Las Vegas' Silvers a phony

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There's nothing I detest more than a phony, and Dennis Silvers, aka the Las Vegas Golf Guru, takes the cake. Here's a guy who brayed and bragged about being a no-holds-barred, kick-ass, tell-it-like-it-is blogger. But, when it came time to do just that… more »

Golf resort tipping

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The older guy who had been playing in the group in front of me, who looked like he was comfortable ordering people around, was in a lather about the ball boy wiping his clubs down without permission. Now, it's one thing for someone not to tip, it's anot… more »

Help me

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TAMPA -- I'm becoming one of those people I loathe. It's the result of staying at two of the best golf resorts in Florida -- the Westin Innisbrook and Saddlebrook. Since they're both excellent, I can't help comparing the two in small, selfish ways. I don… more »

$10 for a shot of scotch?!??

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PALM HARBOR, Fl. -- Hey, I'm no rube fresh off the hay truck -- I know when you go to a golf resort, you're going to pay resort prices. Just as when you go to an airport, you pay airport prices. But, still -- enough is enough. I ordered a shot of Chivas… more »

Big meat in Tampa

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If you're a serious carnivore and you've been to Tampa, you've probably eaten at Bern's Steakhouse. I have another great steak place for you: Packard's, at the Westin Innisbrook resort, at nearby Palm Harbor. They bring out a cart-load of meat for you… more »

Highway 19 horror

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PALM HARBOR, Fl. -- I was born and raised in Florida, so when I drive down the horror that is Highway 19 these days, starting well north of Tarpon Springs, I can only shake my head and mutter at what it's turned into. Tatoo joints, strip malls, bumper-t… more »

My Tiger Woods ploy right on the money

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Pro athletes are so predictable. All you have to do is pick them to win, and they lose. Pick them to lose, and they win. It's all about motivation and perceived respect -- or disrespect. I've done this for years in my storied journalistic career, and it… more »

CBS holding Masters hostage

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Here's some thoughts from TravelGolf's Jennifer Mario. I was wondering the same thing: Why is CBS holding the Masters hostage? Right now Tiger's made seven straight birdies to steal the lead from Chris DiMarco. This is exciting stuff, and what is CBS ai… more »

Vijay Singh the Master tracker

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I knew Vijay Singh was Indian, but I didn't know he was a master tracker. I thought it was only American Indians who could track a lizard over rock, but apparently Singh, an Indian from Fiji, managed to track Phil Mickelson's golf shoe cleat prints, whi… more »

See a violation? Call Hootie

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I'm watching these chuckleheads on TV, one of those idiotic shows where a bunch of sportswriters sit around arguing (what is it about this country now where all we do is sit around either arguing or watching other people argue?) and they're all high and… more »

Tiger takes himself out of running in Masters

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What's up with Tiger Woods at the Masters? He putts the ball into a CREEK. He hits a flag, knocking his ball into a bunker. On Friday, he hits a tree on No. 8 and ends up with a bogey. A soggy Augusta has El Tigre tossing clubs and kicking his bag. The… more »

Who will win the Masters? Here's your answer...

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With rain pouring down at Augusta, like it is here in northeast Florida, I'm going to take this opportunity to tell you who is going to win the Masters. Everybody's talking about Phil Mickelson, who won't win it because he has the game but not the nerve.… more »

Where's Martha at the Masters?

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I guess all that controversy over letting women join the Augusta National boys club is over. It was never that much to begin with -- only 40 people showed up at the rally well-known feminist Martha Burk organized there a couple years ago, less than the m… more »

Slim chance for a pudgy Phil Mickelson Masters repeat

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I have to agree with my younger and less insightful colleague, Chris Baldwin, though I usually disagree with him on more complicated matters, which tend to confuse him. This one is easy, though: I don't see Phil Mickelson repeating at The Masters either,… more »

No doctored golf balls or Arnie or Monty at The Masters

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I agree with the decision of Hootie Ingram not to introduce a doctored golf ball to this year's Masters. Why single out the tournament to play with golf balls that don't travel light years, as today's modern golf balls do? Jack Nicklaus feels the Masters… more »
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