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Duffing moms will be thrilled with Mother's Day golf gifts

By William K. Wolfrum, Contributor

Those who support women's golf often stress the points that it's a great game for exercise, meeting new people, gaining self confidence and a host of other equally fabulous things.

Mother's Day 1
A perfect Mother's Day for many golfing moms is a day on the course with their husband, sans kids.
Mother's Day 1Norman clothesCallaway Fusion

That goes double for a mother who plays golf, as not only is the exercise a huge plus, but the peace of mind that golf can give cannot be ignored, either. Plus, if you're a golfing mother, you have given yourself one more day a year to expect to see your most desired golf items appear before you in gift form.

Basically, mothers need to golf so that they'll be easier to buy for on Mother's Day.

Still, even if you are one of those lucky souls blessed with a mother duffer, you need to put some thought into the situation. After all, there's nothing worse that giving a gift and then finding out it was returned. It means your gift to that person became an errand.

So to avoid any additional errands (golfing moms need to be vigilant with their time), here are some can't-miss golfing gifts for your favorite woman on Mother's Day.

Mother's Day must-have golf gifts

TravelGolf.com columnist and author Jennifer Mario is married with three small children and makes a very simple case for what most female golfers would like for a Mother's Day gift.

"A round of golf. With husband. And no kids. After sleeping late. And finding the kitchen sparkly clean when she does emerge," Mario said.

So keep this in mind: making a tee time, hiring a babysitter and cleaning the house will surely earn you big points this Mother's Day. But be a realist - you still need to do more.

It's not exactly a big secret that women love gifts of clothes - provided they meet the proper style requirements. For women golfers, fashion is part of the game, and you can check Down Under to find a look any mother would love.

"My personal favorite apparel is Greg Norman Golf," Mario said. "They offer really great golf clothes for women, clothes cut to flatter, while being neither matronly nor overly sexy, at decent prices."

Be sure to do your homework so that you get the right size, and you'll find a stylish golfing mom feeling appreciated this Mother's Day with her new duds. Prices will range from $25-$85 and you can feel comfortable with the quality, because Norman didn't get rich by winning majors, or by selling shoddy products.

Golf gear

Nothing is too good for the mom in your life. Do you hear that? Well, now's the time to act on it. With Mother's Day landing on May 14, this year, you can have your golfing mom playing with the most modern equipment on May 15.

That's the day Callaway will release the "friendliest irons they have ever created" - the Fusion Wide Sole Irons.

Designed to be as forgiving as your mom, the new Callaway irons come with a price tag of $1,440 with steel shafts and $1,800 in graphite with additional clubs running from $180-$225.

But money should never be an object when it comes to your mom, right?

Golf fitness gifts

Fitness is always an important part of a woman's life, and for a female golfer, well, she has certainly been made aware of what muscles she'll need to work on.

With a motto of "discover the power to amaze yourself," Curves has been catering to working-out women for nearly 30 years and have 9,000 locations available, with all the locations being women-only. Curves locations aren't meat markets, they're a place for women to work out.

At Curves, they base their work-out plan on 30 minutes a day, three days a week, so getting in great shape doesn't seem like too much of a burden. Nonetheless, it will take a bit of guile to give a health spa membership as a Mother's Day gift, but in the end, she and her golf game will thank you.

A little light reading

There's nothing like a good book to round off your shopping needs for that golfing mother. "A Woman's Own Golf Book" was written by Barbara Puett and Jim Apfelbaum and is a great read for the modern female golfer.

Puett was a student of the legendary Harvey Penick and this is a book that follows in the footsteps of Penick's great work.

And don't forget Mario's own book, "Michelle Wie: The Making of a Champion."

William K. WolfrumWilliam K. Wolfrum, Contributor

William K. Wolfrum keeps one eye on the PGA Tour and another watching golf vacation hotspots and letting travelers in on the best place to vacation. You can follow him on Twitter @Wolfrum.

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