Is she maturing? At least Michelle Wie shows up to finish her humiliation

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Remember when Michelle Wie quit at the Ginn Tribute last year when she was in danger of shooting an 88? That would have made her ineligible for LPGA events the rest of the year. What made it worse was the injury she cited was vague and questionable more »

LPGA to pick up slack for absent Tiger Woods? Not with American slackers

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I've read in several different places how golf can overcome Tiger Woods' absence. One guy said John Daly could do it. Don't forget Michelle Wie is back. How about Cheyenne Woods, Tiger's niece? Some say the LPGA could step it up. No way. Not wi… more »

Michelle -- "I think I can win the U.S. Open – Wie is back to her old tricks.

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Namely, Michelle Wie thinks much too highly of herself. Of course, every player should go into a tournament believing she should win, but with her history, she should consider keeping her thoughts to herself. Wie fired an 81 in the first round of t… more »

Louisiana, New Orleans and French Quarter don't let hurricanes spoil their fun

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In my younger years, I was voted the Ultimate Party Hound of Mardi Gras five years running, but it's been years since I've visited the New Orleans. Yes, there are lingering signs of Hurricane Katrina, but it's good to see Bourbon Street and the French… more »

Free green fees can get you in trouble -- National Golf Foundation drawn into nasty politics

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Who would think the World Golf Foundation could be drawn into political nastiness? It's a staid golf organization. But, a top Department of Justice official, J. Robert Flores, is under a Congressional investigation for awarding $500,000 in a federal g… more »

New Orleans golf is bouncing back

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NEW ORLEANS -- New Orleans golf was a lot slower than the Mississippi Gulf Coast to bounce back, but that's characteristic. They take things slow here in the Big Easy. A number of courses closed, but there are still some excellent courses, led by the… more »

Reynolds Plantation to host PGA Pros' National Championship

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The Reynolds Plantation is hosting the 41st PGA Professional National Championship this weekend, June 19-22. Defending champ Chip Sullivan of Troutville, VA will defend his title, joined by 10 past champions in the 132-man field, representing 32 state… more »

Rocco Mediate the People's Champion; Tiger Woods exaggerates injury

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I make no bones about it, I'm pulling for Rocco Mediate to win the 2008 U.S. Open. This is the last chance he'll ever get. Tiger Woods will have many more. If you had asked me of all the players I wanted to win the Open, I would have picked Mediate. H… more »

Phil Mickelson loses his mind at U.S. Open

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We all know Phil Mickelson is a little different – look, he's touched in the head – but his display at No. 13 in U.S. Open Saturday action was bizarre in the extreme. Three times he hits it up the hill at No. 13 from about 100 yards. Three times i… more »

Difference between Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson on painful display at U.S. Open

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The gaping gulf between the world's No. 1 and No. 2, Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson, was never on better display than Friday at the U.S. Open. The difference: it's all up there in the medulla oblongata. The head. Mickelson comes out driver-less on… more »

Win $1 million! Just predict Justin Hicks as U.S. Open champion

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Yes, that's right. I will personally sign over to you a check for $1 million if you publicly tell me that Justin Hicks will win the 2008 U.S. Open. This happens every year, and every year people get excited about a no-name leading the U.S. Open, no di… more »

Is driver-less Phil Mickelson rudder-less at U.S. Open at Torrey Pines?

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It sounds typically Phil Mickelson wacko at first. Playing the U.S. Open at the longest U.S. Open course in history without a driver. Mickelson has left the driver out of his bag in favor of his 3-wood, at least for the first round. Torrey Pines ha… more »

Highlands Links on Cape Breton is one of the prettiest golf courses in the world

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Highlands Links on Cape Breton is one of the prettiest golf courses in the world I've played a lot of beautiful golf courses around the world, and Highlands Links is among the most beautiful I've ever played. The drive alone is worth the time and e… more »

Full service gas stations gone forever? No, they still have them in Nova Scotia

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I thought I must have somehow slipped into a time warp. I pull over for gas in Nova Scotia, somewhere in the heartland as I was driving from Halifax to Digby, and an attendant comes out and starts pumping my gas. That was enough to surprise me right t… more »

Best ways to deal with crying babies on American airlines

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One of the immutable laws of man and nature is that whenever I board an airplane, a screaming baby will sit right behind me. Not two, three or four rows behind. RIGHT behind me. This can be maddening because you're trapped and there is no where to… more »
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