 years or so. Fort Lauderdale was the scene of the incredibly hokey movie, "Where the Boys Are," but my hazy memories of the place involve road… more »

Message from Sports Illustrated's Frank Deford on Michelle Wie worth noting

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Frank Deford has long been one of the few sportswriters I've admired, actually the only sportswriter I can think of I've ever really respected, along with maybe Scott Ostler and the late Shelby Strother. So I considered his opinion in his recent colum… more »

Glad and sad to see Tiger Woods win British Open at St. Andrews Old Course

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Yes, I had mixed emotions about Tiger Woods winning the British Open so easily Sunday. He's a great champion, and a ball to watch. Nobody hits it like Woods, nobody playing golf today has such intense concentration and competitive fire to go with his soa… more »

A non-fan of Jack Nickalus gives grudging respect at his last day at British Open and Old Course

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I understand this will prompt death threats and cause me misery, loss of income and possibly the estrangement of loved ones, but I've never liked Jack Nicklaus. Ever since I covered the Players Championship at Sawgrass years ago and saw him mercilessl… more »

British Open at St. Andrews' Old Course -- revered and, oh yeah, obsolete

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So I'm watching the British Open on the telly (see, I speak British) with my buddy Mike Malone from Alabama and he says: "Is that a golf course? Looks like the cow pastures we have back in 'Bama." Reminded me of Sam Snead's quote when he first saw the… more »

Kevin Drum the right man for the job promoting Mississippi golf

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The Rebel has been inhaling too much of his own cigar smoke again. In a recent blog, he blasts Mississippi Golf Coast PR man Kevin Drum for...caring too much. Drum is a good man and a good PR guy. He set up an excellent itinerary for me when I visited… more »

Greg Norman will spice up Senior British Open

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Greg Norman will inject some much-needed drama into the seniors tour. Norman, who recently turned 50, will play the 19th Senior British Open, according to press reports, and it's none too soon. Everybody loves a charger, which Norman was in his heyday… more »

Handicap cards to alleviate slow play? Ridiculous

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A reader wrote in with a suggestion for fixing slow play, saying the U.S. should go the European route by requiring valid handicap cards before getting on a golf course. That way, the reasoning goes, U.S. golfers would be forced to play from the appropri… more »

Rory Sabbatini should be a member at Grand Strand's Thistle

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The slow pace of play in golf is a subject that sparks emotion and fierce debate among both pros and hacks: You either blasted Rory Sabbatini or praised him for his recent actions that spotlighted the problem yet again. Many of you had it right: the p… more »

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