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Webb, Wie discuss fantastic finish at Kraft Nabisco Championship

Karrie Webb finished off a final-round 65 with style at the Kraft Nabisco Championship, holing an eagle chip from nearly 120 yards on her way to her seventh career LPGA major victory.

Karrie Webb
Karrie Webb
Karrie WebbMichelle Wie

After 72 holes, Webb was tied with first-round leader Lorena Ochoa, but rolled in a seven-foot birdie putt on the first playoff hole for the victory.

Webb's brilliant comeback helped overshadow a strong performance by 16-year-old Michelle Wie. With a chance on 18 to enter the playoff with Webb and Ochoa, Wie chose to play aggressively, and ended with par on the hole to finish in a tie for third place.

Here is what Webb and Wie had to say following the Rancho Mirage, Calif., event:

Karrie Webb

Question: Second victory at the Kraft Nabisco Championship, talk about how you're feeling right now.

KARRIE WEBB: If I can put it into words. I'm ecstatic right now. I feel pretty lucky to be here. Obviously, you know, when you hit a shot at the flag on the last hole thinking you need birdie at least, when it goes in the hole, there's always a little bit of an element of luck there. So I feel pretty fortunate. Just a lot of hard work paid off, just really enjoying the moment.
Q: How were you feeling when you holed that eagle shot on 18?

KARRIE WEBB: Like I said, it was straight at the pin and I wanted it to get close so I had a good birdie chance. And when it went in, I just couldn't believe it. I think my heart just about jumped out of my chest, because it was aching for about five minutes after. No, it was definitely very exciting.

Q. Was it getting harder to believe in yourself having gone four years since your last major two years since your last win out here?

KARRIE WEBB: It was. But in practice I was seeing such unbelievable stuff, like stuff that I've never been able to do before hitting the golf ball. You know, I saw a lot of it this week. I didn't see it on every hole and sometimes there wasn't a lot of trust there. That's the thing that was so hard to be patient, because it would be one thing if I wasn't seeing any of this work, you know, coming out in practice, then it would be hard to believe in myself. But my practice has been so good, that every week it was like, is this going to be the week, is this the week everything falls into place. It was just a matter of trying to be patient. And a lot of people around me didn't think I was being patient enough. Yes, that is what I had to do, just hang in there.

Q. Obviously before the 18th you played very well today. What were you doing well today that may be better than the last couple of days?

KARRIE WEBB: Well, I made a lot of putts today. I made a good few on the front nine, like 20, 25 footers. And that was really what had held me back mostly for the week, was my putting.

And then when I made the turn I started to swing it a little bit better. I started to have a few more good birdie opportunities. When I made the turn I was just trying to think, I was at 5 under. I still felt I had an outside shot.

And then I birdied 10 and 11, and I was like, well, supposedly I've done this before, so I'm supposed to be the one that's got all the experience. And Michelle and Natalie and Lorena have obviously won, but Michelle and Natalie hadn't. So I was like, they're not going to go out there and blitz the back nine, so try to post a score and see what happens.

Q. Can you elaborate a bit on your experience versus the three young girls in the lead today?

KARRIE WEBB: Well, I guess I know that I've been down this stretch and I know what it takes to win major tournaments. I think my best shot that I hit today was my chip it was a pitch really on 16, because I had to get up and down there and I knew I had to get up and down.

You know, I think that I just knew I had a little bit of an edge over the three of them, probably not so much Lorena because she had won, but I knew I had that edge if I could post a number that it would be really hard for them to go out and produce you know, I mean they're all very, very talented players. I just knew that there's more of a weight on their shoulders when they actually have to make a birdie to be in a playoff or win the tournament.

Michelle Wie

Q. The choice between chipping and putting, what was going through your mind?

MICHELLE WIE: I thought I had a little more chance making it chipping and I had no idea that I was going to leave that shot. I hit it the way I wanted to. I guess it wasn't meant to be.

Q. Is it safe to say you were thinking about a win, not getting into a playoff?

MICHELLE WIE: No. I mean, obviously I was thinking I could make it. And if I didn't make it, birdie. Unfortunately, it got away from me. I think I know what I have to work on now.

Q. What were the emotions like the last few holes?

MICHELLE WIE: I was really excited. It was my match first major. And playing with Natalie and Lorena, it was super fun. The crowd was really excited. I was having a lot of fun. I was a little bit nervous, but I had a lot of fun out there.

Q. What about the last putt?

MICHELLE WIE: I thought it was going in as soon as I hit it. I hit it the way I wanted to. The whole day I was missing it on the low side, but this one I felt so good when I hit it. I guess I'll just win later on.

Q. What was going through your head on that last putt?

MICHELLE WIE: I was a little bit sad. It was like, Oh, my gosh I can't believe I missed it. But I'm glad where I finished.

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