Ernie Els, Andres Romero and other sartorial abominations on the golf course

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I think jeans and jean shorts are terrible for the golf course. Let me add to that cargo shorts. I saw some guys playing recently at an upscale course and they were all wearing rumpled cargo shorts that hung well below their knees. They looked like orpha… more »

Golf and spouses don't mix

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How does one mix golf and a wife? Someone fill me in, please. Let me give you some background - I'll tell you a story that's as old as golf itself, but it just happened yesterday. I'm the editor of GolfStyles Ohio, and our company hosted a Players Ser… more »

Rethinking the scramble

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Yesterday, I played an interesting round of golf at a club owned by American Golf called Oakhurst Country Club south of Columbus. Two of the guys I played with hadn't been on a golf course for two years, and neither of them wanted a competitive, grinding… more »

Gary Player, steroids, creatine and a bunch of bull

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Gary Player's pronouncement that perhaps 10 players in all the worldwide professional golf tours are using steroids is patented Gary Player garbage. He's looking for media attention, and I here I sit guilty of giving it to him, so I'm just as bad as he i… more »

Watching British Open I want to know: Where are these geniuses?

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At the risk of sounding like an ugly American, I'm getting sick of English people's sense of superiority. Here's where I'm coming from. I was talking to my younger brother on Skype yesterday, and he lives in West Malvern, England. Though we both hail… more »

I don't get the British Open

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The British Open apparently strips back the veneer of my insecurities. I started watching it on the first day of play and it didn't take long before I started getting sick of listening to how awesome it is. I don't know about you, but I don't like to… more »

Why again are Canada geese federally protected?

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Aren't Canada geese just lovely? The way they fly through the air in a V formation. The way the parade their goslings in a row from wherever they are to wherever they're going. Their gray, black and white markings with the distinctive chinstrap. Their an… more »

Pappas brothers reunited at Nationwide Children's Hospital Invitational in Columbus

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The Nationwide Tour's Nationwide Children's Hospital Invitational at Ohio State University's newly renovated Scarlet Course (I'd like to see you cram more facts into a lead sentence than that) is in Columbus this week. It's the tour's first-ever invitati… more »

Wyoming golf: Moose gone wild

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I've seen lots of wildlife on the golf course before. Just this year, I've seen wild turkeys, deer, fox, groundhogs, turkey buzzards, bald eagles, herons, Canada geese (of course) and many others I can't recall right now. For the most part, these animals… more »

Should we be rolling the greens for better putting?

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I've done some writing for trade magazines over the years, and the more I hear about the practice of rolling greens, the more I like it. Apparently, people completely abandoned it for about 50 years, then picked back up on it in the 1980s. Now, you s… more »

Priapism at the AT&T National

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At 6:10 on July 8, I was sitting on my couch eating dinner with my six-year-old son as we watched the AT&T National's final round wind down. OK, so maybe you don't eat dinner in front of the TV. Go piss up a rope. Anyway, one of the tournament's o… more »

Wanna Tiger-proof a golf course? Shorter might be better

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After administering six of the eight GolfStyles Solstice Survival events, I have picked up on something. I'll get to it in a second. We play three 18-hole rounds of stroke play in one day, and average just over four hours per round. For the third roun… more »

Golf is a magic trick

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I've been covering golf for 15 years, and I've developed a theory. Golf is not an athletic body movement. It's a magic trick. The secret to golf is what your hands are doing at the moment the clubface impacts the ball. It happens so fast, the untraine… more »

Let's get it started: Michigan golf course starter thumps pickpocket

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Ever been playing slowly and have the ranger come by and give you a hard time? It's always some old pain in the ass guy who is retired and just works at the course for free golf. Well, the next time you tell your buddies how you'd like to kick his rear a… more »

Gifts from the past: A Vulcan spoon V-16, and a hickory shafted Tom Stewart putter

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Recently, I visited my uncle George Davis, and he gave me two antique golf clubs that belonged to his uncle (my great uncle) Elmer Davis. One of the clubs was a Vulcan spoon V-16, what amounts to a 3-wood. It has an early steel shaft that isn't nearly as… more »
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