Stop all this "Tiger is back" baloney

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Can we stop with all this "Tiger is back" nonsense? Just because he says his swing is back doesn't make it so. Just because he's won a couple of unofficial "silly season" tournaments doesn't mean he has regained his superpower form. Nicklaus went throu… more »

you lucky carolina fans - watch out, Spurrier's coming

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One more word about Steve Spurrier going to South Carolina. I have it from a reliable, inside source how Spurrier responded to the new president at the University of Florida, who asked Spurrier to submit a resume after it became known Ron Zook was out.… more »

Lefty's a bum

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I don't understand all this hullabaloo about Phil Mickelson. The guy's won one major and blown several others. Can we all say it just once: Lefty's a choker. There, doesn't that feel better? I mean, the guy's a great golfer and a friendly sort, but come… more »

Stern tough but fair

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David Stern's tough suspensions of Ron Artest and the other Pacers were right on the money. These guys should know better, and a slap on the wrist would have sent the wrong message. Yes, the fans were cretins, but the Pacers who went into the stands vio… more »

we're stuck with cell phones

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Allow me to ring in on this cell phone-on-the-golf-course discussion. A year or two ago I would have said people who let their cell phones ring on the course should be beaten with a hybrid club. Now, I simply don't care. Cell phones have become a part of… more »

Vijay is OK!

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I have to disagree with my esteemed and learned colleague, Dave Berner, and agree with some of those who responded to his blog about Vijay Singh being so boring. One guy was right, the media asks too much of pro athletes -- we want them to be both great… more »

Different Orlando golf

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If you've ever driven around the Orlando area, you've probably seen the sign with the funny name: "Howey-In-The-Hills." You chuckle and drive by. It might be worth your time to stop, if you want to play an "old-school" course. EL Campeon at Mission Inn… more »

I hate "golf communities"

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When I review a golf course, I have to guard against a natural bias: I hate golf courses that are built in "golf communities" in which the houses, condos or villas intrude on the course. Now, I understand a lot of people like this sort of thing, and I al… more »

to hell with lessons

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Has anybody ever gotten anything out of a golf lesson? I happened to be playing some of the best golf I've ever played when I made the mistake of taking a lesson. The pro completely changed my grip. I went out the next day and played the worst golf of my… more »

another luxury golf magazine

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Have you heard about the new luxury golf magazine, Golf Connoisseur? That's all we need, another slick magaizine telling all the rich people where to go to play golf, as if they didn't already know. The magazine promises to cover golf like no other publi… more »
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