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Comment from: Rob Kirchner [Visitor] Email
Dave Johnson a PGA green grass professional from Omaha, Nebraska announces the national launch of Online League Tracker a free member service for golf leagues. Dave has been a fellow PGA member for the past 22 years. He managed a private club for 19 years before becoming the owner of The Knolls, an 18 hole daily fee course 4 years ago. Having been a past President of the Nebraska Section, Dave understands the importance of sharing strategies that help enhance a player’s experience while adding to a course’s bottom line. Realizing how much leagues contribute to a course’s total rounds played, Dave developed OLT to enhance The Knoll’s league package. Identifying that league administrators are the life line to a course’s league play. Online League Tracker was designed to reduce the hassles an administrator encounters managing a league.

OLT is a web based golf league solution that allows the league’s manager to create, calculate, track and display golf handicaps, individual and team points, score cards, schedule matches, display the season’s calendar and easily communicate with league members. Allowing members to view handicaps, point changes, team standings, weekly pairings, schedules, current weather and rain outs from anywhere with internet access reduces nuisance inquires to both the administrator and the golf pro.

Online League Tracker is a best of breed solution that offers all the features of the other web based systems combined. Solutions which cost $50–$200 per league per year. These features include but are not limited to a private website for every league (including email blast, message board and a photo gallery), USGA or custom handicap calculations, a scheduling wizard that can handle multiple tracks and courses on the same night, custom score cards complete with each week’s current pairings and strokes.

Initially OLT was developed for The Knolls and was planned to be offered to other leagues for a fee. Securing sponsorship has allowed Dave to offer it for free to Green Grass Professionals when a PGA member is the one setting up the league.

In developing OLT, we designed it to benefit the Golf Professional in every way possible.

1. The annual subscription of $99 is waived when a league is set up by you a PGA member. To set up your leagues you merely have to enter the League Administrators and their email addresses.
2. Access to the system can be limited through the course’s existing website increasing your site’s traffic and ability to promote and market the course’s services.
3. A feature rich hosted website is offered at no cost to those courses currently not maintaining a website or wanting to upgrade their existing site.
4. This navigation setup also offers the course an alternative channel of communicating with league players reducing staff time fielding unnecessary phone inquiries and other league administrated tasks.
5. Additional revenue generating services for the Pro can be offered at your discretion as they become available.

To learn more about OLT and obtain your course’s credentials go to OnlineLeagueTracker.com
2009-03-10 @ 18:40
Comment from: PRO TOUR CARD [Visitor] Email

With all due respect, most of the putting aids on the market are flawed in one regard or another. For example, training aids such as the Putting Arc, Stan Utley’s Learning curve, Putting Plane System, Hi-Tec putting track, Accu-stroke, Clear track, Arc Glider and many more are not only big and bulky, they force golfers of all sizes, shapes and skill levels to use the same stroke. Over the years as a professional golf instructor, I have taught hundreds of golfers and I have seen dozens of individually unique putting styles. I know that it is physically impractical to expect an eleven year old to have the same stroke as a six foot five man. Throughout history, some of the greatest putters in the world have had very unorthodox putting strokes. The most important thing in putting is to deliver the putter face square to your intended line at impact, with the proper speed. The PRO TOUR CARD replaces an assortment of oversized training aids including the above list as well as the Pin Balls, which do not allow each ball to move on their own independent axis and often results in misleading feedback. Also, with the PRO TOUR CARD, you may use your own golf balls for a more realistic look and feel during the exercise. The PRO TOUR CARD also replaces the Putt Master with Drill # 11.

I am not saying that all of the above training aids are all bad, just bulky, and limited in performance. The PRO TOUR CARD is the only golf training aid in the world that combines all of these benefits and many more, at a fraction of the cost; while easily fitting into your pocket or golf bag. My goal was to create a product which proves that golf training aids don’t have to be expensive to be effective. By developing a golf practice and training aid that is compact, effective and affordable; we are able to help more people play better golf.

Chipping is another area where the lack of proper technique can, and does lead to errant shots, frustrated golfers and inflated scores. So why aren’t there more effective chipping aids? The ones that are out there are also very big and limited in their “all around” effectiveness. Use the PRO TOUR CARD to promote the proper angle of approach when chipping around the green (Drill #5) or practicing full wedge and short iron shots (Drill # 6) that produce green holding spin; all while using the directional arrows and the profile of the card itself, to assist with proper club and feet alignment.

Over the past several years, I have become increasingly concerned with the trendy new golf institutes that promote hooking golfers up to a series of wires, bells and buzzers in an effort to mold everyone’s swing into the perfect “robot-golfer”; never getting to see a divot or their ball fly further than the net in front of them. Like Ben Hogan said, “the answers are in the dirt.” I truly believe that the combination of simplicity, portability, size, cost and effectiveness will make the PRO TOUR CARD the number one golf practice and training aid in the world.

If you would like more information about the PRO TOUR CARD; please visit our website at: www.protourcard.com or cal 1-888-58-GOLOW
2009-03-29 @ 14:22

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