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Luke Donald talks about his Honda Classic victory over Geoff Ogilvy

England's Luke Donald shot a final-round 69 to beat Geoff Ogilvy by two shots in the Honda Classic at The Country Club at Mirasol, in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla. yesterday.

Luke Donald
Luke Donald
Luke DonaldGeoff Ogilvy

The victory was the second on the PGA Tour for Donald. It was the first 72-hole victory, however, as Donald's first victory came in the 2002 State Farm Open, which was shortened to 54 holes due to rain.

Here is what Donald and Ogilvy had to say following the event:

Luke Donald

Question: Maybe just give us a quick wrap of your day and then we'll talk about your week and then we'll get some questions.

LUKE DONALD: Well, obviously I'm very excited right now. Any time you win on the PGA Tour, it's a tremendous feat, and it's nice to be back in the winner's circle on this tour again after, you know, three- , four-year break, I suppose.

So I'm very excited right now. I think I was pretty proud of the way I finished today and finished the job off. It was a lot of emotions out kind of in the middle, but I held it together. Any time you finish with a birdie like that and a great shot, it means a lot to a golfer.

Q. You talked a little about your experience of having the 54-hole lead at The Players last year, what did you do in this round that you or that you were able to avoid in this round or do positively in this round, as opposed to last year?

LUKE DONALD: I don't think I got ahead of myself today. I didn't look at leaderboards until, maybe, I saw one on 14, that was the first time I saw a leaderboard. I was just determined to just play my own game today and not worry about what anyone else was doing, not worry about if I made bogey, just, you know, next shot and just carry on.

I think The Players Championship, it's obviously a big event, but maybe I got a little bit caught up in looking at leaderboards and that changes your expectations.

Q. So much had been made about the last six holes being what's going to determine the tournament, and you wound up playing them at 3 under, that's quite an accomplishment.

LUKE DONALD: Yeah, I'm very proud of the way I finished, especially after missing a few putts in a row to kind of regroup and have the confidence to go on and make some putts. I think I officially one-putted the last six greens.

So, you know, that was encouraging for me and I think I've always worked on trying to finish strong and it's nice to do it on Sunday.

Q. Finishing strong, can you talk about the last full shot in at 18, everything is compressed into that last moment, that last shot, can you talk about your emotions and what it was like to hit that shot?

LUKE DONALD: Well, those kind of times, you kind of go back to trusting all the practice you've done and trusting your swing that it's good enough to hold up under pressure.

Luckily, I had a pretty good yardage. I was a little bit when I got to the ball, there was a bit of mud on it, which was strange. I had not had mud all week, and I must have just landed in the upslope where it was a little bit softer. I was just hoping mud didn't affect the ball at all. Luckily, it flew perfectly. And I thought, as I had a good yardage, that I would go straight at the pin.

Q. Can you compare the satisfaction of this win compared to Southern Farm Bureau when you had the fourth round rained out?

LUKE DONALD: Yeah, very different. Obviously winning a 54 hole event, you don't expect to win that way. It's a strange feeling when they tell you you've won, even though you haven't played the fourth round. This one, obviously, is more rewarding I think with all of the hard work I've put in the last couple of years, and to finish that strongly and to finish it off in style means a lot to me.

Q. You've won twice here now, you've won a couple of European Tour events, you've won a World Golf Championships with Paul and a Ryder Cup and everything, is the next obvious step a major championship, and do you feel like you've got the game right now to do that?

LUKE DONALD: The next step is winning majors and competing and having good chances to win majors. That was one of my goals last year was to go into Sunday in at least two majors with a chance to win. I didn't do it, but, you know, I wouldn't say I had a chance to win at The Masters, even though I finished third, but that was encouraging.

The others, while although I made the cut, was a little bit disappointing. The next goal is to win the majors. Do I think I can win majors? Absolutely. I think I have a great game for majors. I'm very steady, and that's the main reason why I think if I keep playing the way I'm playing, there's no reason why I can't strive to be the best player in the world. If I can compete and win majors, then surely I can be the best player in the world.

Geoff Ogilvy

Question: Maybe quickly just go through your day today, looks like you're going to be the runner up and just maybe talk about your week a little bit.

GEOFF OGILVY: Got off to a great start obviously this week, holing out and making double eagle in the first round and having another eagle. The par 5s this week, I had three eagles and a double eagle which is kind of ridiculous in one week, another eagle today.

Maybe it came back to get me on 17. I couldn't make birdie on 17 today from the middle of the fairway. All in all, I played really well today. Probably the solidest round I've played. The only bogey that I really made I just kind of both soft bogeys, and I got unlucky on 15 I thought. Hit it in a divot on the bottom of the hill. I don't know, but I assume everybody had a bit of trouble on 15 today because that was pretty awkward if you didn't hit it on the green.

I birdied 13, 14, 16, which is probably three of the best of four of the toughest holes you'll get almost anywhere and I birdied three of them. That's pretty good result for me. I'm more than happy. I won a couple of weeks ago, did all I could today. Luke is a great player, he's probably not overdue, but close to due, he's won all over the world and he's right up in the top-10 in the world. I'm nothing but happy for him.

Q. You watched him hit that last shot in at the flag, pretty impressive; you've been in a situation like that, how impressive to finish like that?

GEOFF OGILVY: It's very impressive. As I say, he's been winning everywhere, and the times he's been close here and not won he's been close a couple of times at Torrey Pines. Nothing he's done wrong, just people have done stuff better. If he's not the best ball striker in the world, he's really close.

He's probably the most reliable guy with 5 iron in his hand. And whatever he had into the last, 5 or 6 iron, you knew once he was on the fairway, that was it for me, you knew he was going to hit a good shot because he's a good player. Very impressive, a bit of pressure, and you guys have probably all been getting on him on why you haven't won over here. And to come up with a good shot like that, make his two putt from four feet is a lot easier, two putt from 30 feet, so pretty classy.

Q. Just comment about wrestling with this golf course for the whole week; is it more fatiguing, draining?

GEOFF OGILVY: I'm not too fatigued at the moment because I played nicely today. I'm sure there will be a few guys who are pretty wary now.

It's a long week. It's tough. There's not a lot most golf courses there's a little bit of a let up, where you have a 7 iron from the middle of the fairway and a soft green up there, and if you hit a bad shot you have an easy chip and it's not quite as stressful.
But this course, at any given moment, you can just be a little bit off and it can bound off a bank or go into a lie like on 15 and you can make 5 or 6 in a heartbeat out here without doing too much wrong, so you have to pay attention the whole time more than maybe normal. So in that respect, it's a bit weary. But the last tournament I played 129 holes in five days, so this seems like a vacation.

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