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Comment from: Ron Mon [Member] Email
We are ... Marshal. Been to Chilly Willie's lately? Good town, Huntington. I think that young parents in general can be pricks, as it can tend to be all about "their" child and "her/his" battle to redefine the world. A lot of humility stops by, they redefine "their" worlds, then the globe spins on. I have found that other educational systems put the onus on the student to be responsible and produce at a younger age, at the expense of personal attention. Where we screw up is in the ego-massaging department; we go at it a little too much, too soon. Most european high school teachers are impressed with our class sizes (in all but the most overcrowded classrooms) and our connection with the students.
2007-07-20 @ 08:31
Comment from: Piko Adams [Visitor] Email
Having studied in your country, I can see why your president is such a dimwit!
Regarding the TV coverage, you obviously don't get the same feed that we do in S Africa. Watching the US Tour is like watching paint dry. The commentators are useless. Maybe you should watch more European Tour events on TV to get learn something about golf. You might also learn some of the names of the golfers who kick your butts every two years in the Ryder Cup!
2007-07-28 @ 13:22
Comment from: wendy kouvardine [Visitor]
Oh dear. Parents can be so competitive. Maybe their daughters are struggling at school and this is their way of rationalising it.

As far as TV coverage is concerned, I rant & rave at all the time given to ads. on the US coverage, not to mention scenic shots with no action, but agree that the technical coverage is superior. On both sides I get really peed off with the coverage given to TW even when he is not in contention. I know there are commercial reasons, but grrr!
2007-07-31 @ 14:38

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