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Stuff Golf Women (White or Otherwise) Like

By Jennifer Mario, Contributor

You've all seen it. Someone sent you the link at work, and you read it despite your fear that your boss or some such would notice what you were looking at and decide you must be some kind of racist. Well never fear, it's an Internet phenomenon, and you're not the only one enjoying this particular guilty pleasure: The Stuff White People Like blog.

Annika Sorenstam
Golf women dig Annika Sorenstam.
Annika SorenstamGolf women

It's such a hit that it's spawning spinoffs left and right, from Stuff Asian People Like, to Stuff White Trash People Like, even Stuff Unimaginative Bloggers Like. All popular for one good reason: They give people a chance to poke fun at themselves.

I've never been one to eschew a perfectly good bandwagon, especially considering the $300,000 Random House book deal that Stuff White People Like just landed its author. So here goes: Stuff Golf Women (White or Otherwise) Like:

Golf lessons. No one loves golf lessons like us ladies. Some of us are known to get one every week, yet mysteriously never really improve. Male golfers consider themselves self-made, and the thought of getting a lesson makes their blood pressure rise. "They'll try to rebuild my swing!" Men have to get past their egos to even consider letting someone lend a little constructive criticism. Women on the other hand have no such hang-ups - we love having our swings analyzed and tweaked, the more the better. We go through teaching pros like most guys go through Titleists. Maybe, we think, the next one will get me to a single-digit handicap!

Golf rules. If you were to do a survey, you'd find that nine out of 10 dentists prefer Crest, and nine out of 10 Rules Nazis are women. No one follows the rules more strictly than the group on the second tee on Ladies Day. I'm not sure why, but ladies just aren't as forgiving as their male counterparts when it comes to gimmes and mulligans. Go to any women's golf advice column, and the questions being asked are almost all rules-related. As in, "My partner picked up her ball and cleaned it and she wasn't even on the green! Should she have forfeited the hole, the match, or her firstborn child?" They say women aren't as competitive as men, but they're wrong. We're competitive all right, and no one, absolutely no one is getting an unfair advantage on our watch.

Bathrooms. Women love potty parity, and since we can't really pee in the woods as gracefully as the guys, we like our golf courses to offer plenty of bathrooms. Clean ones, preferably placed every three to four holes. If the bathrooms have potpourri and are decorated in muted colors and floral prints, so much the better. You won't hear many women commenting one way or another if a golf course has a sufficient number of potties, but if there's a lack, you won't hear about anything else.

Golf clothes (the cute kind). We hate looking dowdy, a message golfwear designers didn't get until about three years ago. Thank goodness, there are now plenty of flattering, sporty clothes to pick from. The funny thing is, we generally don't dress to impress you fellas; it's our female partners we want to wow. As in, "Wow, where did you find that adorable skort?" Guys like to impress each other with their long drives. Women are duly impressed by a good drive, but even more so by a cute, well-fitting outfit. As I said before, we're competitive, all right. We won't settle for being the best golfer in the group - we also want to be the best-dressed golfer.

Annika Sorenstam. Many women golfers don't actually follow professional women's golf and couldn't tell you the difference between Lorena Ochoa and Carolina Llano, let alone differentiate between the LPGA's many Lees and Kims, but we've all heard of Annika Sorenstam. We know a few basics: she's Swedish, she's blond, and she's the best. Despite her recent back injuries, she's in the news again this year, having picked up a win in her first tournament of the season, February's SBS Open. She carries the torch for women's golf, and we love her for it.

Caddies. Women like caddies the way men like the beer cart girl. And it's not just about eye candy, it's about service. We're suckers for a courtly male squiring us around, carrying our clubs, pacing off our yardage, and searching for our lost ball. It makes us feel championed, like the princesses we all know we are deep down inside. And while the presence of a fit male in his late teens to early twenties might add to first-tee jitters, it also provides that extra little incentive to play better - you don't want to duck hook with an additional pair of eyes watching.

Jennifer MarioJennifer Mario, Contributor

Jennifer Mario is a regular contributor to the TravelGolf Network and the author of "Michelle Wie: The Making of a Champion" (St. Martin's Griffin, 2006). A graduate of Duke University, she lives in the Triangle area of North Carolina with her family.

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  • stuff women golfers like

    CP wrote on: Apr 23, 2008

    Here, here Jennifer! Yet we like Lorena Ochoa, a Latina, who we think is the best in the women's game right now, and Renee Powell an African-American PGA Professional, who was just honored by St. Andrews, Scotland as the FIRST female (black or otherwise)golfer to receive the Honorary Doctor of Laws Degree.
    the game of golf will grow with the recognition and inclusion of all types of folks!
    see www.pgamediacenter.com/pganews


  • spot on!

    Kiran wrote on: Apr 22, 2008

    Everything you say is absolutely true. Only one remark I'd like to add - if women are taking a lesson a week and not improving, they're going to the wrong pro - my women students improve in the very first lesson.


  • Golf Stuff Women Like

    Martha Huntley wrote on: Apr 19, 2008

    Clever! Fun to read! and so true! Martha


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