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Heavy Putter comes through with heavy match on the line (but it doesn't do dishes)

By Katharine Dyson, Special Contributor

Today was the Big Match against Georgia, my long-time nemesis. I knew my pals were thinking I would lose. Again. But I would surprise them all. This time I would win. I knew it. My secret weapon - Heavy Putter's CX2 model - would make it all possible.

Stephen Boccieri - Heavy Putter
Stephen Boccieri's Heavy Putter has helped Katharine Dyson to (finally) putt more consistently.
Stephen Boccieri - Heavy PutterHeavy Putter - Golf ClubsStephen Boccieri in Headquarters

It had taken more years than I cared to think about of hard work to track the right weapon for the job. In golf tournament after golf tournament, I failed to deliver, often on the last hole, the last putt. This time it would be different.

And I owed it all to Stephen Boccieri who had gone undercover and come up with a plan. He'd worked it all out in the depths of his basement. It was a weighty project, but when it was unveiled, it performed like magic.

With my CX2 camouflaged in my bag under a furry pink panther head cover, Georgia would never know - until it was too late.

We teed off and both placed our next shots on the green. Georgia missed her 10 footer, I faced about a 6-foot putt to win the hole.

I could see Georgia wasn't worried. She had a big smirk on her face. She knew no way would I sink it. History, babe. History.

But the worm was about to turn. Thinking smugly about my secret weapon - my CX2 - I was ready to strike. Laugh, you fool.

Pulling the CX2 out of my bag, I slowly pulled off the pink panther cover by the tail.

Then I took my time. Lay low on the green emulating Villegas as best I could without falling on my face or cracking my knees. I stood up, went through my routine, then tick, tock, tick tock, back, though. The ball rolled, rolled. Bam - into the hole!

And it happened again on the next hole. And again.

"What is that you're using?" asked Georgia, puzzled.

"My new putter."

"Sure. But what is that thing."

"It's my Heavy Putter."

"But what is it?"

"Something new. Think all putters weigh the same? They do, more or less. Except for this one. This is the first putter to be created with an entirely new concept."


"Here, hold it."

"God, this is heavy."

"That's what I just told you. It's a Heavy Putter. That's what it's called. And this is only the mid-weight version."

"How did it get so heavy? And why?"

"This guy, Boccieri - you pronounce it "bo-CHERRY" - he's an engineer who came up with a special weighting technology to help you putt more consistently.

"You know how I used to get very wristy? Push my putt, pull it. Miss the hole? This putter helps eliminate this nasty habit by forcing me to use my larger muscles."

"Sounds suspect."

"No, really. John Daly's using it. A lot of pros have discovered it. It helps get that pendulum thing going."

"Obviously it works for you."

"Seems so. Mine is the mid-weight, though. Boccieri has many other models out there including the original that is even heavier than this."

"Humm. Maybe I should check it out."

"Maybe you should. Finding a putter that works for you, is half the battle."

"Well I can see you've definitely improved. You used to stink."

"I know, I know. For a long time I was putting with the Ping B60, an older club I found in my cellar. I putted well with it until I went to a short-game school and was told it was way too long for me and I should cut it down to 33 inches. So that's what I did. I also had it re-gripped with a wonderful bright red, thick, soft grip.

"Problem was, in cutting it down, the balance and weight had changed. It felt like a baby putter to me. Couldn't sink anything, no feel at all. I plastered it with lead tape, filled the shaft with sand, but the magic - whatever feel had been there before - had vanished. Kaput.

"Then I tried others. Nothing. I couldn't make a putt, even a short 3-footer, if I had a rope around my neck. I was useless."

Until the Heavy Putter turned that scenario around. Boccieri told me his "Ah Ha" moment came the minute he put it in his hands.

Me too. I also found that in feeling the putting stroke better, the rest of my game improved as well. And think about it. When you realize that half your score can be putts, it puts everything into perspective.

"Never thought about it that way."

"Why don't you try it out? The important thing is to have confidence in what you're using. For you it could be the Odyssey Two-Ball or the Titleist Scotty Cameron. Or the Heavy Putter. Whatever works.

"You don't have to marry the club, just have an affair with it. If it starts to let you down, you can move on."

"So what else does it do?" asked my now defeated opponent.

"Well, it doesn't do dishes."

Katharine DysonKatharine Dyson, Special Contributor

Katharine Dyson is a golf and travel writer for several national publications as well as guidebook author and radio commentator. Her journeys have taken her around the world playing courses and finding unique places to stay. She is a member of the Golf Writers Association of America, Metropolitan Golf Writers of America; Golf Travel Writers Organization and Society of American Travel Writers. Follow Katharine on Twitter at @kathiegolf.

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