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It's a family thing for Tiger now

News about Tiger Woods' engagement left us with questions. What kind of gift do you get the guy who has everything? And how is married life going to treat the world's best golfer? After reading plenty of opinions, we've decided Tiger is going to be just fine, thank you.

High-profile athletes in other sports get married every week, and it barely makes the news. But Tiger's impending nuptials caused a definite ripple in the sports world. Given his work ethic and unparalleled focus, marriage should only make him a more complete person. It may even bring his game to another level, if that's possible. Like any business professional, the top athletes are able to balance family and work. Tiger will likely continue to find success in both. As always, your comments are welcome.

A fighter's chance

Of all the high profile athletes, Tiger appears to be the most grounded. Katilda and Earl raised a good man - We all know how focused he is - but you can tell, this guy still has a certain glint in his eye that let's you know he's not above mischief. He's under a constant microscope where everything he says and does is magnified thru every media portal from Sports Center to chat rooms. I happened to be watching a televised clinic for kids this past weekend. He was demonstrating how to hit certain shots, then started hitting 300 bombs at the TV tower, hitting the camera with his last shot... that's the mischief surfacing. He's still a kid.

All things considered, with all his responsibility, success and financial independence - 25 is still young!

And while the pressures of the Tour have taken it's toll on many relationships, there are larger hurdles for Tiger. His focus will need to be there. But, as I said before, his parents did a good job. I like his chances...I'll give him 2 strokes a side.

James Ellis, via email

More endorsements needed

Tiger is going to find out that even he can't make enough money. Believe me - it won't be long before you'll hear he's negotiating new deals with Nike and Buick because he needs the money.

Nick Aramino, via email

Trouble in paradise

On the question of marriage affecting Tiger's game, you only have to look at some of the stars who got married and have fallen away. Justin Leonard and Phil Mickelson are recent examples. Fred Couples and Brad Faxon were divorced and have never really been at the top again.

David Duval is thinking about getting married to a lady with 3 kids. Yikes; his game is bad enough without having to worry about someone else's children. I'm sure there are many more divorces and marriages on tour that the average guy never hears about. Look at Hal Sutton with all his marriages; his game went down the drain for long enough. Unless you find another Winnie Player or Barb Nicklaus, wait till your carrer is over, there are lots of women out there.

Bill Hutchison, via email

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