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Golf personality profile: World-record holding ball-striker David Ogron

By Jason Scott Deegan, Senior Staff Writer

David OgronAUBURN HILLS, Mich. - It was only by chance that David Ogron found the skill that has allowed him to break three Guinness World Records.

One day, Ogron and his buddies were hitting balls on the range. They started whacking as many balls as Vijay Singh does in his legendary practice sessions, only at a rapid-fire pace.

"I was just getting so frustrated about not making cuts and I was wondering how to support my family," Ogron recalls of his mini-tour days on the then-Hogan Tour (now called the Nationwide) and Lone Star Tour from 1987-99. "We were seeing who could hit the ball the fastest. That's when I realized I had a talent."

An odd talent, but nonetheless, a skill no one else possesses. He is today, no doubt, the fastest ball-striker in the world.

The 41-year-old teaching professional from Laguna Beach, Calif., is the only person to ever hold three world ball-striking records at the same time - most golf balls hit in an hour, 12 hours and 24 hours.

And he's dedicated 2005 to try and break those records on his Miracle Golf Tour (www.miraclegolftour.org). He hopes the tour raises thousands for The National Children's Cancer Society, a tribute to his father, who passed away a victim of the disease.

David OgronOgron says he has lined up Toyota as a corporate sponsor in his attempt to break his one-hour record in all 50 states. His plan is to travel to PGA, LPGA and Champions Tour events to host clinics, showing his maddening technique as he blasts ball after ball.

Like a human ball machine, he propels his 5-wood rescue club as a windmill, never resting. His ball setter, Scott 'Speedy' McKinney, sets each ball on the tee quickly to keep Ogron's rhythm going. Each ball must travel at least 100 yards and land within a 30-degree arc to count. According to Guinness, 9,352 golfers have attempted the 24-hour record over the years, and more than 35,000 have attempted the one-hour record.

He hit 2,275 balls in one hour in Michigan during the 35th Ryder Cup last September to raise roughly money for a local man paralyzed by an accident.Unfortunately, only a small crowd witnessed the breaking of the record.

Bruce Conroy, a Michigan golf professional who helped to coordinate the event, said the show would have been more exciting if there was a crowd, particularly children, to generate a sense of drama.

"The fact that he hit that many balls is grueling," Conroy said. "He's round-housing, round-housing. I don't know how the ball setter has all his fingers. The act is pretty unique."

Consider this: hitting 2,275 shots equates to a ball every 1.58 seconds. Let's say you played 30 rounds of golf last year, shooting 90 every time. That's a mere 2,700 shots in one year, well below Ogron's record.

"People think it is just so incredible," Ogron says of his clinic. "They wonder, 'How can this guy keep going?'"

His training regimen is one of the secrets. He says he runs four miles every morning and night. Toss in a 3-mile swim and 150 pushups, not to mention the range time. He used to be a big smoker, but gave it up.

"We have hit probably over 400,000 golf balls in the last year," he said. "We've got it down to a science right now, so we don't have to work out as much. But I don't want an injury. Sometimes we hit 2,000 to 5,000 balls a week."

David OgronOgron, who has a 1.5 handicap, said going for any of the records is a grueling test of stamina.

"The thing about it is the first 10 minutes you feel like throwing up," he said. "It is kind of like starting the race. It's like getting into a dryer. You tumble around. You're not situated. Finally, you get with the rhythm and flow."

Ogron said he conjures up mental images of the sick children he visits in the hospitals to push through his world-record attempts.

"You go through stages where you have peaks and down moments," he said. "I try to do mind over matter. I just feel the flow of the club and let the club do the work and not worry about injuries."

His 12-hour record of 6,971 balls, set in June, 2002, in California, was tough. But nothing compares to the 24-hour marathon. He hopes to double his 24-hour record of 10,392 set in 2003 during a trip to Asia next year.

"The 24-hour record is hell," he admitted. "Can you imagine hitting that many balls? I pace myself. We took breaks. What got me was the first hour. My left arm, blood started coming out of my arm. Doctors told me to quit."

But Ogron just kept on swinging. That's exactly what he plans on doing all year long.

Jason Scott DeeganJason Scott Deegan, Senior Staff Writer

Jason Scott Deegan has reviewed more than 700 courses and golf destinations for some of the industry's biggest publications. His work has been honored by the Golf Writer's Association of America and the Michigan Press Association. Follow him on Twitter at @WorldGolfer.

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  • David Ogron

    Jules James wrote on: Mar 25, 2013

    David Ogron is a Music Man, a flim-flammer, a snake oil salesman. Golf tricks, energy drinks, weight loss devices, charity scams -- Mr. Orgon has a long history of showmanship thievery. And since he flagrantly ducked out on a $670.96 worth of shipping my company did for him, I'll be loudly chasing him to the Gates of Hell. Don't do business with David Ogron.


    • RE: David Ogron

      David Ogron wrote on: Jul 28, 2014

      Did I retune your money to you? Please answer that question.. YES YOU DID GET ALL YOUR MONEY!!!


    • RE: David Ogron

      David Ogron wrote on: Jul 28, 2014

      First of all Mr James received his machine and also his money! He paid 600.00 for a machine that was worth 2,000.00 so it really sucks when your tring to do a good thing for somebody they bad mouth you!


    • RE: David Ogron

      Norman Strawder wrote on: May 2, 2013

      I agree. David Ogron is not to be trusted. He took over $600.00 of my money and never shipped the equipment I purchased. He tries to make you feel sorry for him because he had a hard life and hides behind his so- called motivational speeches, childrens cancer charities, etc. He is a crook, scam artist, thief, and a worthless piece of s**t. Do NOT do any business with this crook. I have made it my goal to stop this low-life from hurting anyone else.


      • RE: RE: David Ogron

        David Ogron wrote on: Jul 28, 2014

        Mr Norman,
        Did you receive your product? Of course you did! Can you tell the people who the crook is when you charged back and still got your product. You should tell everybody that!


      • RE: RE: David Ogron

        loris wrote on: Jun 20, 2014

        I thot the same. Bot a machine 5-16 & could never get a tracking number. Lots of excuses. but we called the company a couple times, & David many more & received our machine today! Loraine is the lady to talk to at 888 816-0888.
        Good luck.


      • RE: RE: David Ogron

        Eric wrote on: May 5, 2014

        He tries to pass himself off as a PGA professional in order to get free golf. Is offended when you tell him the proper protocol when it comes to comped rounds for PGA Professionals. He is bad guy!


        • RE: RE: RE: David Ogron

          David Ogron wrote on: Jul 28, 2014

          This is David Ogron and I am a PGA Professional. When you go to a course that disrespects you, you tend to get a little angry.. Bad Guy ,, Really.. Ive raised awareness and participated in charity events all of the world.. What have you done??


  • speed golfer

    Dave stingle wrote on: Jan 3, 2005

    I've been around golf for over 30 years and I have never seen nothing like this. David keep up the good work


  • Fastest golfer

    John Spots wrote on: Jan 3, 2005

    Great story! Great cause


  • world record golfer

    mary hett wrote on: Jan 2, 2005

    This is the most incredible story I have ever read. When will he be in Calfornia? It's great! Finally somebody is raising money for such a great cause.
    Thank you


    • RE: world record golfer

      Dave Crouch wrote on: Mar 31, 2015

      Funny. Mary Hett has no recollection of ever writing this, and wouldn't have, even to help front your then-gig. She certainly would not have pretended not to know you, and ask when you might be coming to town, one month before having your kid. Did you log on to her computer and puff yourself up under her name?
      You've logged on to your Youtube channel and written flattering things about yourself, under your own name. So, unless you're operating under the auspices of the Imperial "we", I can only assume these are attempts to counter bad press by making up good press?


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