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Gift ideas: All we girls want for Christmas is - golf stuff

By Jennifer Mario, Contributor

Winter is rolling around, as it tends to do, and you're next round of golf seems as far away as the pin on an uphill par 5. You may find yourself wondering how you'll survive that prolonged cold spell between late November and mid-March.

Ah, Christmas. What better time to stock up on golf stuff!?
ChristmasKiawah Island Golf ResortGift for Golfing Gals

But take heart - along with negatives of winter come the biggest positive of all: Christmas. What better time to stock up on golf stuff?

Of course, if you're one of those people who actually believes that business about it being better to give than to receive, you probably need some help figuring out what it is you should give.

I'm here to tell you the good news. If there's a female golfer in your life, figuring out what to get is the easy part. Your Christmas gifts will practically shop for themselves.

Why is it so easy? Because I've already done the work for you. I asked around - every woman golfer I know, plus a few more - and compiled this handy gift guide, with options for every budget. Enjoy.

If you're on a budget

• A dozen golf balls, but only if you know her favorite brand. If you show up with Top-Flites and she's a Titleist girl, she'll know you're cheap and lazy. Probably not the message you're trying to get across.

Reading material. If you can't be on the course, the next best thing is to read about it. A subscription to Golf for Women magazine and a copy of Harvey Penick's classic, For All Who Love the Game, should fit the bill nicely.

• A round of golf with you.

If you can spend a little bit more

• A golf-shop gift certificate. Golf Galaxy, Nevada Bob's, your local pro shop - you pick the store, she picks the goods. Can't get to a shop? Try an online catalog. The Golf Warehouse and Golfsmith offer a good array of selections for women, and you can send an e-certificate straight to her inbox.

• As one of my friends put it: "An attractive golf outfit where everything matches in my favorite colors." If you know her size and a female sales associate is anywhere to be found, you too can put together such an ensemble.

If you don't know her size or preferred designers, sneak a peek at the label next time she wears something that looks particularly good on her. Safe brands for the under-40 set: Adidas and Nike. Over 50? Bobby Jones and Lizgolf. For those mysterious women in between, there is no safe brand. You'll just have to look at those labels.

• A round of golf with you.

If money's no object

• A weekend golf excursion. Set it up yourself - hotel, tee times, dinner reservations, everything. Book her for a spa treatment after 18 holes and you'll be her hero for life. Extra credit if you take her someplace warm.

Golf school. For my 30th birthday my husband shipped me off to Pebble Beach's Golf Academy for a lesson with their resident pro. What a fantastic experience, and what a difference it made in my game. I can't wait to see what I get on my 40th.

• A round of golf with you.

For everyone, regardless of budget

• A round of golf with you.

I know, I keep harping on this point. But it was the most sought-after item among the women I asked. Clear the calendar, arrange for a babysitter, set a tee time. It really is that simple.

Word to the wise: I probably don't need to tell you this, but just in case you find yourself tempted, resist the urge to buy anything that could be described as "golf crap." Golf doormats. Figurines. Sno-globes. Guys don't like them, and neither do women. Follow golf's golden rule and buy no doo-dad you wouldn't want yourself.

Even with this cornucopia of options, some of you may still find yourselves confused about what to buy your favorite golf chick. Well, here's a crazy idea: Ask her. If she's got her eye on something special, she'll let you know.

Jennifer MarioJennifer Mario, Contributor

Jennifer Mario is a regular contributor to the TravelGolf Network and the author of "Michelle Wie: The Making of a Champion" (St. Martin's Griffin, 2006). A graduate of Duke University, she lives in the Triangle area of North Carolina with her family.

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