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Sheraton Miramar Resort ups the ante with Palace Royal Suites

By GolfPublisher Staff, Staff Report

By Heather McMichael

Sheraton Miramar's Palace Royal Suite
Sheraton Miramar's Palace Royal Suite is the ultimate in Middle Eastern luxury.
Sheraton Miramar's Palace Royal SuiteSheraton Miramar

When architect Michael Graves put together the Sheraton Miramar Resort, it was meant to be a luxury resort of the highest quality. Graves did his part, and now the management of the resort is doing its part, as well.

Combining Arabic and Egyptian Nubian styles, the Sheraton Miramar Resort is located in the Village of El Gouna, near the tourist town of Hurghada.

With a professional water-ski school, and Gene Bates Golf Course of El Gouna nearby, the resort has long been a top destination. Now, with technology playing such a large part in people's lives, the Sheraton Miramar Resort has upgraded the technology of its ultra-luxurious Palace Royal Suite.

Recently, the Sheraton Miramar fully upgraded the technology of its Palace Suite to ensure it stays abreast of new developments. These changes include a plasma screen TV, DVD and BOSE speakers, which will leave guests feeling connected and entertained.

The Palace Royal Suite is the ultimate in luxury at the Sheraton Miramar Resort, which itself is renowned for its luxurious surroundings. The Palace Royal Suite features two bedrooms, a private lounge, private terraces, reading room and private pool deck.

This upgrade helps show the Sheraton Miramar Resort's dedication to creating the best vacation ambiance in the entire Middle East. And while the Palace Royal Suite can be considered luxury personified, the rest of the resort, and its location, is difficult to ignore.

"It's not just the Palace facility itself that's so special — it's the private beach and the impeccable service that pampers the every whim of the guest," General Manager Klaus Christandl said.

The Palace Royal Suite has quickly developed a reputation throughout the Middle East and Europe, as many nationals from places like Kuwait and Saudi Arabia are frequent visitors. Also, the Palace Suite is often used for guests staying on honeymoon, or looking for a romantic getaway.

"It's difficult to imagine anything in the world being a greater demonstration of perfect, luxurious living than those extraordinary two floors we call The Palace," Christandl said. "No matter how many people are in the touring party, The Palace is ready."

Consisting of two full floors and 25 available rooms (as needed), the Palace Royal Suite is perfect for families, or other large groups that can afford — and demand luxury — and even includes a chef at the on-site kitchen.

Aside from the Palace Royal Suite, the Sheraton Miramar Resort has 338 rooms, including six junior suites and four executive suites. Hotel facilities include five swimming pools, an aqua center with an international diving school, water skiing, windsurfing and golf.

Guests will also be enthralled with the dining options. The Miramar Restaurant for International offers an endless variety at its buffet, while La Piscina Italian Restaurant and Orient 1001 will keep adventurous diners enthralled.

For travelers, there truly is an oasis in the desert, and that oasis keeps getting better, as Egypt's Sheraton Miramar Resort's Palace Royal Suite pushes the envelope of luxury that's sure to meet even the most discriminate tastes.

GolfPublisher Staff, Staff Report

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