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Campbell, Verplank talk after Hope Chrysler Classic

Texas native Chad Campbell continued his blistering start to the 2006 PGA Tour campaign, holding off Scott Verplank and Jesper Parnevik to win the Bob Hope Chrysler Classic.

Chad Campbell
Chad Campbell
Chad CampbellScott Verplank

The victory is the third for Campbell on the PGA Tour and, combined with his second-place finish at the Sony Open in the season opener, puts him on top of the money list for 2006, already having earned more than $1.3 million.

Here's what Campbell and Verplank had to say in the post-tournament press conference:

Chad Campbell

Q: Congratulations on your third career victory. Talk about how tough of a day it was out there for your whole group.

Chad Campbell: It was, it was tough. Our group, John started off well. He got it to a couple under early and me and Scott kind of struggled, hit some bad shots. I was able to finish off the front nine pretty good with a birdie and an eagle and hit a really bad shot on 10. That kind of started a couple rough holes for me, 10 and 13, hit it in the water on 13 and probably the best shot I've hit in a while was the bunker shot on 13 after I knocked it in the water.

I think that kind of saved the round and gave me a little momentum going. I was able to make a couple of birdies coming down the stretch.

Q: Chad, runner-up last week. A win in your second week. Is 2006 the year of Chad?

Chad Campbell: I hope so. We're off to a good start. Definitely happy with the way things are going this week. Nice to come back after the way things worked out last Sunday, to come out today and get the job done.

Q: Eight of your nine rounds in the 60s this year, at this tournament alone, I think all but one round under par. Talk about particularly this tournament and how well you played.

Chad Campbell: You know, I felt like I played really well this week. I hit a lot of good shots. I hit the ball really close and made the putts when I needed to. You really took advantage of the par 5s. I don't know exactly what I was for the par 5s for the week, but I think it was pretty good.

I think that's crucial out here on these courses. You can really build momentum from a lot of the par 5s that are reachable in two, so even if you don't make eagle, you can make easy birdies, two-putt birdies. Really keeps you going, keeps your round going or gets it started. That was nice to be able to take advantage of them and that was the key for me.

Q: In the middle stretch of holes, you made a couple of longest-par putts, I think you made an 11-footer, a 7- and a 12-footer at 11 to save par, and then you make the bogey putt at 13, in addition to the 32-foot eagle putt. Your putting obviously saved you throughout the day.

Chad Campbell: It did. I keep talking about the 6-iron that I hit. I guess it would not have been that good if I didn't make a putt.

You know, making those par putts, that's what it's about on Sunday. You know, a lot of times you don't have your best game. You've just got to grind it out.

I was definitely happy with the way that I did that today.

Scott Verplank

Q: Scott, a difficult day, for most of the group actually it seemed.

Scott Verplank: Yeah, none of us played any good to be honest with you. You know, the wind picked up, the golf course changes immensely. I was just a little quick. I don't know whether it was the wind or nerves or whatever it was. I was just a little quick and I didn't hit the ball near as well, particularly with my irons, as I have the previous day.

Yesterday, I hit the ball beautifully. Today, I didn't have it very good. And the way our group was, it was a matter of survival.

Q: There's obviously disappointment, but it's your first event of the year and you said you didn't practice a lot over the off-season to give yourself time to heal, and you start off the season still with a second place finish.

Scott Verplank: Yeah, obviously I'm going to - I'm disappointed I didn't give myself a better chance to win, but I'm sure sometime next week I'll say - I'll start pulling some positive from it.

I guess I just need to go back and work on finishing it off. What I've done mentally to prepare for this year I think has been correct and to get off to a - like you said, good start, very first week out of the shoot without physically preparing that much, I am happy with that.

Q: You were close the whole time, and probably until even at that moment, is there a level of frustration to know that there's a winnable tournament there?

Scott Verplank: Oh, yeah. If I played any good today, I would have had a tremendous chance. I just didn't play well. I need to get that figured out, I guess. I've had that a couple of times here in the last year or two. So I need to go home and think about it, I guess, and get that figured out.

I got the other part figured out. I just need to get that last little bit.

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