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The reason for our Ryder Cup failure? George W. Bush

By Tim McDonald, Contributor

Please indulge me in a final word on the U.S. Ryder Cup team's latest humiliating drubbing by the Europeans.

George Bush golfing
Responsible for Ryder Cup failures.
George Bush golfingEuropean Ryder Cup Team

Drop the excuses: The PGA Tour guys don't care enough. They're a bunch of coddled millionaires who don't know how to form warm, personal bonds with anyone besides their press agents. The selection process is flawed. The captain is a dope. The course was set up for the Europeans. Pluto was downgraded.

No, no and no.

The reason we're losing, plain and simple, is George W. Bush.

He's turned the rest of the world against us. Just as his actions in Iraq have caused terrorists to swarm together, much like cockroaches, and unite, his behavior in world affairs has given athletes around the world, just like politicians, extra motivation to beat up on us.

Many athletes can read and all of them can watch TV and you can bet they're keeping up with Bush's shenanigans. In sports, motivation is everything.

It isn't just golf. America is no longer the sports superpower it once was.

Basketball used to be our game. Now our NBA pros, once revered around the world, can't even beat Greece. Baseball was our game too. Now we can't even win the World Baseball Classic, where ally Japan and arch-nemesis Cuba played for the title. (To be fair, we should drop the "world" from that little baseball event we host every fall and just call it the North American Series.)

Let's hope they don't make our NFLers play in a world championship.

We used to own the Tour de France, which I particularly enjoyed because it's so, well, French. Now the only way we can win it is to juice up.

In boxing all the heavyweight champions are from the former Soviet Union. We can't even kick ass in the ring any more.

Soccer? Forget it. In the great scheme of world soccer, we're a dirt clog on David Beckham's cleats.

So let's stop making all these lame, irrelevant excuses and just accept the fact that we've devolved into a third-world country as far as sports and politics are concerned.

It starts at the top. With Bush alienating the world, the only recourse for many of these frustrated nations is to take it out on our athletes. The Iraq war is great bulletin-board material.

Most pro golfers are Republicans, of course. You think those European players don't know this?

When Sergio Garcia said, "Beating the Americans is always sweet," you can bet he was thinking about the U.S. ambassador's decision in 2004 to go hunting instead of attending Spain's national-day celebrations.

England's Paul Casey, who once called American golf galleries "stupid," told a reporter from a Manchester newspaper, "Bush makes those idiots look like Rhodes scholars."

Most European politicians won't come right out and say they hate America, but they do.

True, part of that hatred stems from jealousy: We have better teeth, don't have to put up with all that global-warming baloney and can buy entire geographical regions with what's sitting in petty cash. They envy our electoral process, wherein the right person backed by the right money can proclaim himself president even though, technically, he may have actually lost the election.

Same with European athletes. They usually won't come out and say it, though Garcia and Casey have come close. But they too are jealous of American golfers and, particularly, American golf courses.

I've been to Europe and seen their courses. They grow a little grass in a cow pasture and call it golf. They call it "natural" when what they really mean is "cheap." And trust me, they really don't want to walk. They'd rather ride in golf carts, but they don't want to seem "too American."

Neither European pols nor golfers want to totally alienate America, because our tourists prop up their economies, and besides, we could always bomb them silly until they took back their mean words. But you can see the anger and resentment seething just below the surface. So they make snide comments from time to time, and plan secret strategies to undermine us at every turn.

This jealousy has been exacerbated by the current administration, which has managed to turn it into pure hatred. The United States has become the world's bully and everyone loves to give the bully his comeuppance.

So view this latest Ryder Cup fiasco in the proper perspective. Our guys never had a chance. Thanks, George. You've turned us into losers.

Tim McDonaldTim McDonald, Contributor

Veteran golf writer Tim McDonald keeps one eye on the PGA Tour and another watching golf vacation hotspots and letting travelers in on the best place to vacation.

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  • We can exterminate those whitey American golfers, along with the NBC Golf Team.

    Black Panthers wrote on: Jul 17, 2009

    We can exterminate every whitey in the 2010 Ryder Cup team along with everyone at NBC Sports and Golf Channel.
    Obama's in charge now, and if the US loses, we can take care of those white American loser golfers.


  • Michelle Wie Is The Problem.

    Mahmoud Ahmedinejad wrote on: May 21, 2009

    The 2006 U.S. Ryder Cup Team Raped Michelle Wie Throughout The Entire Ryder Cup. Next Time They Host The Ryder Cup In Europe, Have Michelle Wie Take On The Euros By Herself.


  • Bravo!

    Mahmoud Ahmedinejad wrote on: May 21, 2009

    Now I can send a nuclear bomb to the U.S. the next time the U.S. chokes to the foreigners. Thanks, George. Now, I think I'll kidnap the entire 2006 Ryder Cup team and convert them to Islam.


  • I supported Bush.

    Mahmoud Ahmedinejad wrote on: May 21, 2009

    Hey, want to make love with me, since you blamed the Americans sports problems with Bush? I think I love you. Let's get married! Call me at 412-333-5352 or 412-575-2345 and let's have some plans for marriage.


  • Tim McDonald, owner of the Tehran Ragheads basketball team

    Mahmoud Ahmedinejad wrote on: May 21, 2009

    Nice going. I heard that you were picked by Mahmoud Ahmedinejad to be the head coach of the Tehran Ragheads basketball team, or Bin Laden has hired you to coach the Islamabad Headcutters football team should they make it to the pros. Maybe you could join Hamas' baseball team and qualify for the next World Baseball Classic.


  • How typically flawed

    Mr. Watson wrote on: Oct 4, 2006

    your analysis is. The MSM is full of fanatical liberal supports who bash any and all things American as being a conservative issue. Yet again another example of a skewed liberal using his pulpit to blame and never offer a solution.


  • Ryder Cup failure

    Soula Morris wrote on: Oct 4, 2006

    I am a European living in the United States. I think what some or maybe many Europeans dislike about certain American (mis?)perceptions is the notion that Europeans, or the rest of the world for that matter, is jealous. Jealous of what? Ignorance coupled with arrogance? Do me a favor: Take the article above, and replace the words Europe/Europeans with America/Americans. Pretty insulting, isn't it? A little less self-glorification would become this country very well these days. If one is so blinded by ones own superiority, one tends to loose sight of reality. Ask Nero. Greatness comes from within and not because you represent something. So the next time you are wondering why America is getting its behind kicked in rapid succession, don't blame Bush (even though he deserves it.) Blame your own imperialistic attitutde. Bush shines through you, thank you very much.


  • Straight Talk

    Mr. Watson Niac wrote on: Oct 3, 2006

    Never have I read a more lucid description of why our American golfers can't compete worth a plug nickel in The Ryder Cup.
    I have an admission to make. It's painful. I was pulling for the Europeans to win the Ryder Cup. All because of the arrogant, bully-of-the-world, love-it-or-leave-it posture of our current occupant of the White House and his band of smirking thugs. They provide all the motivation anyone needs to kick American booty.
    Hopefully, in a couple of years us golfers and non-golfers and every other dadburned American, regardless of race, color or pay check, will get our country back.
    And I'll be able to cheer our athletes once more.
    Army Specialist (Ret.) and Vietnam Veteran Watson Niac


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